AstraAngel, please, can you?

  • Even though you were so very kind to give me nice insight into my question before

    I am wondering about this guy I like, I cant seem to get him our of my head.

    Please could you do a reading for me?

    He is a gemini, younger than me, at the begining he seemed very into me but then switched his acting towards me.

    I am wondering now, do you see us in any romantinc future? does he like me in that way at all?

    I am also wondering, do you see any contact/meeting with him?

    I am a pisces.

    Thank you so much, I really do apriciate it ! I think you can tell I am honest but a little lost.



  • Hi fishy one

    Sure thing, I can take a look... and then I am going fishing for the day lol 😉

    1. The outlook for a romantic future between fishyOne (I love your name by the way :), and Younger Gemini Man (YGM)? Four of Wands - SPECTACULAR.

    2. How does YGM see you in a romantic relationship with him? Nine of Wands. He sees you as as someone who has experienced her share of pain, and he knows what you have been through. He cares about you a lot. Six of Wands, he sees you as a winner and someone he would be honored to be very close to.

    3. Outlook for soon meeting or contact - The Hanged Man - It doesn't look like a soon mtg for some reason, too many things hanging in the balance right now for some reason. Then the Ace of Swords which says YES to a meeting. SO this tells me you WILL have a mtg with him after a little wait, I want to say like 10-14 days from now.

    Hang in there is what I am hearing (that is about all I am hearing lately for everything is hang in there! lol, I guess it is true then. We should simply hang in there and let Heaven work out a nice story in each of our lives....)

    I do see your relationship showing a lot of beautiful promise - let me know should you need more insight.

    Love and peace.

  • thank you again, AAngel. I do hope it turns out OK.

    Too bad he doesnt show he cares about me at all! He doesnt contact me at all, weeks pass and nothing , now you see why I am in doubt.

    At the begining he was sentding me texts evryday, sending kisses and good night and such and then after that it went all away, first reason was exams (which I understand) and then I saw him agian ( chance meeting) and again no contact after that.

    I was made a fool of twice 😕

    But still he is in my head.

    I dont think he knows what I went through, since we didnt talk abou things like that..

    I got the impression all he wanted was a short physical thing, since he doesnt contact me anymore.

    Everyone around us was rooting for us two to start something, but there is something happeing I guess in his mind that got everything to a halt.

    I guess I was just left confused, trying to move past it but having trouble doing so

    Thank you on your reply, I do apriciate it

  • Dear AstraAngel, would you be so kind to maybe try and give me insight into why he is this way with me? (no contact) What is stopping him to show if he likes me or if he doesnt like me in a deeper way, why wont he just "put his cards down"

    if you need his D.O.B I can let you know

    Or did he just use me to pump up his ego?

    sorry to bother you so much

    thank you again!

  • I have

    Justice, Ten of Pentacles, Six of Wands, and the Four of Cups....

    He is weighing something out, and it is very materially significant. He has his eyes on something coming down the road that is a significant accomplishment and he has concerns about love derailing him. So, I am trying to piece this together...

    I believe he is in fact using school as a reason to avoid you right now. He does have strong feelings for you, he may be concerned that the relationship would shift his focus too much away from his schooling, and that seems to be vey important to him (ten of pentacles). The six of wands is his "I am going to succeed!!!!!!" card... meanwhile the four of cups card is his heart really feeling something for you, and he is trying to ignore that. I believe you two do have a connection, it was not an 'ego' thing for him. He was sincere. He is simply trying to weigh out the ramifications of letting himself enter into something much deeper with you.

    I believe your best approach right now is to let it rest, the ball is really in his court now. Let him work thorugh it in his own way and you may be pleasantly surprised. Meanwhile stay focused on yourself, take care of your own heart, talk to heaven a lot... that is where all the love is anyway. Up there.

    I still want to say this will turn around and you will be seeing him again... that is in heaven's hands at this point. Do you believe in him?

    He was genuine with you. Ten of Cups, The Moon (he is wrestling with his emotions), along with the other cards tells me he is a straight shooter. I would let matters rest, pray for him, and give YOU some big hugs from YOU while you relax and trust the Universe to work out everything in your life.

    Love and light. 🙂

  • Thank you once more, this is what I needed to help me put it aside for a bit aand work on me.

    Yes you are very right, he is very school/money orianted always trying to get some sor t of cash flowing his way and in mean time pass exams.

    Makes sense, I do hope he realies I wont wait for ever 🙂

    Thank you once more, apreceate it a lot! I do know it takes a lot of effort to focus on all of us wanting help!

    Bless you 🙂

  • Dear AstraAngel

    I gave up on this Gemini, I think it was all just using from his part, no serious thought out into it.

    I wanted to ask you could you do another reading for me?

    Please a reading about my future love life, what can I expect, when will I meet someone new?

    Please if you could try and give me a time frame so there might be something to look forward to

    Thank you

    (me pisces)

  • Hi Fishyone

    Sure thing, I am happy to do that! Sri it is not working out with the Gemini maybe his twin took over.

    I drew out a spread to try and focus on your love prospects and when...

    So, two cards across and we'll split it into a few questions:

    1. Where you are right now in your love life - Two of Wands and The Hanged Man

    You were left hanging for sure after Gemini. The two of wands tells me you are weighing your options and would love to choose a new path (or method of approach) in love that will not leave you hanging again. You are weary of the pattern.

    2. Where you are wanting to to go in love - Justice and the Ten of Cups - no surprises here. You want a love that is fair and just, showing you the respect you deserve and deep down you still want a very strong, committed love relationship, family and children. Oh, and happiness!

    3. What does the near future hold for love for you? Five of Cups and the Hermit. I wish I had better news for you here, The appearance of the Five Cups says this latest tryst really did you in, and this time it may take some time to heal. The Hermit shows you pulling away and remainging cool and calm and focused on yourself for a while, maybe longer than you would like to see. The time will pass quickly, there is something coming in that will excite you in other ways besides relationship and you will be very focused on that for a time, not sure what that is, school or learning something new maybe art related.

    4. Long term future outlook for love - Six of Wands and The Moon - Yay! This looks more like it, although it is a ways out it appears to me. Six wands is a lovely sign of your dreams of love coming true and the Moon says that it will be nice and mysterious and loving and exactly what you need. y the point this happens you will be a changed person (that Hanged Man energy over you right now has you doing some soul searching which will prepare you for THE TRUE that is coming.

    5. And when will this long term love show up? Nine of Pentacles and the Magician. Pentacles are the slowest suit, and portend months or years. The Magician as a number one says we are looking at the first category which is months, not years thank goodness! So, nine months from now a new love appears. I hope it isn't wearing a diaper. Hey, just kiddding, I saw the nine months and the thought popped in... 🙂

    6. Advice - Six of Cups and the STAR - you have reason to hope because this love that is coming is nice (about time!), very kind and considerate and equal sharing back and forth. You will really be happy you waited and didn't rush things. So keep your heart optimistic, and keep looking UP to your stars.

    One thing I thought I might mention is craigslist simply for friendships. You might even find a male friend for something strictly platonic and should he start coming on to you, say adios. The idea being to keep some sort of dialog going with the opposite s e x without the 'you know what'. That way your understanding of males can develop while you are focusing mostly on yourself. Just a thought. Or civic groups, church that sort of thing might be another option to have relationships that are low key compared to the Gemini.

    I hope that helps... nine months... hmm..... 🙂

    love, astra

  • Thank you Astra very much.

    Haha 9 months, very funny 🙂 not yet those 9 months I hope..

    Since you are here please one more thing

    about the Gemini, I have something of his I need to return, I dont know if I should call him to meet up will this option turn out positive


    should I take it to this bar where he goes frequently and where we both know the staff and just leave it there for him?

    I dont want to end up turning head the other way when we meet by chance again (which can happen)

    I dont want it to seem like I am holding a grudge

  • Do you see any contact from him to me?

  • Queen of Swords - leave it at the Bar for him.

    Then sit like a queen poised and confident on your throne, and know that you are taking care of yourself.

    Seven of Swords - you are going to be dealing with some sword energy for while, weighing out this matter in your head. You do not want to contact him at this point.

    King of Swords - it looks to me like you are entering a time where you are going to be VERY focused on steeling yourself from any such nonsense as this from here on. This was actually a good experience for you, as any guys show up interested in your from now on, you are going to be asking for references and a letter of recommendation from his last gf.

    Two of Pentacles and Five of Swords - what is happening you are learning to make the tough choices based in reality that protect YOU and keep you safe from guys like this in the future. Good for you.

  • Not at the Bar, I didn't mean leave it and then sit down at the bar... leave it and get the &%$# out of there.

  • Once again thank you!

    sorry on being annoying.

    My plan was to go for a coffee there with a friend and leave it casually.

    I dont plan to even let him know I left it

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    Me again, sorry for being annoying, dont mean to bother your, I think everytime is my last question to you.

    Please if you could be kind to do another reading for me?

    Even thogu I said I am forgeting about him, moving on I guess it is harder to do then say.

    I am wondering, is he going through something in his life right now? somthing that might get him to distance himself from not only me? ( stupid thing but virtualy he deleted his fb account, which was sudden)

    Do you see any chance of a new beginning between me and him? or was all interes in me lost?

    (me pisces, him gemini)

    Thank you so so much Astra, any insight is helpfull 🙂

  • Hey fishy one

    Glad to look into this for you.

    You asked "is he going through something in his life right now? "

    Temperance - He seems to be focused on something else at this time, something has him occupied.

    Six of Wands - I think his focus is on success or some accomplishment he has been working toward. Love may be on the back burner for now.

    Justice - Yes, he is mired in something that has his full attention, and it must be career related is what I am getting.

    Seven of Wands - yes, another wand, so this is a career, business, decision affair he is concentrating on. Sevens are choices, so it is like he is trying to weigh something out about his work, employment, perhaps a career change. Has a lot of his energy going this way right now.

    This would seem to me to cause some distance in his relationships until he sorts this out and arrives at his decision (Seven Wands + Justice).

    Where are you at in this picture?

    Judgement - I believe he is really stuck in the business thing, and that has precluded his love and relationships until he can arrive at a quality decision.

    Four of Swords - Advice for you is to wait.. rest... this matter has his mind sealed off for now

    You asked...

    Do you see any chance of a new beginning between me and him? or was all interes in me lost?

    Two of Wands - Until he gets through this phase in his life, I am not seeing much into the future. Too much is hinging on what he decides, and once that takes place the possibilities for you will open up.

    Three of Swords - there is some pain deep inside of him. I do have the feeling that he carries a candle for you in his heart, he has shoved it down rather deep and is under the illusion that his personal life, business or whatever is going to satisfy his heart's feelings - I believe for you. Let's hope her comes to his senses soon.

    Two of Swords - another sword, so he is totally isolated and withdrawn at this time. He is in some pain. These cards are adding up to tell me this man is hurting because he is running from his heart.

    And, the Six of Swords... it is very clear, that he is on a journey of his own making, and until he comes to the conclusion that these pursuits will not satisfy him, he is somewhat adrift.

    I feel led to offer a prayer for him on your behalf...

    "Dear God, Dear Heaven, Dear angels and every lovely force of love in the Universe, fishyone and I come to you in humble petition for our brother and dear one for whom fishyone has fought a hard battle for the love she has for him. We ask that he reach the conclusion of this matter that has him obsessed speedily and that a breakthrough may occur in his life, delivering him into the arms of love and sweetness of heart and tenderness, so that he might be able to respond to the gentle wooings of cupid's arrows. We release him to Heaven to find his way, and we rest in peace that only beautiful and lovely outcomes are awaiting him and fishyone. We ask that the brightest and loveliest outcome be his, and we ask this with our hearts in thanksgiving towards the boundless Heaven of love. AMen."

    There, that should help resolve matters. When you think of him fishyone, see him floating in the arms of angels and a beautiful love from heaven filling him with light, vanquishing all darkness and illusions of any purpose beyond love. Meanwhile you can keep your face continued toward the light as you are doing, knowing that through your faith and trust, EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT NICELY. 🙂

    Like so many men today, chasing everything in life except the one thing that really matters. The heart of a beautiful lady like you.

    Bless you, I will remember you and him in my prayers,

    love and peace, astra

  • Dear Astra,

    thank you on your kindness, thank you on your beautiful prayer !

    Sometimes as a pisces I do get a strong sixth sense feeling about something, and I got one for him, I felt something is going on with him that is not directly linked to me.

    Once before, you gave me a similar reading about him, being focused on career.

    I do hope he finds his clarity. I have a big problem with just leatting thing be and trust in a good outcome

    Do you get a sense if this wait will be a long wait?

  • fishyone

    I drew the justice and the temperance cards which are not the kinds of cards that would say a very fast change here. These are major arcana cards so there is something very heavy-duty going on in this situation and all I can do is tell you to keep the faith. Heaven has it all under control.

    A lot of us in this boat right now so you have good company.

    Blessings, astra

  • Thank you!

    I guess it is up to Heaven now and maybe prayers help with good thoughts !

  • Dear Astra,

    how are you? hope you are well 🙂

    I would love to get some insight about a new man.

    I dont know his astrological sign, his name is Luka. all I know is he was born in 1984

    We met once before but this time, we spent a wonderful night together ( unexpectedly), we bonded and I think there was a nice connection between us, mainly through talking and I think he was honest with me.

    We never exchanged numbers (dumb i know)

    I am wondering do you see any prospect between me and him? something with meaning?

    Or was this just a nice night where two people connected for a brief moment.

  • Hey fishyone

    I am doing just fine, the weekend was nice and I hope your was too... sounds like it!

    So, Luka? Hmm... it certainly sounds nice from what you described.

    I will use a little five card spread for you and him...

    1. Your feelings about him - THE SUN - very nice! I think you were swept off you feet and now you are seeing the Sun coming our and bluebird and only happiness with him! Are you a hopeless romantic by any chance? I think so, good for you! This card says it all, your feelings are about as sweet and innocent as can be at this point. I know it has been only one date.. who cares! You feel wonderful and that is lovely.

    2. His feelings about you - The ACE of SWORDS - so he really enjoyed the communication. You mentioned the talking, and he really enjoyed that with you. This tells me that he is hoping, hoping that someone he can really open up to and pour his heart out to is you. This says only beautiful things in the realm of connecting and talking and sharing, and that is his fondness toward you right now.

    4. What you are hoping for with him - The KING of CUPS - okay fishyone, the cat is out of the bag. 🙂 There is no doubt, no question, nothing wishy washy here. You would LOVE to hope that HE is someone wonderful entering your life. Your hopes for love are about as high in the heavens as one could go, I am guessing somewhere near the Andromeda galaxy.

    5. What he is hoping for with you - The TWO of CUPS - oh, that is really wonderful, he is hoping, hoping that this could also be the start of something very beautiful in love. I could not imagine a better card to see here as regards his affectionate hope toward you. All I am feeling are loverly cupids and bluebird and songs. I say you should take the day off and go shopping or something (I was going to say for a wedding dress however that might be jumping the gun a little).

    6. Advice - I don't know, be ready to taken to heaven?

    Two of Swords - Use balance and reason, it is going to be very easy here to be swept up emotionally so try your best to keep a balance and fairness here. I am the first to simply be the fool and jump off a cliff for someone... good thing that heaven is giving you advice here and not just me! So stay balanced and "try" to stay calm while the bluebirds come out!

    I think this TWO of SWORDS really indicates (tying this back to His ACE of SWORDS) to take your time and really savor this time of communication back and forth, this is a very nice phase and you should really enjoy the wonderful time of sharing you two are having.

    I hope that helps, this sounds wonderful to me! 🙂 Yay I love to see that Two of Cups show in a reading!

    love, astra

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