Let's see the big picture.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I notice that nearly all of my requests for insight and readings come when I'm confused or in a dark place emotionally. I'm happy to say that at this point in my life, at least for the last couple of weeks I've felt very happy with where I am and where I'm going. Although the future seems bright, it is still clouded by uncertainty on my part. A lot of the developments that are expected of me career wise and romantically (for my age) haven't taken off. I was hoping that a member here could offer me insight on the big picture; although I'm happy in the now I'm certainly apprehensive about later. I also am curious on how this insight will affect me due to my disposition being quite different than when I usually ask for insight of guidance of this nature.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Your big picture:

    Your life purpose is to choose a path and live it large - to live out loud. To do this, you must learn to think for the long term and see the big picture, rather than wasting your energy flitting from one project, interest or person to another. You are called to create a life that is greater than who you think yourself to be or even the sum of your parts. You come into this world as a seeker and naturally exhibit a desire to learn about larger or more universal concepts and issues. You will learn to live according to a higher, broader, more expansive view. Born with great common sense, you must be careful not to be bound down or tethered by the mundane details of life but rather to dare to dream and reach for the stars. Your hard-headedness should not be abandoned however, especially in financial matters. Your core lesson is to develop the ability to focus your attention to cultivate growth. Your goal is to live a life that is greater than the sum of its parts, using your gifts of sensitivity/psychic awareness, intuitive intelligence, and expression. What you really want is to feel connected with others while confidently being yourself, for everyone to understand your point of view, to accept and support you, and to recognize your positive motivations and goals.

    Your Achilles Heel however is your need for mental security - to want to be able to figure out what others are thinking so as to say the right thing to get them to agree with your ideas. But you can never read people's minds enough to assure yourself that you will say the right thing. Instead, you must let go of control and follow your intuition. Trusting and acting from your own truth will bring out your integrity, which in turn will draw the right people to you to help you gain the security and peace of mind you seek.

    The things that hold you back in life may be being so trusting on the one hand and so cynical on the other when it comes to being in a committed relationship. You may fear being cheated on or engulfed by another person, and this fear may propel you to make bad choices in love or to try to 'fix' people instead of just accepting them as you yourself want to be accepted. You have a tendency to retreat into a defensive atitude toward the world or resist the challenge of your lifepath by contenting yourself with being a square peg in a round hole. Controlling aggression will be a bit of a problem for you, as will setting aside any preoccupation with success and concentrating on nurturing your talents and abilities. You may crave recognition and acceptance and may go to great lengths to get attention but, unless your efforts to be noticed are backed up by substantive achievements and a real sense of passion and commitment, they may come to naught. What is required of you by this lifepath is to release the insecurities that often come with possessing originality or talent or simply being different, and to concentrate not so much on acceptance into the mainstream as on the respect and honour of those whose opinions are of real value. You must discern what in your life is worth amplifying and what is not, and to apply your originality to bigger plans and schemes if you are to achieve the considerable success that is the potential of this karmic path.

  • Thank you for this insight Captain. Have a wonderful evening.

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