Reposting lost Pet

  • Just checking before I leave the house...Cocoa leads on where I might find her?

    Windy unsettled weather...please help if you can

  • patchlove

    I feel like she is around trees or a scrub area. She is trying to find her way back, but has stopped to rest in this area. I feel like people feed her but she leaves to head home. has she been gone a week? As this is the time I get for her absense. I do feel she will return to you either someone calls to tell you they have her in their yard after seeing a lost dog notice or she finds her way back home. Please keep us posted.


  • Shaubby, that's wonderful news! This dog isn't mine, but I'm helping someone to find her lost dog who ran away on Monday...just about a week. We drove around a neighborhood for an hour and a half this evening...a couple of people said they saw her...which gave Cynthia hope. This dog is her real companion in life right now,; she lost another dog in passing two weeks ago, so this is devastating to her.

    I met Cynthia when I thought my husband had found the dog she lost. I got so excited when I heard her voice on the other line I completely forgot to ask my husband to look at the dogs picture to confirm. I can tell by the dogs picture that Cynthia is a very loving owner...she has been searching everywhere for Cocoa the minute she gets off work until dark.

    I will pass your message on to will lift her heart. Thank you so much Shaubby.

    May the love you share bless you in all things.

    I feel that there is a reason for this meeting.

    Thanks too to the Captain...and all of you who may help us get Cocoa back home.

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