Looking for a psychic or maybe something to help me..

  • I'm having a bit of dilemma here. I was told some things last sunday night out of the blue. I'm left confused and hurt, wondering if any of which was said to me was true. I want to consult a psychic about it, i'm afraid i will end up hurt. Does anyone know of some good ones..that won't hurt you anyways? I honestly don't know what to do right now. I do not have a clear mind to ask my tarot cards questions either. That's how hurt i' am right now. Thanks in advance.

  • There are plenty of psychics here who will help you for free. Just state your problem and maybe give your birthdate and/or a photo so that we can tune into your vibes.

  • Hey, the captain. My situation is really complicated though. I'm feeling rather depressed and lost right now. I don't think you would pick up any good vibes from me.

  • What can we do for you?

  • hey thecaptain, my situation involves two other people. Would you need their pictures and birthdates or Just mine? Thank you

  • Not sure where this fits in but it is strong so throwing it out there. I see a baby coming or at least the news of it ---this baby changes something big time for a circle of people---also see a man--ring on finger holding up hand of one woman AND has a hand holding another woman. An extramaritial affair? A dividing of hearts? This is either directly influencing you or close enought to you to affect you.

  • blmoon, it was a lie to hurt me. I have asked others of my situation who knows them. They told me it was a lie to hurt me because of what happened in the past. I'm pretty sure that's not what you see here. I rather you not hurt my feelings here. I'm looking for clarity and hope right now. If you can't give that to me, then don't answer. thank you.

  • Sorry you felt my answer hurt you. Clarity AND hope are not always the same pretty picture. I have no malice and trust spirit would never encourage me to hurt someone. You asked and I gave you exactly what I saw and told you I had no idea where it fit in--but when you ask psychics for their impressions--that's what you will get and it is your free will to take or toss. You are angry and I doubt it has anything to do with me and I will make a note never to respond to you again As you wish!. BLESSINGS!

  • blmoon, your right i' am angry. I'm tired of being lied too. What happened last sunday was a plot to hurt me with lies. Plus, i never stated my situation or even post a picture yet. I know psychics can be wrong too. I'm going with my gut here, that's not what you really see here. You only gather this info because i'm in a unstable state of mind right now. thanks anyways.

    Perhaps, somebody else will give me clarity and hope. Not hurt me in the process.

  • This thread is now closed. I'll find my truth out another way.

  • grungychick

    I'm a psychic reader on this site when time allows me to be.

    I feel that you already know the truth in the matters of the heart. Not to worry is what I get from an Aunt it feels like that has passed over and is watching over you at this time. You have perhaps held on to long to a situation that you should have released a year ago, in hopes that things would turn your way and you could create a happy ending for those involved.

    Dear if we do not let go when we are suppose to, than the universe will assist us and make us see the light through others actions and words. I feel this is what has happened to you.

    You will heal and when you do people will be surprised as to how happy you will become. It will take you a whole year to regain balance and make changes, but you will do so because you are strong enough to want to take time for yourself and heal and become a better person for doing so. I even feel you becoming a teacher of sorts for younger women to talk to, like a life coach.

    You in your healing process will move house and even change your appearence, you will just look and feel better and better. You will join a group that will help you deeply in recovery. Spiritual group is what I feel for you.

    If you have any questions that I can help you with than please send them along.

    Please light green and yellow candals for yourself in the evening and put them around your bathroom to look at and pray for help and guidence at this time.

    Also use sea salt in your bath to clear negativeity away from your thoughts. Ask for AA Michael to walk with you and protect you from negative thoughts and people and also ask AA Raquael to assist you in healing.

    I will pray for you also,


  • TRUTH: Seeing things as they are and not as you want them to be.

  • There is no light for those who choose to remain in the darkness

    blmoon, and captain, it was kind of you to offer your assistance.

    I wonder if grungygirl feels that way about herself.....using the term "thread" denotes she has been here before

    and was seeking not truth, but seeking to lash out

    You have no control over your situation grungy, so you seek to have it here in wild desperation. There will be things in life we have no control over...but how we react to them is always our choice. I think I heard that bit of wisdom here.

    Light and love will not find you unless you ask with a humble heart and honest motivation, not emotion driven by hatred and fear.

    I hope you come back...not in arrogance, but with humility not in fear....but seeking kindness and compassion as a gift ,with real gratitude

    You will not have many more chances

  • Shuabby---beautifully said!!!! You understand hope! It is the place we usually do not see until we are LOW enougth to look up! I just knew a loving energy would follow. And Watergirl----yes that truth thing bites (hate the message kill the mesanger--or at least run over her withe a big Buick) but also--sets us free. AND don't I know---I pulled the Be Honest With yourself Card enought the last few weeks---so hate that card! yet it always precedes a grand opportunity for big change and healing--exactly as Shauby describes. Finally---I listened to my shadow-- and the card stops coming up a whole week finaly and I know exactly what I must do and am wearing my big girl pant eees as I speak---now I pull the card and it aplauds INNER POWER!


  • Shaubby and watergirl...I was writing while you were posting...

    you are all much more mature in wisdom than I...and much more gracious...

    true love is your motivation

    I stand down and committ the rest to grace and what is best

  • Hello Patchlove--we must have been typing away at the same time! AND this card is for somebody---maybe me? As I remember when posting earlier my logic side--said ---that makes no sense but then the psychic side said--stop thinking--just put it out there! Maybe that's every intuitives card! I almost want to add--be brave!

  • TOO FUNNY! We just did it again!

  • 🙂

  • Well shabby, i do appreciate the kind thoughts. Yes, i believe the truth lays with myself. Hmm. My aunt has passed over. I know one is dying right now. Is the Aunt that passed named Annie? She was living in Florida. We never heard from Annie since then. I wanted to be a teacher.. Something to do with children. There are cruel people in this world who like to hurt others. I've had hope on getting back together with someone soon. Some people will do anything to make you suffer because of what actions that were taken in the past. I feel like somebody used my emotions and the guy i was trying to get back together with as my weakness to hurt me.

    Patchlove, i wasn't lashing out at anyone. I'm sorry if it came off as that way. I'm just emotionally hurt right looking for hope and clarity in my situation. I know deep down what was said to me was lies to hurt me. The way it was said, was cruel and planned out. They keep changing the topic alot...This person kept bringing up the past with me. I haven't even spoke to this person in about 3 yrs and out of plain sight she sends me an im on yhoo trying to hurt me. Don't you even find this to be a little bit on the strange side esp when i wanted nothing to do with this person.

  • Shuabby,

    Has this Aunt passed on recently or has she been gone for awhile? My aunt lisa was in bad shape. She had a bad heart. My cousin was supposed to call this weekend and hasn't yet...so i'm wondering if my aunt lisa passed away this weekend. Kinda left confused here.

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