Astra Angel would you mind doing another reading for me? pls?

  • So I went on my trip and had a nice time however, i really did wish he would have joined me. Since he did the favor of looking after my car for the weekend and saved me some $$ I went and bought him a gift (cologne) which he seemed to like. He picked me up from the airport and we hung out for a few hours at home. Of course, we had the best sex as always!! but he didn't want to stay the night.. which was a little disappointed but he said he had to go home. I'm starting to think he just wants me for sex. The last time we were together we had made a compromise that we would see each other every other week which would fall on this coming weekend. I'm worried that because he saw me this weekend he's going to consider that the weekend. should i say something? or should i wait to see if he reaches out to me? i wanted to plan something special for us this weekend but i don't want to be disappointed... what should i do? your thoughts? any ideas?

  • LeoLady

    I drew the Six of Swords - distancing yourself from something - I am trying to understand your situation with him. My sense is because you even ask the question (that he only wants you for the s3x) that it sounds like you should set that aside with him until you feel that he genuinely loves you and has your best interests at heart. That physical side is so beautiful, however the Lord intended that to be the fruit of love, and not to put the cart before the horse. It is too beautiful to let that be misunderstood, while in the midst of a relationship where you are still trying to get your bearings with him. Waiting until marriage sure makes questions like this a lot easier to answer, however that doesn't appear to be everyone's cup of tea.

    "I'm worried that because he saw me this weekend..." Worry is never the answer in any situation. Give that to Heaven ask your angels or Jesus to take care of that for you. Or ask all of them. Pray to St Martha, who was 'anxious about many things'... that will help with the worry.

    You asked "should I say something"? Seven of Swords, No.

    Should you wait to see if he reaches out to you? Six of Cups - Yes.

    This weekend... what should I do?

    Ten of Wands. Relax. Focus on yourself. I would plan a nice weekend for YOU and enjoy some intimate time with you and Heaven. Spend some time reading some poetry, do some writing, go for walks by yourself, feel the breeze in your hair and feel your angel around you (your Guardian angel). There is a relationship there that transcends physical and "should I? Will he? What happens if? On and on..." there is a place with your spiritual family that is closer than close. I would seek some time alone to get in touch with YOU and refresh yourself.

    And... seven of Cups. You have more options in love than you realize. 🙂

    Find a nice fall woods somewhere and spend some time apart... Heaven may give you a little surprise.

    Love and light,


  • I love your responses... thank you! 🙂

    I will not worry and leave it all in Gods hands. and i will just wait to see what develops. In the meantime i will make plans for ME this weekend... thanks again!

  • Hello AstraAngel,

    I had a wonderful weekend with my Taurus man. He stayed all weekend and we had such a great time. We went for massages which was amazing.. went to dinner and a movie.. it was very nice to spend time with him and actually do stuff together. So he left yesterday and of course i hate to see him leave because i dont know when i will see him again. Anyway, i went online last night and was on facebook. he doesnt have FB but his father does. I was on there looking at pics when i came across a very interesting picture. Looks like it was taken in xmas of 2008. It was a picture of him and a girl at his cousins house at a dinner table. The other pic was in front of a xmas tree and his parents and siblings and cousin and this girl was in the picture as well. I know this was 3 years ago but because i know how much of a big deal it is to him to bring a girlfriend around his home that it made me think wow.. this girl must have been pretty special to him. So know i'm confused. As far as he has told me.. his last relationship was 6 years ago and he was hurt very badly... this picture was in 2008 only 3 yrs ago.. maybe this is just a friend and i should not think anything of it... i want to ask him about her but im not sure if i should? with the holidays coming up i wondered will he ever invite me to a family dinner? should i expect to spend the holidays without him?

    thanks again for listening!!

  • LLL

    That is great that you had a nice time together!

    I wouldn't worry about the GF thing from 2008 - Guys can get very confused about time and years. I still have a hard time remembering what years my kids were born and have to stop and really think hard about the ages of my kids (I think they are 17, 16 and 13 although I am not sure!). I have to ask my wife and she usually knows.

    So don't let that concern you at all, and I would not bring it up. Let the past lay there in the past. Hey, you had a great time with him, that is so cool, nice things are happening.

    Will he invite you to holiday dinners and such? Well, i sure hope so!

    Here is one way you can help make sure it happens:

    "Dear God, please arrange a nice family dinner for me and Taurus man. Amen!"

    There, that should take care of it! 🙂

    Love and Happy Holiday Family Dinners!


    Photo courtesy of DaniTort and Morgue File on the world wide web

  • Thanks!! I will leave the past alone... what matters is whats happening now... thanks again and i will pray pray pray!! 🙂

  • Hi Astra Angel,

    so things are going well.. i think LOL!! he called me this weekend and wanted to go out for dinner i was very happy that:

    1. he initiated the date 2. and that it was the weekend we were not suppose to see each other..

    I felt closer to him this weekend.. could that really be happening? i feel like he's letting me in little by little.. could that be true? or am i just imagining all these feeling because i want it so much? He shared personal stuff about himself and family and that made me feel good about us. We've had such a good time together these past few weekends that i'm starting to think he's adapting to me and incorporating me into his life and schedule.

    Would you mind doing a reading for me? i would like to know if what i'm feeling is real? Is he letting me into his life?

    thank you!!~

  • LeoLadyLove

    Certainly... I can feel wonderful things happening here even without looking at a card. I feel only sweet and tender energies, very young and youthful, pleasant and innocent. This feels really nice to me, I do sense a door opening soon.

    I drew

    The Knight of Wands, the Knight of Pentacles

    This seems to represent him in the relationship. I got that he is really, really reaching out to you in the ways he can right now. Choices (going out to dinner) and the material aspects of the two of you, dinner is a good example. He is not quite at a point of emotional door-opening and inviting you in, however it would surprise me that this is soon to come. I sense that he has had some difficulty emotionally and is treading a little slow and carefully here. Flow with him.

    Patience came up as a key here. The relationship is very tender and sweet right now, be calm and patient as you are doing. Let him develop in his own way, I believe we will soon one of these Knights become a cup.

    For you

    The Nine of Pentacles and the Sun.

    So this nine shows you in your garden, very abundantly supplied and at peace. You are looking his way, and he looking your way> the common aspect is the Pentacles right now. material. physicality. You two connect strongly around material things, a love of beauty and little things you own, you share and talk about. Should see some more dates and dinner is also what I get.

    Then, the Sun beams forth so something happens before long that is a burst of light and enthusiasm.

    is it love? Well, we'll just have to wait, won't we! 🙂

    That is about it for now. Enjoy the moments with him. Take it easy, and the Universe will arrange things. I am with you in spirit.

    love and grace,


  • AstraAngel,

    Thank you so much!!

    you said:

    "He is not quite at a point of emotional door-opening and inviting you in, however it would surprise me that this is soon to come. "

    do you mean it would surprise you if that happens anytime soon... meaning it's not going to happen anytime soon?

    thanks again for your guidance!

    I will continue to be patient and remain calm and certainly enjoy all our moments together.

  • Excuse me, I meant it would not surprise me, as in... I see good things to come!

    And I just drew the Ten of Cups so this is about as positive a sign as you could get.

    Looks good - all systems go, keep your calm though, wouldn't start start shopping for wedding gowns just yet

    although here is a site that seems to have some nice choices...

  • LOL!! I promise not to go shopping for gowns..... not yet..:)

    I like positive signs and i like that there good things to come!! thanks for your insight !

    I will keep you posted..

    have a blessed day! and thanks again !

  • Good morning Astra Angel,

    I haven't heard from my guy for an entire week.. he's gone MIA again!! 🙂 he hasnt replied to any of my text nor did he answer the phone when i called him. what is going on with him now? just when things were looking up now what?

    i will not text or call him again.. I'm thinking i will not be hearing from him until after thanksgiving which makes me sad because even though i made my own plans for Turkey day, deep down i wished he would be included in my plans. I understand i'm not part of his world and he's not ready or certain about me to let me in but it still makes me feel bad.

    any advice or suggestions?

    thanks again!

  • Hi LeoLadyLove!

    Okay! I have been seeking the Oracle on this matter and I believe I have an answer for you...

    When I first presented the situation to heaven, I saw The Empress, the Ace of Cups and the Nine of Cups - this has Thanksgiving love and happiness written all over it! And so I am thinking that this is a clear sign that your man WILL be there with you. However you have to really want that and not give up, okay? All things are possible to she who believeth!

    So, I drew four cards from another deck to gain insight into a strategy here... and this is what I found!

    The Hierophant

    The Word

    The Empress

    Wow! Look at that! The Empress is showing again too! So this is all a good sign for working the angles to see your guy sharing T day with you!

    The Hierophant and the World are him... and to make a long story short, what I am getting is what you COOK is of paramount importance and he needs to be aware of this fact. So...

    Do you know what he LIKES in the way of food? I was getting Mahi for some reason... so let;s go with that for a moment.... get your menu all figured out and send him one more nice email invite with your MENU showing some things that tell him, wow, she is trying to cook for ME! You see, that makes him feel so special and you can melt his heart through his taste buds and the awareness that you are accommodating.

    Dear Jim

    I hadn't heard from you yet as to my invite for Thanksgiving, and I wanted to share one more little tidbit with you...

    The menu...

    You know me, I'm kinda sentimental about the holidays, so I usually fix all the favorites. This year I wanted to add something unusual... and I knew how you like seafood, so this is what I have lined up in addition to the classic dishes...


    Alabi Potato Salad

    Spinach Salad With Strawberries and Pecans

    Green Beans with Almonds and Caramelized Shallots

    and just for you and me...

    A special Thanksgiving Cocktail with Wild Turkey Bourbon

    Looking forward to seeing you... it will be sweet... especially that cock tail



    Now Amanda.... I mean, LeoLady do you KNOW what he likes? No? THEN GET CREATIVE QUICK like call his mom and ask... or his best friend at work... come on LeoLady don't give up!!!! You people on this forum give up way too easy! Love is a CHASE and you have to CHASE to the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Thanks Astra Angel,

    Glad that's all the signs are positive. I will not give up promise.. i'm working on my menu items today and i'm going to think positive and be creative and make it very special for us..

    thanks for making me feel better and giving me courage to continue fighting for what i want and not allowing myself to get tangled up in all the negative stuff.

    I will believe and make all possible 🙂

    thanks again!

    Love and light..


  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I took your advice and created a great Menu for T-day dinner. I'm looking forward to it, even though it's been 12 days since i've had contact with my Taurus man.. no response to my text from 5 days ago. It really drives me crazy!! I want to think positive and believe all is possible but when he goes MIA and doesn't communicate with me this way , it make me feel like he's ignoring me and doesn't want to be with me. Then when i try to put things in perspective i feel like i'm making excuses for him.

    any suggestions?

  • He wants to talk to you, this is a message from him.

    King of Cups - that is him now.

    What do you wish to say to her?

    Eight of Swords - I would love to be there with you, there are other restrictions that make it difficult for me to do that.

    Ten of Coins - All I can do is ask you to believe in me, and hang in there and all will work out, Can you do that? All will be so wonderful for the two of us I promise! Hold on to me regardless of outcomes, okay?

    Four of Coins and Justice - I am working on establishing something very solid for you and me, and you will see your reward. Heaven knows your position with me and there is nothing to fear. We are building foundations right now you and I... it is called trust and longing and paitence.

    And the Ten of Coins again, he really wants you to know ALL will be wonderful and to hang in there, he loves you very much and is working diligently to create the life together you deserve with him.

    Two of Coins - He says you will be traveling to see him soon?

    Six of Swords - yes. And it will be very nice.

    Six of Wands - he says you will be together with him.

    Six of Coins - he wants you to share with him how you feel about him.

    Two of Coins again - What? She is traveling to see you?

    The High Priestess, Page of Wands = a message for you = High Priestess again

    I think he is wanting you to listen to your heart and connect with him now, without seeing him. Is that right sir?

    Devil inverted and the High Priestess again - Desire is what I am getting, He wants you to desire him deeply.

    Seven of Cups, yes he wants you to desire him, dream of him, envision him, love on him even though you think he is away.

    Six of Wands - yes, that is the message.

    That was all received from him (your angel, soul mate) to you.

    i asked him what the two of coins meant for you and drew the King of Cups again. You will be seeing him soon. Two of coins is movement, travel and it must relate to HIM traveling to YOU.

    I asked "tomorrow?" For Thanksgiving? And drew the Three of Cups.

    All I can tell you is that I am standing with you in faith that he wants to be there and he will be there - this is a card of happiness and celebration. Let's keep the faith LeoLadyLove!

    love, astra

  • As always, you say the most beautiful things and always make me feel so much better. thanks again for your wonderful reading.. i will remain cool and calm and i will stay positive.

    i will keep you posted.

    thanks again,


  • Astra Angel,

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for all you do for us on this forum.

    I had a very nice T Day with my family and friends. I didn't hear from him at all but i got to see him for a few minutes. His father called me asking for a favor and i had to go to his house and he came out with this father. He looked at me and smiled. After they were done getting the car started he came over to my car said hello and spoke to me for a few minutes, i let him do all the talking... he then said he still had not found his phone (he lost 2 wks ago) then asked if he can call me tomorrow, and he gave me a kiss on my cheek and that was it.. i said good nite and left. I was very happy to see him and it made my day complete.

    but why do i feel more confused then ever? maybe the kiss on the cheek meant something? am i being a typical woman and reading to much into this??? LOL!

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Okay so day after Thanksgiving.. I saw him again for a few minutes. I had to pick up my daughter at his house and he just so happen to be outside on his house phone. I parked and waited for my daughter to come out when he walked over to car he said hello then said he was waiting for his father. He was dressed like he was going to garage. Anyway, he never called me like he said he would. I'm thinking he's just occupied with fixing the car.. but no effort to have the courtesy to call me and tell me that? i just dont know what to think anymore

    thanks for listening.. 🙂 hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving day

  • Hi LeoLady

    Thanks, we had a really nice Thanksgiving and it sounds like you did too. I am thrilled that there are these signs of connections occurring with him. What wonderful signs these are! Granted, you are still feeling a little confused and wondering what is going on, however you WERE very close to each other and you DID receive a lovely kiss on your cheek. How sweet is that!

    So, let's look at the cards and see what is happening...

    I drew the High Priestess right away which is all about a mysterious energy of intuition and a kind of "quiet love". This seems to be reflecting you right now, you are sitting quiet and composed and very serene, though certainly deep within you would love to see something more happening with him. Of course!

    The Knight of Swords popped out and went to the floor, so there is something very energetic and a chasing energy now with him. He is after you! Even though he may not look like it on the surface, he is after you. In his own way, and in his own time.

    Nine of Swords shows the girl in the bed. He has more than Turkey leftovers on his mind.

    Three of Cups - yep. No doubt about it, this man is deeply interested in getting with you and he is trying to figure out the right way to do it.

    Four of Wands - fantastic energies over you two right now. See him, feel him, embrace your love with him, pull him to you emotionally, DESIRE him and that will create magical connections that will accelerate this energy, you are right in the beginning phase of something very nice and intimate with him...

    The Magician

    And now... a little magic for you....

    I need to create a little talisman to help seal this. I need YOUR BIRTH DATE and HIS. Can you provide that? (I apologize it could be you already did and I can't find it.)

    See my thread with Brokenheart2011 to see what is going on...

    Find your nicest, s e x i e s t dress or whatever you want to be wearing that makes you feel nice for the next time you see him. That... plus a talisman... he doesn't stand a chance.

    Love has come calling for you. Special delivery from heaven. Stay expectant the energies are amazing over you. We are in the PERFECT moon (new waxing) for something wonderful and new in love to actualize for you, very deep and mysterious...

    love and light


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