Astra Angel would you mind doing another reading for me? pls?

  • Astra Angel, Would you mind doing another reading for me?

    It's been exactly 2 weeks that i haven't seen or heard from my Taurus Man, the last text i sent him was exactly 5 days ago and it wasn't a nice one. I'm not sure if he will ever call me back after that text and i want to know if i really blew my chances with him this time?

    I appreciate your time and thank you in advance!

  • Hi LeoLadyLove -

    Let's take a peek....

    Okay here is what I got.

    Judgment - the matter is still out for decision, he is weighing this whole matter out himself. Give it some time. Let him mull it over, it came from your heart, and you were really hurting at the time.


    The Six of Wands - ultimately, certain victory in the relationship, hang in there.

    Let me know should you have followup ?

    Love and light.

  • Thank you so much Astra Angel!!

  • Hello Astra Angel,

    Thanks again for your time! I do have another question. When he withdraws or goes MIA should i be thinking it's another woman? is there someone else that he's interested in or in love with?

    Your readings have not indicated and i don't really think it's another woman but one should never be too sure.

    thanks for your help.

  • He's using that time to look around. No one in particular. LIke a lot of guys afraid of commitment and so he compensates by pulling away from you to 'prove' to himself that he has other options.

    I would love him from a distance until he comes to his senses.

    Four of Wands and the Ace of Swords.

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    It's been 21 days since i last had any communication with my Taurus man. I'm feeling really down and I miss him like crazy. I mean it's so bad that I'm having dreams about him. I had a dream last night that he whispered in my ear that he loved me!! Am i losing it! I can't seem to get him off my mind and I wonder is he thinking of me at all?

    Thanks for your guidance!

  • Hey LeoLadyLove

    Page of Cups... yeah, he's thinking about you for sure.

    Five of Cups, sad too that he isn't seeing you.

    The Hierophant - He is trying to figure out a way to reach out to you, imagining things with you

    So, you had a dream about him huh? He whispered in your ear that he loved you... you are certainly picking up on his energies... i have the sense he is climbing out of his skin to see you.

    The Hermit - he wants his solitary confinement away from you to end.

    Four of Swords, while you laying down thinking about him, he is doing the same. Dreaming about you.His dreams are a little more intense.

    Nine of Pentacles - he sees you in a garden, a setting that reminds him of the times you had together. He sees you as a lady who has her act together, and this is driving him wild. Can't get you out of his mind. He is ready to scale the garden walls to get to you. As long as he knows you are waiting for him. Male ego is easily wounded so he is looking for a sign from you that its "okay"

    Knight of Pentacles - he is ready to take action

    Queen of Pentacles and the Queen of Wands - you are on his brain BIG TIME

    You could send him a text message now and he would probably walk on broken glass to get to you.

    What is your heart telling you about him? The cards look like he is ripe to rekindle something, surprised he hasn't called or something...

    Two of Wands... he is thinking about it though.. very much....

    Temperance - he is trying to restrain himself. His male pride. He wants YOU to call him. Meanwhile the flames get hotter.

    The Devil - a LOT hotter....

    Two of Pentacles - the choice to act is his now...

    Nine of Swords - he has laid awake wondering about you, the others are not what he is looking for, some pain here, her misses you.

    Four of Pentacle - he would love to settle down with you, get something started again, he is coming to his senses, his feet are coming down to earth.

    The Empress - in his eyes you are a Goddess.. it is his own fears and insecurities that have held him back. Some wounds from the past and he wants to know that you would be able to help him forget... he sees you holding him.... it is very intimate...

    Ace of Swords - he is ready to make a choice to center on you and start something that he will be very devoted to. This requires a conscious choice on his part and that he is willing to do... as long as he know... he can trust you... he is afraid... that is fading though, he wants to trust you so much....

    and Three of Wands - making plans he is wanting to make plans with you

    That is what I received LeoLady... i hope that can give you some insights on how best to handle your self at this point. It's pretty intense between you two for sure...............

  • wow! that was deep.. i have to read this a few times. i need for him to come to me because i've always been the one to make contact after his disappearing acts. my heart tells me he does want to be with me and may even be in love with me. I want to be with him and build a life with him. its nice to know that he's thinking of me and misses me just as much as i do. i thought the feelings were all one sided but based on your reading looks like its not and that there is hope that the relationship will evolve. i'm not trying to be hard headed about reaching out to him but i do feel like if he's the man and he wants me he needs to come for me..

    thanks again for your awesome reading!!!

  • AstraAngel,

    i reached out to him this morning via text. After 21 days of not knowing about him i decided to text him.. i simply said that i missed him..nothing more and nothing less than the truth.. it's been 6 hrs and i have not received a response. i was hoping this was the sign from me he was looking for do you think he will respond?

    best regards,

  • Astrangel,

    I think I really messed things up. Well he never texted me back so I decided to go see him had his bro tell him I was outside and he refused to come out to talk to me. I received a text 2 min later saying sorry he was too drunk and didn't want me to see him like that! I cursed him out and he wouldn't pick up the phone! I've been an emotional mess all day. What is happening with this man? Y is he treating me like this? It doesn't make sense!! Please some advice!

  • Hey LeoLadyLove

    Uh oh, this does sound messy. Um, let's see about restoring a little balance here.

    Page of Wands and Strength - So right now, take a deep breath and say to yourself "everything will work out." This page is very innocent and acts from a place of almost childlike devotion to love.

    The strength card however is a restraining energy, and is there to temper your page wand decisions. My feeling is that Page Wand energy has been prompting you take actions that are a little rash, innocently though! You have been acting from a place of love and desire, like the Fool card. No worries, all can still work out with faith and trust in Heaven.

    So right away there is a need for some restraint in your life I can see. So until further notice, no more reaching out to this person, okay? Let him be. Sounds like her has his own issues he is trying to work through and the word I am hearing is that he really needs to be left alone until he get his own laundry done. So no more texting and midnight visits... he needs his space. He also needs to lighten up on the whiskey however he'll figure that out.

    What is happening with this man?

    Justice - he is consumed over something that he feel was unfair in his life, doesn't involve you. Something else hurt him and he is very wounded because of it, and that has caused all sorts of misrepresentations of reality. He is adrift in his own world of "who done someone wrong" and until he turns his eyes to heaven he is going to remain stuck there.

    The Hierophant - A judgment was placed against him, some words were spoken that devastated him inside. Law, something to do with the law. Alcohol could have been related.

    Seven of Pentacles - this in turn sent him off in a tailspin as he is seeking to sort out his life materially/financially. He must be having some issues there with money maybe and this has him distraught, and hitting the sauce for some relief. He had to push you away for now while he struggles to get a handle on this mess that he has himself in.

    It will not help him for you to be in his life right now. You need to love him from a distance. Pray for him from a distance. He will sense your concerns in the spirit and this will begin to strengthen him so that he can eventually extricate himself from this web he weaved. Your love for him (not worry for him) as expressed in prayers will do WONDERS in his life right now. That is what this man needs more than anything.

    Five of Cups and the Hermit - yes. There is some sorrow here over your relationship, he really cares a lot about you, and this whole situation really has him lamenting his life (time to go out and buy another bottle of Jim Beam!)... and He is trying to seal himself away from the public eye for a while as he gets a grip on his life. This man really needs our prayers... let us pray...

    Dear Father in Heaven, LadyLeoLove and I come to you with all humility beseeching you for an intervention into this man's life. We ask for courage to be imparted to him, and victory in his life so that he can stand up as the man of heaven that he should be. We ask that angels surround him and minister to him a powerful love that will wash away all fear and turmoil and set him free to respond to Lady Leo Love in the proper and beautiful way. We now RELEASE HIM to heaven and wash our hands of worry on his behalf, We walk in faith and trust that YOU OH GOD are more than capable to turn this matter totally around, and we now fully expect miracles to occur in his life!

    Likewise oh LORD, I pray dear Father that you would fill LadyLeoLove with a great peace in this matter as she can now rest in faith and trust knowing that this will all turn out beautifully and will actually be seen to ultimately be for a beautiful purpose. Thank you Heaven for your miracle working power in this matter, we rest in faith and trust. Amen."

    There LeoLadyLove, you are in good hands. Heaven and our angels are WELL AWARE of what is going on, so as we remain in FAITH we actualize the energies of the Universe to HEAL THIS SITUATION BEAUTIFULLY! I fully expect to hear a fantastic report from you very soon about him and you.

    Meanwhile, you should not contact him at all. Pray that prayer for him (and you!) and keep a smile on your face, all will work out. Feel free to repost with any other questions, however as far as Heaven and you and I are concerned, this matter is closed and will WORK OUT! Hallelujah! Ha ha, that is some of my Baptist upbringing coming out! THank you God for the Tarot and Helping us all!

    You are very loved by Heaven LeoLady, hang in there, this too shall pass.

    Love, astra

  • thank you so much!! i needed this today. I will leave it all in Gods hands and i know everything will turn out okay.

    I will keep you posted!!

    Thank you.

  • Good morning AstraAngel,

    First, i want to thank you for your advice and guidance and your prayer was very helpful and allowed me to relax and think clearly and things did work themselves out. He finally reached out to me on Friday it was ackward at first, i asked him why he was doing this and he said he didnt know. We talked quite a bit. He said a few things that lead me to believe that he does care about me. and i could see it in his eyes.... i think he's in love with me but he's very scared. I asked him if he just wanted me for sex and he said no but that right know he couldnt give me anything else because of his situation. he began to tell me how i could do so much better than him and that he didnt deserve me. that i was beautiful and kind and sweet and had it going on for myself and he didn't know why he acts like that with me. That he was stupid for not knowing what he wanted. I told him that we could be friends without benefits and that i just want him to be happy and that i was there for him. that i just want to love him if he would let me. I told him that if he continued to reject me and push me away that eventually it will happen and if he didn't want to be with me to just let me go. Although he didn't say it to me his actions proved he didn't want to lose me. He also said that every moment we spend together he's always had a great time. I asked him if he would be willing to compromise and he asked what was i thinking. i told him that i wanted to spend more time with him that once a month was not enough for me, i told him i understand we both have lives outside of our relationship but that i needed more time with him and what would he say about seeing each other every other week, to my surprise.. he said yes that he could do that.. that even though things come up unexpectedly he would make the time for me. then he asked me if there were any rules.. and i said no... i dont like rules! haha! then i asked him if he had anything or any rules or things he wanted me to stop doing or start doing and he said no all he wanted was me!! and i told him he already had me.... So... We spent the night together and it was absolutely amazing as always! So only time will tell.. I think we've taken a small step in the right direction and i will continue to pray and leave it in gods hands.

    im i ahead of myself thinking this guy may really be in love with me and he's just too afraid and not ready because of his situation? your thoughts and advise always appreciated!

    thank you so much!

  • Hi LLL,

    Well this all sounds beautiful to me... you two are honestly communicating and connecting again and that sounds perfect. Matters should continue to improve for the two of you. And you are going to see each other more often that will be so good for the both of you. You are probably right about the him being scared about love, that can happen. I deal with that too coming out of a really hurtful marriage and trying to embrace the possibility of finding love again with someone else. However there is a lot of pain in us who come out of these messed up relationships. I wonder did he recently come out of a bad relationship before he met with you?

    This is what I see happening in life. We meet someone and we approach relationship with the best intentions of true love and tender concern for our partner. Then that person uses you for what they can get out of you, abuses you either physically or emotionally or both, and then you finally run screaming in pain from them even though you "wanted" to remain committed. It is even worse in marriage, where you make some "vow" to be with someone til you die. Then what do you do when your spouse does nothing except soak you for what they can get out of you? Or treats you like you are the worst person on earth? At some point (after you finally come to your senses) you say I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS and you run. Has your BF been in a situation like that? It can take a little time for him to trust again, and really open up to you, he has to really trust you, and that can take some time.

    Here are some cards to look at the matter...

    Justice - He has been involved in at least one relationship from the past that really hurt him and he feels like it was an injustice so he is waiting for Heaven to right the scales of justice. I bet once that happens he will be free and then your relationship can really blossom. A lot of times these "old" relationships have karmic judgment that is to be meted out and until that happens it is sort of like the (innocent) person in the relationship is bound to the courts of heaven until the sentence is delivered and they feel finally that justice has been served. There are a lot of people walking around today who thnk they "got away with something" after treating their partner really wrong. Heaven is not stupid and justice is not blind. One way or the other we all receive the fruits of our actions in life. Once your BF gets the justice he deserves he will be a changed man.

    And THE LOVERS - that says it all. Your BF is waiting on justice, someone really hurt him and heaven is deciding how best to handle it. Once that happens and that "other person" is dealt with, then your BF is free and you two will be very blessed.

    Five of Pentacle and the Ten of Pentacles - I also want to say that this crummy situation from his past was connected with material matters like he was expected to provide more than he could, someone soaked him "in the name of love" and left him out to dry. That is the reason for the alcohol. Some extreme pain there the guy is just trying to cope. Again, look for that JUSTICE card to fall on that "other party" and then everyone (except that person whoever that is) will breath a sigh of relief and LOVE can really get going for you. Then it will be a little more often than once every week or two.

    You won't be getting out of bed except to change the CD's from your Barry White collection.

    I hope that helps.

    Love and peace.

  • Astra Angel,

    You're right. He was hurt very badly. the last girlfriend he had was 6 years ago. He was in love with her and she hurt him very badly. She had him believe that she was pregnant from him when the whole time she knew it was another man's. Her entire family new she was cheating on him and she treated him very badly. He only came to find out after the broke up that she was with another man who was his friend. He said the nicer he was to her the more she would hurt him and when he would treat her badly she'd come running to him. Apparently she was going to abort the baby and he went with her to hospital to find out that same day that the child she was carrying was not his. He still stood by her side until she recovered because after all he did care. He said he wanted to leave her but he wanted her to do it. So he began to act extra sweet and nice to her and she dumped him. He hasn't had a girlfriend since and i truly believe that he's scared and its very hard for him to trust.

    I hope things do evolve and we spend more time together.

    thanks again for your valuable insight and advice and i will keep you posted!

  • AstraAngel,

    so.. i'm going away this weekend to NYC. The last time i was with my Taurus man (September) i had asked my Taurus Man if he wanted to go to NYC for the Halloween weekend with me and he said that he couldn't go because he had family that was coming from out of town. I said okay and made arrangements accordingly. Anyway, since a month past without communication i never had the chance to tell him i was going to NYC. And when he finally reached out i forgot to mention it. Anyway, my daughter was at his house and was talking about my trip this weekend so he knows now... Since we've been seeing eachother, when i travel I've asked him if he can take me and pick me up at the airport so that i dont have to spend all that money on parking and he can watch my car for me. Anyway, i texted him this morning knowing it was a last minute request and he said he couldn't do it but he wished me luck on my trip and asked were is this place thats lucky 2 have me... i thought that was so sweet however, i know for a fact he knew where i was going. I suggested leaving my car parked at work and if he could pick it up from there and he said yes that he could do that.

    do you think he was upset that i didn't mention my travels earlier? i wonder did he ask me where i was going because he wanted to see if i would tell him?

  • Hi LeoLady

    Hey, let's take a look... it sounds like a fun trip! I am also curious what is going on with him...

    1. Do you think he was upset that i didn't mention my travels earlier?

    Queen of Cups - no, I don't see anything here except love. A little feather I had near my work area here also flew over on to that card when I laid it down! So he is sincere, not sure though why he asked though...

    2. Did he ask me where i was going because he wanted to see if i would tell him?

    King of Pentacles and the Five of Wands - the sense I have is that he is wanting to share in your life more... He said that in order to "signal" you that he likes to know what is going on with you and simply wanted to hear you share it with him. I think its sweet. The Five of Wands tells me that yes, he "knew" where you were going, he simply pushed that aside and asked you anyway simply to hear YOU tell HIM... he loves to feel a part of your life, and so I see him asking that question with a little impish smile on his face!

    You will have a wonderful trip, have fun! ...I wish I could tag along ! 🙂


  • Wonderful!!! thanks!

  • Astra Angel,

    i have this urge to tell him that im in love with him... should i wait?

  • Judgment card, and it shows a lovely angel playing a large trumpet....

    life is too beautiful and precious to hold something like that back....

    You feel that strong about him that you are considering that it sounds beautiful to me.

    Be ready to wait on him though afterwards... you are crossing a bridge...

    This card is also "XX" in the Tarot... two X's are two LOVE signs...

    I think its beautiful I would send him a telegram or flowers or something as soon as you can...

    I warn you though, I am hopelessly a romantic... someone else will tell you to wait or something... not me... I would tell him...

    I am praying for you... your angels will guide you... love and blessings...


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