Learning tarot.

  • My question is, is it best to learn how to use them yourself? i mean tarots card for yourself

    Is the tarot. con that reliable?

  • Done a love celic cross reading too,

    ! four of cups,

    " Queen of swords

    Ā£ Wheel of fortune

    Four Nine of wands

    5 Nine of coins

    6 Four if swords

    7 Ten of swords

    8 The chariot

    9 Knight of swords

    10 The moon

    11 Three of swords.

    can you help here .. to answer this much appreciation and blessings.

  • Hey Scully,

    Congratulations on diving into the Tarot, you are entering a wonderful realm of self-discovery and illumination for your life. I am still learning so much. I started out with the Caselli deck and the little book that came with that, it was a beginners deck and book:

    That was how I started. Actually I started with a deck of regular playing cards and was reading them as angel numbers, did that for a while before I ever was even aware of the tarot. I have been working with the Tarot since last Christmas so I am still very much a beginner.

    Do you have some sort of a book now? That is all you need. Or you can find meanings for the cards all over the web. Tarot.com is a wonderful resource, there is so much out there, you can't go wrong. Follow your heart, heaven will lead you perfectly.

    Here is my take on your spread:

    1 Queen of swords - you are very much interested in the Tarot and ready to use your sharp mind to discover your answers with help from above. This Queen means business and you are ready to learn, learn, learn - whatever it takes to find your answers, right? Good for you.

    Wheel of fortune - Your life is going through a transition something has caused you to want to dig deeper into your life situation and this challenge is prompting you to look in directions you haven't tried before. This is your challenge to step up and do the work you need to do in order to learn.

    Nine of wands - Your hope is that you can come out victorious in your life, having learned what you need to, and although you have gone through some painful situations, you come out very wise and strong for it.

    Nine of coins - Your past situation was comfortable and you thought it would stay that way. It didn't. Now you are feeling some struggles and ready to take the bull by the horns and find peace and strength again.

    Four if swords - This shows that you also have recently experienced something that stopped you in your tracks, causing you to pause in your life journey, take a deep breath, and ask "what in the world is going on with my life, and WHY?" This energy is pushing you to investigate new paths of learning. All is being orchestrated by heaven for you.

    Ten of swords - What you are learning will come in handy in your upcoming future as you contend with anything of a painful nature. You are wanting to learn the Tarot and you are wanting to be the strongest most resilient person you can be. No matter what life throws at you.

    The chariot - Your upcoming environment will be a lot different than what you have experienced. What you will learn in the Tarot will be used in your life to help others, and I see this as a wonderful life path for you where things really take off, You are ready to reach out to others and help in any way you can.

    Knight of swords - You have helpful influences around you, resources are at your disposal, the web, books, perhaps even some friends who are very supportive of your efforts.

    The moon - You are very emotional and have a lovely mystical side to yourself, and you desire with all of your heart to understand yourself, and thereby be in a place to really help those around you.

    Three of swords - Ultimately you will become very proficient and wise as the Universe instructs you beautifully, I see you in setting in life where you are able to put your wisdom to work comforting and instructing others who are going through painful life situations.

    I hope that gives you something to ponder!

    Love and light.

  • I am more than ready to learn now.. I just done a cxelic cross to get a wider understanding.. if you don't mind?

    1, Seven of swords


    3, Tree Coins

    4,Knight of coins

    5, Two of swords

    6, Four of swords

    7, Nine of coins

    8, Ace of cups

    9, Hanged man

    10, seven of cups

    11, Knight of cups

    Last till i learn it.. but i have already the feel i am understandingly it more already.

  • I am more than ready to learn now.. I just done a cxelic cross to get a wider understanding.. if you don't mind?

    1, Seven of swords


    3, Tree Coins

    4,Knight of coins

    5, Two of swords

    6, Four of swords

    7, Nine of coins

    8, Ace of cups

    9, Hanged man

    10, seven of cups

    11, Knight of cups

    Last till i learn it.. but i have already the feel i am understandingly it more already.

    Love light

  • Hi Scully - okay!

    Let's check it out. Now, are you trying to interpret too? You should come up with your own interpretation and see how that compares with mine, or someone else.

    Also, it helps my to know what each card's position means, like "situation", "past issues", "future" etc. It seems everyone has a different order of the cards, so I can only fall back on the order I use out of habit.

    You are identified as a person who is trying to make a choice over something intellectual, You have been weighing a matter out and trying to get a sense for the best path here. I sense that it is something financial

    The situation is causing you to rethink your approach to life, at least in this area You are willing to change, move, do whatever to get moving again in a better direction.

    The direction appears to require some planning on your part financially before you can move ahead.

    You are really wanting someone to help you in this matter, someone you can depend on, and trust, You are weary of having to go it alone. Where os this person I hear you saying.

    You had some past experiences that really closed you off from others, something that was perhaps the start of this material and securtity matter, a home you long for caused some pain as you wanted to see that come in to your life. You pulled back and it has been hard to open up, trust again.

    Most recently, your closing yourself off has kept you apart from others, you do now want to play the same games anymore. You are consciously doing a better job of analyzing your options and deciding the path best for you.

    Coming up soon, is a renewed start in this home and material matter. Like at last! It finally works and you are so relieved. Something you have been really wanting for a long time at last is appearing on the horizon.

    And, this also comes with something maybe you weren't expecting, a very wonderful love life that is sure a lot better than the black you had back there. This is an amazing development and I am seeing how surprised you are, like. "me? me? You are talking to me?" You are crying and very happy that Cupid did not forget you.

    Others see you in a new light soon. They are lifewise floored over how well you have presevered through a LOT of pain and agony trying to hold to a positive outcome for your life. She has turned around, and come full circle ! I hear them saying. You are impressive to them.

    Your hopes and fears seem mostly centered in this love issue, at least you have a sense it could turn into something, and you are cautiously optimistic. However you are also remaining on your guard until you "see the money". not sure what that means lol.

    and everything works out very beautifully for you, the material home issues are resolved, and you have a beautiful Knight in your life who dearly cares for you and loves you. Your fondest hopes and dreams are realized and you are so happy.

    What do you think scully? Should we still "trust no one" or do you "want to believe?" šŸ™‚

    You have the gift. Why don't you try giving me a reading. here are some cards on me to work with.

    1. My recent past - Page of Wands

    2. My present situation - Three of Pentacles

    3. My near future - Ace of Cups

    Peace and blessings Scully! Tell Fox I said hello! šŸ™‚

  • Thats like wow,Asta, so hit the nail on the head, in so many ways.

    I did wonder last night if putting meaning to each card would help in understanding the meaning more.

    !, Foundation-Seven of wands

    2, Recent Past - Death

    3, Situation Three of coins

    4, Self - Knight of coins

    5, Challenges/opportunities - Two of swords

    6, Near Future - Four of Swords

    7, Blocks and Inhibition - Nine of coins

    8, Allies - Ace of Cups

    9, Advice - Hanged man

    10, - Long Term Potential, Seven of Cups

    11, Higher Power - Knight of cups.

    Thats how i should do it, yes there is a lot of need for love in the respect of friends not just the romatic side, yes i would like it.. i have been hurt recently, all was not as it seemed, when i read that i did have tears.. because i wanted so much for it to be more, because the instant connection at first yet i know the truth, i still miss the friend side..

    Love it you got why i use sully and awful you know my password i use :0

    I want to trust and yes believe, oh will say hi to fox from you OK!

    I will get the cards and do that reading for you

    Thank you so much, Love and Blessings AstraAngel.

  • I have ordered the book and cards from Amazon.. have wait delivery.. but im get feel now.

    I feelguilty right now can you tell why?

  • You feel guilty? Was that related to ordering the cards? A lot of people believe that Tarot cards should be a gift. I have received a few as gifts and bought a lot of other. I don't think it matters. It matters when it matters to you! So that was my first thought on the guilt thing (so, no guilt there, and I am excited that you ordered them! THat is awesome!)

    Secondly, I looked back over what you were sharing in that last post of yours, about the recent relationship that went belly up. And I drew

    Five of Cups and Strength

    So I wonder that you harbor some guilt that you did something to cause the relationship to end, like, something you said that you wish you hadn't said? Again, it is in the past, you learned a lot, forgive and move on. Wish this person every possible happiness. šŸ™‚

    (so, again, no guilt there, all is well at this point. šŸ™‚

    The only other possibility is that Fox tried to share his discovery about another alien saucer sighting, and you poo-pooed him by explaining it was simply swamp gas. And you feel guilty about that. (so all you have to do is go back to Fox an tell him you changed your mind and that you also 'believe' now šŸ™‚

    or, is it something else? šŸ˜‰

    Peace and blessings to you Scully!


  • No nothing to feel guilty about doing tarot.. im looking forward to learning them.. cant wait and to enhance my physic side.

    I had what i say was meant to be, find out the truth about the guy i just clicked with.. he was married after all. i did not listen to my gut when told me one day.. just got on so well. missed that.

    I message his wife and left sort innuendo message, she got back yesterday, ask if i got right person.. i just said where work, he on your friends list, relationship he has with his two kids since divorce, and name dog as i see her on webcam.

    I feel guilty now as this not her fault, its most part his and mine too. she want to know how met, i just said on-line.. aver no sorry. She wants to know now when start and last time we met. I feel now it best not to reply, well i been advised not too.. cause it wont help or stop there will it?

    Yet my gut say just say late last year ended middle this year?

    Pat me gets this guy that what does me in.. i forgive him and lie in my bed.. just perhaps left missus out.. i have learnt from it and that's what's important for me, i don't waste time been angry, just hope he happier now daughter back in touch after eight years.. see he start opening up to me, then i blow it later on.

    Fox well he can trot cant he he he

    Love light.

  • Astra,

    Think i finally got it.. My relationship with him was wanting someone with immediate connection.. i got it but it was for me to learn my issues and wrong round about love and intimacy , friendship latter in last sense as he i wanted us be exception to the rule..friends you dont have sex with! deep down my principles knew that.

    I did have one day a gut feel that said he married and using you, i did not listen.. so i am part to blame too. but i loved the connection and how could be me.. but was i really be me.. no.. cause ive grown stronger over time, and he helped on my path. I will confess i still think there,s some warped strange connection, just get him and he does me at times.. i know weird.

    still waiting tarots to arrive OK, not forgotten your reading , iv got to do.

    Love blessings


  • Oh what post gone oh no

  • Hi scully21

    Well, you are listening to you heart I can tell. Perhaps your connection to him is more of a heavenly one, like soul mates, something of a higher astral level. Heaven will sort it out for you. I am sending you positive energy and good vibes to keep going in faith and trust. Let me know when you receive your cards and we can trade readings!

    Here is a card for you...

    Queen of Pentacles, which sounds like you - very grounded and mature, you have a strong sense about people and can read situations, you love to keep little objects and art of a heavenly nature around you.

    You will love the cards once you receive, this will be right up your alley.

    Blessings and peace to you, I am praying for you and him


  • Hi Astra,

    I have finally received the book and cards.. going to read all first, then i will do that reading OK.

    Love and light

  • I v been reading and have a greater understanding now,

    I get the minor and major arcana cards.

    i give you one card that felt complete right for me in past recent.. Two swords.. refusing to face the reality of your situation what is really going on, because you dont want to be that way,, afraid to get hurt, but have to face it sooner or later.

    Which each set represents and a bit how they co inside with each other.. some of that is on my first gut feeling.

    What iv done here as iv not had time to learn all but wanted to try yours.. base on what iv learnt and gut feeling OK.

    Recent Past, Page of Wands

    You have started a new Venture, and someone has inspired you to do this, also he is assisting you to achieve this. You feel slightly overwhelmed at times, but persistent into it to to get it right.

    Present Situation, Three of Pentacles.

    Now you have set the solid foundations of your endeavour.. there is still much to be done, you feel hesitant at times, whether you have time and energy to see it through.. you will as you know you must to achieve your goal.

    Near Future, Ace of Wands

    Sudden had feel of a new birth maybe the completion of your passionate idea , really got feel of a birth. may be its the completion and it brings you'r new beginning or birth in family maybe a second child for you?

    I dont mind at all tell me the truth if i done really bad there.. like i said i went through,, thought id try on with gut feel too. Already said that : )

    I will let you say instead me straight away ask card reading,, although i do wonder if you can take what has transpired for me in twenty four hours?

    Love light


  • Hey Scully

    I thought your reading was great! I can see every one of those cards and your description in my life, very well done. You are certainly tuning in nicely and should really have no issues at all. Thank you so much for doing that for me it really blessed me and gives me hope! I do have some areas (mostly creative related) that have been a struggle and I was so tickled to see that Ace of Wands show up Yay! Your gut is trustworthy! šŸ™‚

    You will love your cards and they will be a wonderful way that Heaven speaks to you. I see very nice things developing with you and your willingness to order them and get started. That was a step of faith and I salute you!

    I am wishing super positive blessings your way and I know you will have lots of good times with them. Let me know should you have any questions, I am the same as you, only learning... together we'll keep striving for the light!

    Love and blessings,


  • I decided to lay out all the cups and pull one.. seven of cups.

    what your thoughts there?

  • Scully

    The seven cups is a card of emotional dreams, life longings, very aspirational and starry eyes. Can refer to a dreamy love situation, or a longing for an escape in a relationship or love interest.

    That is what I got. So you are dreaming about something new in your emotional life.

    What do you see?

  • Astra,

    I feel i let go of the past,, yet i yield the positive he did bring me forward, into my life now.. .

    I see that one day i will, as i dream get the man i want when im truly good and ready.

  • Hi Astra, How are you doing?

    I just need a little input guidance here.

    I have moved forward in lots of ways, i see that the decided i make now e.g my social interests i like to do i will look into and theu#y may not happen immedialy but i will look when i can start them so they are the stepping stones to my new future, so i have something to look forward to.

    The big issue for me is the amount i have drunk over the years, and i have lesson it over time, i see now there are to reasons now.. just one out of habit of brain thinking like when i finish work id have one eat later, only when im hungry i think like that. im concerned re my health.. and now not feeling well. I would like to adopt a healthier attitude to that, im doing that now.

    This is really my worry, im moving on meant to be, yet iv been thinking of him so much today so strong.. like i need to know where he lives exactly.. and wanted to ask if he hates me now, i contacted his wife.. i shouldn't care, thought i over that. Something not done, is it me , how to i try understand it, or would the cards help. Maybe im just missing someone because i not been feeling great.. i dont know. Im not feeling negative just missing something.

    Love Light Scully : )

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