Astra Angel would you mind doing another reading for me? pls?

  • LLL

    I drew the Six of Swords which seems like a yes to me - a little bit of a journey. is he far from you?

    And the four of wands - yay!

    Have fun!


  • Thanks Astra!!

    No, he's not far he literally lives around the corner from!!

    funny... i was thinking if he did contact me i wanted to go away for weekend.. do you think that's what the journey is??


  • Nine of Cups....


    A weekend getaway sounds so lovely... yes!

  • He coming to you now.. have a great time!

  • Thanks! I have faith that he is on his way to me... Haven't heard from him yet so we will see!

  • Hi Astra,

    No sign of him this weekend but that's okay.. i kept myself busy enough so that i wouldnt miss him so much!! i spent time with my daughter and had a great weekend anyway. We will see how the week develops... in the meantime i will keep the hope and faith going!!

  • LLL Sri to hear that. I believe that it is good practice to keep your hopes out there for the best. I was really hoping he would show. I will keep wishing you positive energy and some fantastic surprises are in store hang in there!


  • Hi Astra,

    I was really hoping he would show too. In the back of my mind i thought he wouldn't reach out too soon since our conversation and if we are still compromising then this would not have been the weekend we would have seen eachother. So I'm hopeful that's what it is and not that he's going to disappear for a month and i wont see him until next year!! ugh.. that would suck big time! I'm really hoping to spend NY Eve with him.. anything in the cards that may indicate spending NY Eve together?

    Thanks for everything!!


  • Good morning Astra,

    Hope all is well with you. Still no contact with my Taurus Man and I'm hoping that he will resurface soon. I've reached out to him but no response yet. I'm not worried as i know he will resurface soon but i just cant help but wonder if we will be together for NY Eve. I want to plan something wonderful for us but i don't want to be disappointed. i'm confused and not sure what to do...

    your thoughts?


  • im, Sorry LLL,

    I really had a feel he would.. maybe it was in mind.

    Im sure he will in time.. it's not been too long.

    Dont plan anything outwardly until he contacts you,

    Yes he a tureen but he will come to you too, its not like your first stages ok

    Let him work it a bitr

  • Thanks Scully,

    Well i hope he comes to me. I tried contacting him yesterday but he didn't answer the phone. I guess i have to just go about my business and just pray that he reaches out to me very soon.

    What do you mean by let him work it a bit?


  • Hi LLl

    I mean just let him come to you.. even a tureen man will do that if they want you..

    You have given him your all. time patience.. exceptionable your are worth a little fight over..

    Its not game its the affirmation that he really wants you for you.

    Keep the sex out for a while too

  • Thanks Scully... i agree!


  • Hi Astra,

    How are you? are you okay? i haven't heard from you all week. I hope all is well maybe when you have a moment or some time perhaps you can do a reading for me? I haven't heard from him in 2 weeks and was wondering what is going on?

    thanks again for everything!


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