AstraAngel will it get better?

  • AstraAngel well I decided against driving for over an hour to go to that recent job, it was costing me too much . Somebody called me for an interview next week ....

  • Bright

    Here is what I get for you...

    Four of Swords - you are going to be entering a brief period of rest from the stress of the recent job searching. Take a break, and treat yourself to something fun... (the world card, ...take a short trip, see some movies, and keep flowers around your home... orchids!... relax as much as you can!)


    Five of Swords ... so you this seems to be a period for about a week or two where you will need to guard against feeing down and out... this will pass because


    I drew the Ten of Cups - YAY! Something better comes in a job, something happens in abt a week and a half to two weeks that will set your mind at ease - I want to say a much better job!

    hang in there something better coming.

  • Thank you AstraAngel!

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