Looking for a psychic or maybe something to help me..

  • Grungychick,

    I have ask spirit to help clairifield which Aunt in whom is on the other side. The aunt I got is given as a woman that had light hair in her youth and perhaps blue eyes, she was girly and liked dress'es or to dress and look her best is what Iam given for you, she had a small dog around her.

    Yes, dear the person calling you from 3 yrs back is a bit out of the ordinary, yet when I touch into this on a spiritual level , it means that what she had to say to you about the past , is just that now in the past and I do believe you have changed and are still in the process as we all are for as long as we live on this earthplane. Sometimes, we are remined in cruel ways by others just have far we have grown away from them and how we were THAN.

    You are to not let what was said to scar your soul, but to look within and know that you have so much more to offer now and when the right man enters into your life , the past melts into the future and you blossom from it into a beautiful woman that is capable of helping others to heal and in so doing with be blessed with the love of your life with a C in his first or last name.


  • Shuabbly, the only man i want in my life is the man I have been trying to get back together with for the last 7 yrs. I don't want anyone else. The man does have a C as the second or third letter in the last name. His name starts off with an A. I know in my heart and soul i'm meant to be with this guy here. Despite with what others tell me. This man has auburn long hair with hazel eyes. He is tall too. I know in my heart i'm meant to be with him. ..I know who the aunt is. It's my aunt lisa. Although, i don't think she has a dog though. Thanks for helping me.

  • Hey shuabbly, one question to ask. Does my aunt have a son or a daughter she left behind? My aunt Annie had a son named Malcolm and my aunt lisa has a daughter named Amber. Does any of this sound familiar here? If not, then what side is my aunt from then. My dads or My Moms. thank you for helping me.

  • Hello friends,

    I would like to say, today it is easier to make a psychic connection than ever before, mainly due to the internet. The internet has made finding a qualified online psychic not only easier, but more effective. In the past there were many towns and cities that were devoid of any psychic presence. Eventually telephone psychics yet the information and feedback related to these psychics was tough to find. With the internet you can research the credibility and customer feedback of just about any online psychic.

    Thanks a lot

    Hersal Gibs

  • You have been bringing up the psychic who what how question for awhile now. Glad to see you are gathering enough knowledge to form a strong opinion. Good for you, friend. That's the nature of forums--free and full of opinions. Here people can play on the fence--not quite ready but somehow so attracted but then there's that ego factor---the don't want to be a fooled factor. Or a fear of being an open book--they want to know but don't. This is not magic. I am not here to prove or feed my ego although servivng does feed my spirit. If a person wants a reading they will get best results if there is faith involved and are OPEN to receive. As for the internet creating more psychics that is only half true---it created an avenue for communication. Every town has had psychic people--not all set up shop! They live out their lives serving and are often called upon by local people who know them. Really, it's the law of attraction. To each of us is a world--according to our energy input. The law of energy says were we focus most is what grows or manifests. So, if we are not at all into spiritulism or psychics but say collecting coins then our world will be void of any psychics that may be in town--BUT we will know where all the coin collections are! Anyone who gives a read here can have their name clicked on and a total stranger can read everything they ever wrote and decide if they feel a connection or not. My advice in the past to your other questions about finding a good psychic is to go to a spiritual church or camp. The best psychics there are usually a Reverand AND the best are usually always booked up. Just ask--who's your most popular and expect to have to make an apointment or wait if you drop in. And expect to pay at least fifty dollars for the shortest time--usually that goes in fifteen minute increments. It's been years since I had one and it was seventy five and she was excellent. I did have a psychic medium for ten years when I was younger--she was a God send and I loved her very much. I also had a friend growing up whoes mother was a medium and traveled out of our all catholic town to give readings at a church. So, I can tell you that mediums are there if you are meant to need one. Eventually I became self sufficiant enough not to need to pay for reading AND for those who are always looking looking looking it is not recommended to seek a reading more than every six months--the most reputable ones will hand you that written down wisdom of advice before you buy. So, if you are seeing someone who is urging you to keep coming back for more---question their motivations! I went for my reading on my birthday--the same as my psychic's----and if it was a very troubled year I went again in six months but otherwise you are not listening as spirit will give you what you need for at least 6 months and longer. I have wasted money on many psychics who did not give me a thing but really they did because that was spirit saying it was time to use my own gifts. Here's my truth---all the messages you need are not being held by a service----the truth is that angels come in the form of strangers and spirit is all around us everyday----there are signs and intuitions that come everyday--we all have that available to us--it is a matter of religion not magic. Pray---and you will hear the answer. The problem is that what we need and what we want don't always match. I alays advise people to resist any desperate energy when searching for answers. Desperation and fear are the worst energies for receiving clarity. Desperation will attract the predators--just the law of the jungle. Unfortunetly, those are the emotions that motivate people to ask ask ask. The core issue is feeling safe--that even in a bad looking situation--it is all good and this too will pass. One has to do the work of faith and have patience and understand that growth and lessons that give the most reward are often the most trying and difficult to get through. A good psychic will only tell you what will lead you towards healing and even if you get the news you didn't want to hear it will be something that will move you towards AWARENESS. A psychic opens the door to a room you already own but it has been kept in the dark. What I loved about my psychic is she prepared me for events I may have gotten overwhelmed by but didn't because I was prepared. I gathered the skils--she was the training wheels. Why do I come here? Because Spirit asked me. I do not come here everyday---I only give when spirit speaks up. The gift comes through me not from me--I have no power other than my gift to hear and relay messages. Every psychic is different. I am a medium. As well as intuitive and can give energy. This open line also includes receiving and absorbing as well so no you will not see me here all the time. Some psychics only hear--I hear and see picturs--anyone who has read my reads will know that I throw out a lot of images. The key is not to let myself get into thinking mode as it can influence what I see versus what I THINK I see. A good psychic has to not gt attached to being right--just put it out there. I know from my own expierience my psychic gave me info I thought was wrong or confused only to have it come up years later. So I don't get attached to pleasing as much as just being open to whatever comes. When I read your post the image I received was of a very tall large woman in a crisp neat dress--deep in thought--always kind of far away in thought and below her a small child barely to her knees tugging on her dress--tugging tugging but the woman doesn't notice. BLESSINGS!

  • So i think I have clarity of my situation through my dreams, although...when i was told the news from the female i wanted nothing to do with, i always questioned it because she kept bringing up the past with me. This took place on-line..not through e-mail, face to face or phone. Sometimes you have to send guess yourself if people are really telling you truth. She knew my feelings for the guy i was trying to get back together with. She knew my weaknees and hurt me with inforamation for her personal gain. From what i gather from second hand info from a person who knows her, is that she works in a donut shop and lives in Canada. She has a cat and lives with another man, whom she is engaged too. This man couldn't give her children...Now, it's possible she could of taken a trip into the US and visited the guy i was trying to get back together with for a few days. My dreams saw a secret affair between them. It's also possible too, she could of became pregnant too..my dreams see her having a mis-carriage because of her own health problems. They didn't see any rings being placed on any fingers though. The guy can barely support himself. So how could he afford a ring for her..so it's not possible. They are so far apart from each other. Plus, she has another man at home. Basicially, i think my female ex-friend here, just used the man i was trying to get back together with. She doesn't love him.

  • Good for you! Once the emotion runs it course clarity comes. And this month especially brings extra clarity with dreams. Tomorrow's full moon will bring really vivid dreams--so ask your higher self your guides now for answers that they come to you within your own power. Just be patient if they do not make sense all at once. I myself am still chewing on the dreams from last night! Trust they will be understood. Hope you don't mind I responded but your vibe felt warmer--more settled and full of hugs! BLESSINGS!

  • grungychick

    In answer to this question:

    Hey shuabbly, one question to ask. Does my aunt have a son or a daughter she left behind? My aunt Annie had a son named Malcolm and my aunt lisa has a daughter named Amber. Does any of this sound familiar here? If not, then what side is my aunt from then. My dads or My Moms. thank you for helping me.

    As a clairvoyant reader all I get are pictures at times and voice messages to help me with the readings I do. I can not dig deeper just because I do not wish to at this time. You have had the honor of many wonderful psychics here on this site giving you good readings and advice only to reject them at this time. You are venting your anger at life and not being able to control it at this point to the way you want it it be. Word Up ! Life is to be lived through the up and downs to find our way to the best pathway we can walk, that means we don't always get the person we want and only God knows why. Perhaps he has someone better if we let go and receive. I wish you healing and finding love on a more stable and mutual level in your future. I will not answer any futher questions.


  • hey blmoon, does any of what i stated sound even right or even come close. I didn't mean to get with angry with you the other day. I don't mind you answering my post. I wasn't in a clear state of mind yesterday. I believed you picked up on my negative vibes and wasn't seeing the clear picture because my negativity was in the way.

    Shubbly, again thank you. I understand if you don't want to help me with anymore questions. I'll figure everything out on my own.

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  • I also think I'm being put through a test from the universe right now to see if i would still have feelings for someone who hurt me. I have been through a lot with this man over the past yrs. Here is the thing, if he didn't love or care about me..He wouldn't of kept coming back to me after every break-up he had with other women. Even when he was with someone, I was always the woman on his mind. He never really broke up with me either. He just walked on...because I never got closure from him...i had always thought that me and him would get back together again. I still believe we will. The universe is testing me right now. I believe i'm going through one more test here before i'm officially with him again and hopefully it turns into a happy ending this time around, when the test is over. I feel strongly about this... i do.

  • I do believe the truth will revealed to me in visions and dreams. If i do find out it was indeed a lie that was planned for awhile to hurt me. I'm not going to be pleased that is for sure. I'm not ruling this out either. Although, i still pick up they had secret affair...Anything beyond that. I do not see rings here. I still believe she will have a miscarriage. if she is truly pregnant.. In the past, the guy i love got somebody pregnant while in high school but the that girl lost the baby. I would also like to state that i had dreams showing the guy i loved having secret affair and woman said, she wanted to ruin my life..she knew what to do..was by seducing the guy i love. Although, i didn't pay much attention to the message of the dream...I thought it was just my negativity bringing this bad dream to me. It turns out, the dream was a warning to me. Dreams do indeed carry messages. but in the end, the guy always came back to me. He was sad though and felt ashamed for what he did to me. He told me, he didn't want to lose me and that things were going to change...After that, i never received anymore messages.

  • This case has been solved now. The ex-friend of mine whom i haven't spoken too in about three yrs has been living in Canada this whole time. She never left Canada to visit Michigan. She lives with another guy and works at a donut shop. So basicially it turns out i was right all along. It was a lie to hurt me. No, i'm not lying here. That's what i feel and see right now. How anyone saw differently is beyond me right now. Even the tarot reader was wrong too. The tarot reader never really gave me a clear answer anyways. My vision told me to check a website and i did...My case is solved now. I believe i still have hope to be with the guy I have trying to get back together with for the last seven yrs. i feel better and now i can move forward from this lie and be stronger like never before and never let my guard down again. Thanks to all who helped me. 😃

  • I have kept my mouth shut through this thread but I am really curiois to know why on earth you are wasting your time trying to get together with someone who has treated you so badly over the past 7 years and yet you still believe you are made for eachother??? There are si many other great guys out there, so many more exciting things to make your life mission. Does this guy have to beat you within an inch of your life before you realise you are being used and sbused and taken advantage of and that in reality he is not interested in your love AT ALL?

    Note this is not a psychic insight. The psychics who have been good enough to try and help you are probably shaking their heads.


  • Paddifluff

    just thinking of you! I am always interested in how people come up with their screen names---as a psychic rolling through the crowd--I cringe--I laugh---I want to scream sometimes oh honey please put on your "crown". Just wondering--do you as well ever notice screennames with any thoughts--or completely detached? I try but I notice them and see meaning. Of course as a writer I so am cognazant of the power of "word". Yours is balanced--part strong and part soft--great place to be--it brings a smile!

  • Hi Blmoon you give so much of yourself, you are so kind, it must be tiring. Yes I am a linguist and translator so words are my metier as well and I always wonder about screen names. I am okay, after perusing a number of psychic sites today I wonder if one should learn to use the tarot properly and earn a fortune answering relationship questions. I think I will stick to healing, no doubters accuse me of lying and far much more personal satisfaction, as of yet no bucks but that is not why I do it.

    My name is Paddy for the Irish side and Fluff because that is what my hubby sometimes calls me he says I am all soft and fluffy.

    Hugs to you, P

  • Paddifluff,

    I take what you said as a personal attack. You don't know me or the the reasons as to why I hang onto this guy. I'm sure the psychics here are saying, it's good this woman is figuring the truth out through visions and dreams.

    Just remember the truth lays within' ourselves. Nobody really has the answers except yourself. If you believe your being lied too, then you have to tune into that emotions and figure out as to why you were lied too... People usually imply words out of anger because of their own unresolved issues with you. That's what i believed happened to me.

  • grungy you are right I do not know the reason which is why I asked based on what you wrote, if you read back.

    Honey it is your life to enjoy or not enjoy. I hope at least that airing it here has given you some release.


  • Hi everyone! :)))) I may not be a reader or a psychic like these talented ladies here but I hope to spread some happiness, light and love to everyone here. And grungychickI hope you find happiness and light and lets just all get along we are all here to help. By the way paddi, I agree-I hope it has given you some release 🙂

    Love light and blessings

  • Grungychick--If you had a question you needed insight on at this point, what would it be. I'll try a reading for you. Celtic cross.

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