Blmoon-Here's Too You! :))

  • Hey long time no see or hear lol! How are you??!!! :))))

    Remember me from way back in April-I feel Ive made great progress and very much feel Im on the edge of a breakthrough, optimism and determination continues to flow through my veins. The bad days don't seem as bad and are far less there as compared to my good days. Ive been gradually learning to embrace my dark side and vent because holding things in isn't going so well. Ive made too much process and refuse to mess it up.

    Ive really been getting into writing and chasing my dreams full fledge at this point-I feel Miami (for movie production-movies are always being created there-big budget ones) is still the best move I have compared to the other places Ive planned on New York and Hollywood (which would be perfect but not feasible for me now). I kind of don't know about film school anymore being that I don't know if it will work out for me or not-Im just going to jump inside the film world-after all you dont need school some of my favorites never step foot into film school-I feel I have the confidence and talent enough to take over the film world so here I am attempting to win all the screenwriting contests-hopefully win some money to buy a camera and direct my own film as well as save money.

    My question to you Blmoon-Where am I in my life right now (I know this is a vaugue question but I really can't explain exactly what I want to say) as in regards to career and love (I have all the time in the world for it even though Im really dedicated to my career and feel I can balance it-Would'nt hurt to try-I have all the time in the world lmao!)???

  • Here's a more recent photo of me since the last time we've spoken:

    I took the first picture earlier this summer around June or July and the second one later in the summer around late August. Notice any changes or what do the photos say about me lol?

  • Gentle bump 🙂

  • Hey! Hey! 🙂

  • Still here chica lol :))))

  • 🙂

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