Mr. President, I drew the Six of Wands for you!

  • I drew the Six of Wands for our President! THE Victoryy Card. I was doing some thinking about our nation and pulled a card for him... wow! Everything is going according to plan for our nation (USA), and everything will work out for the whole planet. Yay!

    And I drew the King of Pentacles... the economy is about to go through the roof! 🙂

    Her is a card for the State of Washington, US to get completely out of economic issues.

    The WORLD Card.

    This card shouyld be in our capitol building every wher you look and our economy in the state will be fixed in no time.

    It is time to use the tools heaven gave us. 🙂

    It is also time to have some funn.

  • Hey AstraAngel,

    Couldn't be better news since I live in the State of Washington! Also, I am so happy and relieved to see that our economy (US and the State of Washington; also Washington DC) is going to be improving! Boy, do we all need this great news!!!

    Thanks AstraAngel for your uplifting insight as always.

    Blessings, love and light,


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