Relationship a reflection of how we feel about ourselves?

  • I read this line on a post today and again on a reiki forum in a post about a client who had no self love or respect. This is also an issue I am dealing with so it struck a chord. Is it really so? Would that be the reason why my relationship is so unfulfilling? What about the partner, if he loves and respects himself? Does that just about keep it going?

    Anything goes, would love to hear your thoughts!


  • Hi Paddi, I think it might strike a cord on a lot of people, it did it on me too... if life is a learning process... learn to be happy by loving ourselves, this means giving importance to our feelings and dreams and aspirations. At least on my path I think I wont feel completely happy until I'm living my soul's purpose...

    that's what I think... 🙂

  • Hey Paddi,

    My personal belief is that we energetically attract people/relationships in our lives that will support us in our growth. So if a person has self-love issues, they will repeatedly attract the type of mate that will bring this issue front and center - giving the person the opportunity to resolve and "heal" this karmic lesson. And the mirror effect does work both ways. I don't think it necessarily means that the two people have the exact same issue - just that each person's issue will play off the other. If you have self-love or self-respect issues Paddi, then yes your husband will most likely bring these issues out for you. So let's say for you it is about speaking up for yourself and your needs. This will mean that your husband will challenge you in this regard by having a tendency to not respect your thoughts or needs in a way. His issue may be that he needs to be less self-absorbed and learn to include the feelings, thoughts, etc. of others in his decision making rather than just doing what he wants without caring what anyone else thinks. So for you, it is not really the relationship that is unfulfilling, but the experience of not loving or respecting yourself that leaves you feeling unfulfilled. So the two of you have an opportunity to heal or work through each of your issues together. You will no doubt experience this main issue in all of your relationships, not just with your husband. Others will test you on knowing who you are and what you believe - and will possibly try to overpower you or enforce their own beliefs/wants/needs on you (sound familiar?) - thereby giving you the opportunity to stand in your power and speak your truth as they say.



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