Shuabby would be grateful for a reading please regarding my driving test

  • Dear Shuabby, would be grateful if you could shed some light on my situation please ? I'm going to be taking my driving test for the third time next Monday . The problem is that I have a very rude and mean driving instructor . If I had more time till my test , I would look for a new driving instructor . I have no choice but to continue taking driving lessons with her . She makes quite nasty comments about me and it's not encouraging me . I am just going to try to ignore her mean comments during tha last two driving lessons that I have left . My goal is to pass my test next Monday . My driving instructor's first name is Mirella . Can you pick up why she is so mean to me ? She is not that rude with other students.. I'm so worried about all this and hope you can give me some guidance .



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