Astra Angel would you mind doing another reading for me? pls?

  • Wow.. it all sounds so beautiful and everything i soo want.

    My Birthdate is 8/2/1967

    His Birthday is 5/12/1980

    Going to check out your thread..

    Love and Light!!

  • Here is your talisman LLL

    You can review the instructions on the thread with brokenheart2011

    Your changes are not that intense. Although your MARS male sender is going to be right next to your moon now, so that is going to make for some very intense emotional energy associated with your male, aggressive drive. I hope your guy is ready for that. Ha ha. This means that when you are wanting to join and he so much as delays a minute, you are going to be all over him anyway.

    Your VENUS female receiver didn't have to relocate very far , just moved a little bit in Virgo. However that does place your female extremely close to his Jupiter along with his male, which means your capacity to receive him into yourself is going to be enhanced dramatically. Jupiter in that area is going to be explosive.

    Once you two reconnect and are joined, we can fiddle with these positions and make adjustments to fine tune the relationship. You are stepping into something pretty fantastic with him, so i hope you are ready. If its too intense for you two let me know and I can create a new talisman that is moderated. RIght now I am just going for broke and matching your female to male in both directions exactly to get you hooked up, then we can play with it later.

    Let me know for sure that you are going to be using this, and I will be doing the same, printing it out and joining my faith with yours. This guy is about to enter the highest dimension of love with you ha ha. This will be maximum love, maximum intimacy with your female and male parts mated exactly. Let me know quickly should the s e x ual energies be too intense for you and we can adjust.

    This is all new to me, however I feel we are on the right track.

    Our charts are not fixed! Every body in the chart can be moved around and adjusted to fine tune the energies in our lives, to create fantastic relationships, career success, financial abundance. All you have to do is move the bodies around and then create a talisman like I am showing. Then you simply mix your faith with it and - BANG - it happens. Like magic. This could fix anything.

    For those of us who don't have anyone in mind to mate with, all you have to do is create a new jupiter over your female receiver (if you are a girl) or add a jupiter over your male sender (if you are a guy) and the transmission of those energies will be extreme, and you will have no trouble attracting a suitable s e xual partner. The question will more likely be, which one do you want to connect with after they show up! Once they appear, then you adjust your self to match their mars/male - venus/female parts and then its off to the races.

    I am also looking into adding some Cartouche glyphs to these to enhance the power even more.

    Wow! This is exciting! And very s e x y fun!

    Love and light


  • Also, your Mars will be moving from Scorpio to Gemini, so that is going to feel different for you. Your typical mars-scorpio cling and fasten yourself to every situation long past its time to end it, will now be more flexible in Gemini. You are also now going to find that it will be easier to understand life plans and purposes of other people a lot easier. You will also now develop a much more balanced understanding of the male energy and that will only enhance your ability to love this man intimately and deeply.

  • Okay. I'm ready and i want to do this.. but i must tell you what happened today.. let me know if i can still use this tailspin.

    so he called me last night asking how i was and what i was doing.. we spoke briefly and then he called me back asking me to pick him up and i did. we came back to my house to decide on what movie we were going to see but things got hot and we never made it out the door. I wanted to talk to him yesterday but i couldnt find the words. Anyhow, i think he picked up on the vibes cause he asked me if i was okay. told him i was fine and asked him why he was asking.. he said ur either worried about something or your holding back. Then he said something like he feels like that at home all the time. i didn't answer , i just chuckled and changed the subject. I didn't want to ruin the evening by bringing up something i'm wasnt even sure what i wanted to say. Anyway, we had a great and beautiful evening/morning as always it was amazing!! This morning, i decide to ask him about the picture i found on FB the one with the girl with his family. I just said i had come across something online and wanted to ask him about it. knowing what i know about him i'm guessing she was very special since she's included in a family picture. anyway, he said she was never a girlfriend and she lived in Germany and that was way before he even heard of me. i told him that was fine i was just curious. Well, i guess he noticed that it really bothered me. i asked him if he still has contact with her and he said yes. So we get in the car and that's when i just couldnt keep shut... I told him that i thought i needed to stay away from him for some time because i wasnt sure about how i was feeling. he said "okay" like nothing.. i told him that i really liked him and wanted to be with him but i didn't like the way he treated me. That the vibe i was getting makes me feel that he's just not into me , theres no communication and he gives me no attention. I told him that i wasnt his or anyones booty call that's just not me. He said he understood and okay. that was it, gave me a kiss on the cheek and he left..

    I dont know what got into me i'm devastated right know.. not sure how to take this that i created! I dont want to let him go... i'm soo in love with this manl my heart is aching.. i just want him to love me back! but you cant make someone love you. so now what Astra? what do i do now?

    please help!!

  • sorry.. i meant tailsman

  • Hey LeoLadyLove

    Okay, I see the situation. Yeah, for now put the talisman aside, I think we have other matters to work on.

    This is really interesting that this other lady on FB in the family pic impacted you like it has. Your reaction sorta indicates some insecurity there. Like you have to make sure you are the only star in his universe. My advice to you is to stay away from FB. That's not going to help... Focus on keeping your heart in heaven and spirit, not in facebook and whose pic you see him with.

    I don't see this as a big deal though... don't sweat it. You love him, the rest is details. I do think you should try to avoid this stuff in the future. I mean, you aren't married. He is a free spirit. SO are you. No one is owning anyone else at this point. Maybe if you were married and he came home with lipstick all over his face and shirt, and his shirt tails hanging out of his pants... then you might ask him,

    "So dear... not that I want to be nosey or anything, but I couldn't help notice that you have lipstick all over you, and your clothes look a mess... is there anything you want to tell me?"

    "Oh... um.... I, uh... ran into a display of lipstick at walmert and fell and some of the lipstick fell on me, and my shirt got caught on one of the display hooks, and jerked my shirt out of y pants.... I know it looks suspicious... nothing happened though I can assure you."

    I mean, in that scenario you might have cause to push the matter a little further.

    You are no where near this kind of situation though. I don't think.

    Seven of Wands - this is YOU battling within yourself. None of this is him, okay? You should spend some time pondering why that situation occurred, pray about it. Look in your own heart and ask yourself why that triggered such a response in you.

    The hermit, yes a little quiet time by yourself is warranted. He understands. The relationship is fine. Take some time to yourself to sort it our and reach your peace.

    Seven of Swords is a card of running away, sort of sneaky. I don't think it's always a great idea to try and look into the nooks and crannies about people. Especially loved ones. You want to cultivate trust, not doubts about their honesty. I would certainly ratchet it all down if you can...

    i hope that helps,

    Blessings, astra

  • thanks Astra,

    I already put the Tailsman on my ipad wallpaper. and it sits on my nightable..

    . but i have new developments.. i asked his brother to tell him to call me.. and he did.and .he met me outside of the house. I told him i enjoyed our time this weekend and i didn't like the way things ended and wanted to tell him in person. I Told him that i had seen this picture a while ago and i didnt want him to think this was about a girl in a picture that was 4 years ago and that the topic of the picture only came up because i needed a way to talk to him about what i was feeling. The truth is the only problem i'm having with him is just the amount of time and attention that he gives to me. He said he was sorry but that he has to get his stuff together and that he couldnt give me everything! i told him i didn't want everything just his time and attention. I told him that i loved him and will always be there to support him and encourage him. he said some beautiful things to me and he kissed me.. he said that maybe it was better to leave things like i said because it hurts him when i hurt.... isnt he just the sweetest!! 🙂 he said maybe we should think about things for a few days and we can discuss later and that he didnt know if there was a compromise that could be made but we should think about it. He kept kissing me.. he was tender and sweet and very understanding.

    what do you think? let me know if i can print the tailsman i really want this!

    thank you

  • Well, yes! Print it out, print a bunch out. It seems to be working!

    Hot dog... maybe there is something to all this magic stuff after all... I loved magic when I was a kid, I was never any good at sleight of hand, maybe I was meant for something else much later!

    I am pulling for you... crossing my fingers for something wonderful! It sounds wonderful, you seem to be about the only one here actually getting a kiss.

    GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!!! Maybe we'll all have something nice under the tree this year!

  • Hi LeoLadyLove,

    Astra said to ask you what you had done for your talisman to work. I have no ipad 🙂

    I desperately need this to work. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    All the best


  • Yes... i just printed a few of and will place them every where. I guess it is working.. somehow.. not sure what i did other than have faith and welcome any opportunity or anything that will make our relationship grow and bring us happiness.

    I understand he needs time to get his stuff together and I'm going to be patient and just wait it out and leave it in Gods' hands.

    The connection and the chemistry i feel with him i can truly say i've never felt before and therefore, i will not give up on us. Even though he didnt say he loved me.. i know he feels something becuase if he didnt he wouldnt care about or be concerned about the way i was feeling..


    I'm not sure what i did.. or didnt do.. when Astra told me about the Tailsman that night i kept it in my mind and even though i didn't have it with me when i was with him that night.. every moment i had with him i would think about the tailsman.. then something came over me and i that's when i said the things i said to him.. at the moment i meant it but at the same time all i wanted was to see how we would react to it..i knew i didnt want to lose him.. then when i finally got the Tailsman.. i immediately placed it on my computer so it was visible and said..i'm going to reach out to him and tell him how i really feel and if he responds that will be awesome.. if he doesnt then it really doesnt matter to him.... But he responded and that was enough for me to know that he does care and doesnt want to lose me and i'm the one who needs to relax and be patient.. So all i can say is that you have to Believe! Believe and have faith and think positive...I've learned that when you stay positive, positive things happen. Like Astra has said before all is possible when you put your faith in god.

    Have a great day and all the best to you to.


  • Astra,

    I'm so excited about all this stuff!!

    can you do a reading to see if the cards can tell you what he may be thinking or feeling after our conversation last night. When i finally told him that I Loved Him he just stared at me and smiled then kissed me.. im just wondering..

    thanks again!

  • Four of Pentacles - he is quiet and thinking. Sitting down, kinda staring off into space. I think the energies are working on him. 🙂

    Six of Wands he is very excited, this is the victory card, meaning success in an endeavor. I really get that his mind is really pondering all of this and he is ENVISIONING a lovely future with you!

    Seven of Wands - yeah this is his thinking and planning, internally envisioning and projecting possibilities.

    Knight of Cups - he sees himself sweeping you off your feet, he is very happy and feels very proud of himself! "Wow! She really likes me... she even said she loved me... wow, how about that!" SO all of this internal thinking and joy and happiness is mixed in with plans and thoughts of a new future with you.

    Handle this man carefully for a while, be slow and gentle... be sensitive... you have him falling for you hard. And this is turning his world upside down in ways he can't understand, and he is really changing... his interior emotional world inside... with you... seeing things in a new light...

    I tell you what, I see you two blissfully in love together... it is very sweet and tender... and it is happening now...

  • This sounds so wonderful and I'm so happy and look forward to the things that are coming ahead. So I printed wallet size sheets of the tailsman and I put 3 in my cubicle at work right were I can see them if I look straight, left or right! Haha 😉 then I laminated a few Nd put one in my wallet, one in my makeup bag and the other in my cellphone holder.. And I put another one pinned on my wall in the bathroom wall next to mirror and the rest I'm still working on where to place them.. Lol I know its gonna sound crazy but I thought I will make one and will always carry it on me in my jeans shirt etc.. And I'm going to walmart to have a photo key chain made of the talisman!!! So do u think this will make it work better? I saw the thread with Pivone and wondered should I put one with his name in a box in my closet? I have something he bought for me when we went to the Bahamas and I have a pair of sunglasses that are his that he left in my car.. Will that work? Can't do the hair thing because he's bald!! Haha! I have a toothbrush of his too. Let me know what u think!

    I cannot thank you enough for your help and advice. Your kind words and encouragement touch my heart all the time. You are an amazing person and I'm so grateful to have met and come across a person like you! God bless you always!

    Love and light


  • Hey LLL

    I love your enthusiasm! You see, that is what it is all about, keeping the faith regardless. Love is like anything else in life, it takes guts and determination and not giving up. People are always trying to figure out what the other person is thinking, and feeling about them. That doesn't really matter. What matters is what is going on in your heart. How YOU feel about them, and becoming honest with yourself about your feelings.

    Love simply is. It is not something that you can turn on and off. We have these weird ideas about love, like, "well, if so and so doesn't call me by tomorrow I am moving on".. and then we turn our backs on them. But what we are really turning our backs on is our own heart! That is why relationships are so whacked out today. People have turned away from their feelings in a lot of cases, the true heavenly feeling and spiritual magic of love... and replaced it with "what he or she says/does/acts or whatever... so our eyes are always "out there" somewhere, looking for some sign that he/she loves me.

    The truth is, we all love each other, honestly. Once all the veneer and cultural programming and weird traditions and media baloney and religious fog is removed... we are all manifestations of the same source and that is love. So love should be the easiest thing in the world to find and enjoy! Why it is not amazes me... it seems now the hardest thing to find. I don't get it.

    Look on this forum... one person after another (mostly female) longing, longing, longing for love, a relationship to work out, or to find someone to love... and there are what, six, seven billion people on the planet? And we are having trouble finding someone? Something is not adding up.

    All I can figure is that the Earth is in some very primitive early stage of relationship consciousness. That the human race has yet to discover some aspect, or view, or understanding that once it arrives it will be like a big light bulb going off over the whole family of humanity and then everything simply works. Then we settle down into sweetness and the earth joins all the other countless planets of love in the Universe where intimacy is all that matters.

    The challenges we see today in the earth are due to relationship issues, not anything else. The love of money is not the root of all evil. The root of all evil is trying to live without a companion who you truly, truly love and who truly, truly loves you, That is when people start chasing down god knows what to fill the void, Next thing you have frustrations... then anger... then crime... and before you know it whole nations are fighting. Why? because deep down we are longing for love and for whatever reason it is being either denied us, or is simply not understood.

    This forum is about the only place in life where I find any hope any more.. for love... for connection. You and so many here KNOW how life should work. Sweet relationships where everything flows nicely... where the focus is solely on one another and not on all of the trappings of life. That kills more relationships today than anything... materialism, seeking of everything else except love. A by product of our age.

    I think I have found my life purpose, is helping others find love. Somehow. Why? Because I am so desperate for it myself. Having not found the truth of a sweet intimacy with a girl, I am like a cork on the ocean, aimless, drifting... and so now it is nothing but raw hope for me, that heaven has not forgotten me.

    Okay, you started me off there ha ha.

    As for the talisman, everything you are doing is perfect. You are "dialing in" to a universe where this man loves you deeply and you love him deeply and all is wonderful. it is so simple. We complicate life too much. You love someone? then LOVE them in whatever way you can that seems appropriate. And when life starts throwing roadblocks in front of you, don't give up! Keep the faith, that is the whole point, and that is the only way the human race will make progress now.

    SO you keep your hope strong, expect miracles, wish this man every lovely thought and happiness you can. Keep him in your heart as a spirit and then over time that spirit will one day knock on your door and you will fall into each other's arms, never to be apart ever again.

    I believe this love you and I seek is really a love for our heavenly father and mother. For who or what or however this existence was birthed... we are placed with a desire for this person, and so we conjure religions to explain that desire... and yet, that love is a person, who is out there for you, an expression of the divine for you, and you are the expression of the divine for that person. It may take a little while to come to terms with that. You meet your soul mate and the "X" (love) connection is so intense and pure, that at first it is frightening! And so we run away from them for a time - like little children. Then we see they don't go away... and there is still that silver cord between the two of you... and then slowly over time, and I see that this is a process... we come to terms with the love we have for this person, and we come to grasp that this one we love is like "Jesus" unto you... the embodiment of love, as a manifested spiritual energy, the perfect male compliment to your female, and for me, the perfect female compliment to my male.

    Soul mates are the embodiment of the yin-yang balance. And once you are in tune with your soul mate, loving them and not giving up, then you are in the flow. Then you are moving WITH where the universe is trying to take us all, and that is to our next stop on the ascending ladder of life.

    Keep believing, feel free to let us know of every hopeful sign that the Universe is working something sweet between you and him, we can all use that boost of hope that we are not all insane, seeking this. Somehow, somehow, it is supposed to work out.

    And I am not giving up until it is working out for all of us.

    You are asking about his items, I would say not to be too concerned about all that. Just, whenever you see that little art piece (talisman) remind yourself that you are making a journey deeper into his heart and he into yours... and that everything everything will work out.

    I would simply keep it around where you can see it once in a while, like you are doing. Use balance, moderation. Although I may end up printing one on a tee shirt or something ha ha.

    I will do anything at this point.

    Love and light, astra

  • You are truly an amazing person and very wise. I believe Heaven never forgets us!! and your right Love simply is...something you can't control and cant turn on or off...

    I have faith that you will find your soulmate Astra!! The Heaven and Angels have something very special for you 🙂 and like you i'm not giving up on any of us.. WE WILL FIND HAPPINESS AND TRUE LOVE!

    and i will absolutely keep you posted on any developments!!

    and btw, i love the T-shirt idea!! hahaha 🙂

    thank you for all you do here for us on this forum!

    Love and Light


  • LeoladyLove

    what a beautiful story so oooo inspiring... I cant wait for my tally to work miracles like yours too....

    Blessings to our AstraAngel 🙂

  • Isn't it just lovely!! we just have to have faith!! and be happy and love one another!!! 🙂

    love and light


  • You got it figured out LLL...and caribchic... and that faith will work miracles... and Heaven will open above you... and love will come paying you a visit before you know it... and you will happier than you ever thought possible....

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I was wondering if i was going to see my Taurus Man today or this weekend.. I miss him like crazy 🙂 but i wonder if he's going to disappear on me since we had that conversation and he opened up to me. It's been kind of a pattern for him so i was wondering what the cards may have for me today and this weekend!!

    thanks again!!


  • Hi LLL.

    I have been too looking at this story sounds so good.

    Astra is great, just got to have the faith, even when something doesn't turn out right, you got to have the faith to believe in it will when the time is right.

    Love light Scully.

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