AstraAngel, please, can you?

  • Thank you Astra. Glad you had a nice weekend too 🙂

    The night started as a party but ended up with only us two.

    I never felt such connection with someone before, someone who I met only once before and didnt really talk with. He was also by what he said very positively surprised by how he can talk to me and that it is rare to find that these days.

    I came home that day at 10 am! so I guess you can imagine how nice it was, and I actually cried when I got home, not from sadness but from the joy from the beautiful connection we had.

    My mom told me that it might have been angels and God sending me a message through him.

    I will try and take you advice and let heaven do its part. Since I see it has that night as he could have just went home but somehow we were brought together.

  • Dear Astra,

    I am seeking your guidance again please.

    Remember the guy I felt the connection with after a nice night of conversation?

    Well I saw him again, many of us went out and he was there.

    When I first saw him, he barely said hello, we didnt talk at all during the night and he gave all his attention to one girl, he then just disappeared somewhere with her the rest of the night.

    He did tell me he was in a phase in life where all he wants is the physical relationship. But maybe it was his way of telling me is not interested?

    A mutual friend asked if he likes me, if there is something there. He said am an ok girl, good but that he doesnt want to start anything right now, that he is not ready for anything like that. I dont know if that is true?

    Please if you could do a reading for me? About, if there is any future with us? Does he like me at all in a deeper way?

    I dont know what to think of him anymore, I feel weird seeing how he was with the girl and toward me.

  • Fishy,

    Okay, well you are not alone.. this seems to be the "love theme du jour" lately on this forum.

    I'll take a look...

    He did tell me he was in a phase in life where all he wants is the physical relationship. But maybe it was his way of telling me is not interested?

    King of Cups - This doesn't sound like he is "not interested". Kings of Cups are VERY interested. In what though?

    Is he really interested in "starting something" with you right now?

    The Empress, this looks like he would still like to start up a "something" with you.

    Is there is any future with us?

    Knight of Pentacles - this looks good, this Knight shows interest and dependability. Not a fast mover though, so I wouldn't expect anything immediate to launch into orbit. This is more of a long haul, take it nice and slow... considerate and kind.

    Does he like me at all in a deeper way? Ten of Wands - I think the assessment you provided is true, he likes you and has some other arrows in his quiver too... I think he has a lot on his plate right now in life for some reason and is not exactly really super focused on a deeper love thing with you, or anyone

    Judgment, Change of position, renewal... this does show promise though for the future though, although I think you will soon have more options...

    Hey, you had a nice evening together and connected, let it rest, play it cool... don't press the point with him, let him play the field or whatever it is he is doing... you do the same... Heaven will circle you two back together when the time is right. I wouldn't stress about it.

    Read your bible would be the best thing for you right now... and prayer. 1 Corinthians 13 would be a good chapter to reflect on. You do any art, or journaling? You should be keeping a personal journal and dialog with yourself and put everything down you are feeling, that will help you immensely... get some books on angels, read anything by Doreen Virtue.

    Here are some selections from your journal ...from the future...


    Well, today I say Jeffrey again, and he gave me the cold shoulder again. I thought we really connected that one night a few weeks ago! Ugh! I have had it with him! I wish I could tell him adios, however he melts my heart every time I look at him... <sigh>... what to do? I even bought him a little gift yesterday, a nice bottle of cologne (expensive too! it was like $50!) and I gave it to him, and he opened it up, took one look and said, "okay... thanks." - and then walked away! I could have decked him right then and there!</sigh>

    Oh well, I am reading a new book on Angels by Doreen Virtue and that is helping me to keep the faith and not let how people respond to me affect me in any way.


    Saw Jeffrey again last night. Ran into him at Walmart I was looking at movies and next thing I know, I hear my name, look up and there he is, with his new gf Judy what's-her-name! I was like, "oh hey... " We chatted briefly, however I could tell "Judy" was itching to get him out of there... he kinda gave me the eye as he walked away and I thought he said something about he would call me, but his gf was practically dragging him out at that point. Whatever.

    Finished the last book on Angels, and just started a new book on Prayer and Psychic Perception. This book is cool, as it talks about how to connect with Heaven in your every day life, and see the energies in people and to keep a focus on God and light, no matter what.


    Jeffrey emailed me two days ago, and he wants to go out. However... get this... I met this really nice guy, Marcus, down at Starbucks today and he has already asked me out! Yay! He really turns me on, we talked about spiritual stuff and turns out he is an astrologer! He has invited me out to his study group at this church and said he would love to get together and hear what I have been learning about angels, which he said he would love to find out more about! I like him... a lot! We seemed to really connect in a spiritual way.

    So Jeffrey emailed me again tonight... I don't think I will respond. Marcus seems a lot better for me, not so physical... these books over the last few months have really helped me look to heaven more, and God seems to be bringing more spiritual guys into my life. Thank you Jesus!

    So you see fishy, when you keep your eyes on the skies instead of the guys, the RIGHT guys will be brought across your path. And those relationships will be... heavenly.

    Barnes and Noble has a lot of great spiritual books and a nice selection of Bibles. You need at least one Bible and however many other spirit books and tarot decks you can get your hands on. Center on heaven and angels and let the guys cook for a while. You have something better coming.

    love and light and heaven


  • Thank you on your great advice, I will do that, let it go and not press on the issue.

    I will look into those books, thank you on that too.

    "and not let how people respond to me affect me in any way." Exactly!!

  • Sounds good fishy, things will work out for you, i am wishing the very best for you and him, and whoever shows up for you! Keep your face looking up! 🙂

    (also the photo of the bible above is courtesy of morgue file on the web and photodaisy - thank you photo daisy!)

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