Looking for a psychic or maybe something to help me..

  • Daliolite, i really do appreciate the offer but everytime i let others read for me. I end up feeling disappointed and I feel like it never answered my question, when they do read for me. I'm just looking for the light here. that's all. I don't want to end up hurt. I just want hope.

  • Hi Grungychick....okay okay...I can't take it anymore..lol

    You are not a grungychick..lol unless Im so old I dont know what it means...

    But it doesnt sound positive in my mind...so I am going to say gchick...it could be ...goodchick..or great chick..lol


    May I please express what I see within you?

    Many times you refer to others hurting you...lying to you...being hurt and misled...

    yet, dear gchick,

    you insist that the love of your life

    is one who abandons you

    over and over

    That tends to create alot of fear (when is it going to happen again)

    alot of self doubt (why doesnt he want to stay with me?)

    and an endless circle ,

    of confusion, distrust,of self and others , self recrimination,

    It is time, dear gchick...to stop the merrygoround

    it is time to get off the rollercoaster of ups and downs

    and get your feet on solid ground.

    When your balance comes back

    Your head will clear

    Your heart will clear

    Light will begin to shine on a path of love and joy like you've never known.

    It is time g

    let go

    be good to yourself, love yourself as others do here

    real love...not the kind of love that abandons

    I wish you the best

    Will be on a trip until the 25th- hope to see wonderful things for you when I return

  • A big patch of wise love--and you are a poet!!! Love it!

  • Hi Grngychick, I haven't read thru all the posts and don't have a lot of background on your situation. I did read that there's someone that you want to be with and (I think) someone is starting trouble. I have been thru similar circumstances, recently. Here's what I can offer based on my experiences. You are strong. Stop listening to other's nonsense (lies.) Get to your quiet place because sooner or later everyone needs to listen to their inner voice. Realize who you are and do what makes you happy. Don't feel oppressed, express creatively. Sometimes whatever side you take is the wrong side. I hope things change for the better.

  • Hi gchick,

    How are you doing? What's going on?

    The leaves were beautiful in Pa. Caught the last of them...Pennsylvania seems to be a very spiritual area.

    I hope beautiful things are beginning to happen for you. Please let us know how you are doing.

    Thank you Blmoon for your positive energy.

  • We would all feel very privileged to be able to offer comfort and any help you may need, but we do require a tiny bit more information. If you could tell us the short version of the long story, it would help tremendously.

    Blessings & Peace

  • Hey everyone, I appreciate the kindness you all have given to me. Nothing has really improved on my end yet. I have done several tarot readings on my situation and the outcome is always the same, there is nothing going on between them. No Child. No Secret Affair or Engagement...It says, they're both single and the woman lied because she still mad at me for happened in the past between us...I'm trying to move on from that situation because i knew it was a lie. You can always tell when someone is lying, when they change the subject constantly and talk down to you in the process while trying to tell you news...you know darn well, that person is full of it. Now, i'm waiting for an apology and the truth now. You can only hold to guilt for so long ya know. I'm not sure what kind of hope i have right now. ..I have been feeling really depressed as of late. ..Well, i hope everybody else is doing well. Thanks again.

  • Hey g!! Nice to see you again!

    One day a woman was walking and walking....she noticed as she walked that was something in her shoe making her uncomfortable and pricking her. Instead of taking a moment to take her shoe off and remove the stickler, she continued walking, in pain and uncomfortable.

    ...to suffer needlessly.

    The art of letting go does not happen easily. I was in situation where a friendship cost me a great deal of pain for 2-3 years because of my not wanting to let go. I found though...that once i did let go a healing took place...my life went on and I now have more happiness because of the way things turned out. I learned so much from the situation...but I had to let go of it to fully understand the big picture.

    You may in a place similar...dont wait for apologies....leave it and let your peace return to you., and things will eventually become clear to everyone.

    In my present relationship, I had a very difficult time for about a year and half learning to let go of past hurt and to learn to trust again. Some of the fears I had were unfounded, and I look back now and see what I put my love through. But even so, the ground for truth was laid, the foundation for a relationship built on honesty was created, and we both know that we love each other enough not to jeopardize this relationship.

    It is my hope that you can leave behind all that is hurtful, and be happy and at peace. Do not listen to those who would hurt you with their words, do not even spend another moment with them at this time. Take yourself away from the situation far enough to see it clearly and take time to heal your spirit.

    Thank you for coming back and letting us know how you are doing.

    Check out some relaxing beautiful music on you-tube.

    Give yourself those few moments of filling your soul with something good.Search the music out until you hear something that makes you physically relax

    May love and peace be with you G.

  • Just checking in since it is the thread i started, so i'm allowed, right?

    How is everydone doing? I have missed you all.

    Myself, not so well. I recently just lost the man I have been fighting for the past 8 yrs to someone else. This person didn't even fight, go through hell much less lose everying in the process like i did. I'am truly devastated right now because this wasn't supposed to happen. We are still in the Mercury RX....so maybe, just maybe...this relationship won't workout. We have the Venus RX coming up too which will make relationships very diffcult esp if your still attached to the past lover. Just one bad thing after another it seems. I'm really sad right now. I prayed everyday for months that i wouldn't lose him again & that were going to finally get back together..I guess my prayers fell upon deaf ears because nobody listened. I lost him now. =(...

    Thanks for listening.

    Love you, All.

  • Dear G,

    My dear Ggirl....it is you who chose to stay in this cycle of torment...ignoring all here who have tried to help you move on, to let go of the desire within yourself to choose a man who will leave you...over and over again.

    There is a reason you couldnt let go

    To let go means to you,

    in YOUR head,

    that YOU accept you are not worthy to love.

    Understand this!

    That is why you refused to let go of this person.

    Your fear of not being worthy

    keeps you spinning in the same circle.

    Now when this guy tires of his latest fling...guess where he's going?

    Right back to you.

    And you will think..Oh he loves me!! he came back!!

    For the 9th year

    And when he knows he can get what what he wants from you, he will stay and get what he wants until he gets bored

    And then he will find another piece of arss to play with

    Im sorry...but this is what the reality is

    Dammit it G, wake up! You are worth living a much better life with happiness!

    With much love, I ask the angel Uriel to come to you and assist you to open your eyes and bring clarity to you, and bring to you the realization that you wasted 8 years of your love and life to someone who doesnt give a squat.

  • Hi gchick

    amen patchlove

    gchick I hope you spend the next 8 years on worthier causes such as getting to know your own self and the beauty within you as well as the self confidence to let everyone see that beauty. And treat you with respect.

    xx paddi

  • Patchlove, you do not have my consent to pray for me. You are very disrespectful to my emotions. No, i will not move on. I love this man..This thread is now closed.

  • Prayer is not something that you control g

    It is a motion of love

    and a gift

    and if you do not love yourself enough

    to want the best for yourself in terms of peace

    and happiness

    then love must find a way to help you

    love doesnt give up

    if you choose to ignore it

    it will still be there

    if you choose to deny it

    it will be still be there

    No one respected your emotions more than the people who have given you the gift of caring on this site

    take the blindfold off g and let the light in

    You are holding on to darkness

    and as one who lives in the dark on a continual basis...you will eventually become permanently blind to the needs of your own soul

    how you spend your remaining years is your choice

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