Astra Angel, Please help me

  • Hi,

    I am 51 years old and i want to settle down.

    Will Robert (October 12, 1962) serious in his intentions on me? Is he my soulmate?

    Thank you and More power to you, Astra Angel.


  • Hi lovelife

    Let's take a look! I did a five card spread for starters... we'll see where it goes.

    1. Your feelings for Robert - The Hermit - this struck me as odd at first glance. Do you see him as a hermit type? Off in his own world? The sense I am getting is a lot of compassion for this man, and you really want to be at his side, joining him in this journey he is own, he must be a very spiritual man and that has a lot to do with your feelings for him. This is a good time to take a look at this chart...

    10/12/62: His Sun and Mercury is in Libra so he is very balanced, level headed, and with Mercury there he has a gift for making his insights clear about this realm of judgment and equity. He has a keen insight into spiritual matters. He is a great communicator, and you love that about him.

    His Moon is in Aeries so as long as you like a little fiery natured emotional life once in a while, he is your man. This would seem to me to actually be a relief valve to his normally balanced, and very quiet nature. In the right setting he needs to let his emotions run wild, and you could be helping there in some nice ways. So far so good. This ties into the Chiron-Jupier in Pisces also (see below). At times he has some trouble with his feelings also.

    Venus and Neptune in Scorpio. Now I am starting to see why you like him so much, this combination tells me he is a very devoted and committed soul. I am sure you feel this connection with him, and so that is growing day by day. And you are thinking, this is going somewhere, is he the one, is he the one? Neptune adds some dreaminess to this man so his love toward you is of the dreamy kind. Does he like the water? Dreamboat comes to mind. And once this man makes port he will be faithful is what I am seeing.

    Mars and his North Node in Leo - so he is very warm and kind toward you, and this area is also a part of his life calling (north node). So the sense I am getting is that he has identified you in conjunction with his life path and purpose which could be a serious love toward you. I am thinking partnership, he would be willing to melt into you once his trust is complete. This also says that whatever he is feeling right now about his life path will be intense with Mars there. Leos are courageous and kind, strong when they need to be and gentle as a lamb when that is called for. So I can see that his Libra balance and poise is being asked to loosen up and show a more feeling emotional self, and because you are in the picture, I believe he is practicing on you. Sounds nice to me. The longer you stick around the more serious this is going to get.

    Chiron and Jupiter in Pisces. His water nature, feeling, flowing emotions tend to run wild once in a while, however the Chiron there places a painful aspect. I think he has had some difficulty at times letting his emotions and intuitive nature be expressed to you in a natural way. I think he bottles some things up and then lets it all out once in a while. You could be helping to relax and trust you, so that he can show his true feelings in a serene way, and you are there to listen and be receptive to what is trying to say.

    So far I am getting you are very good for him, and that he has identified you in conjunction with his North Node calling and so that makes for a very strong love and fidelity as he learns that he can trust you with everything in his life.

    Now, back to the cards...

    2. His Feelings toward you - The LOVERS - lovelife, is that obvious or what? There really isn't a lot to add. He loves you and is wild about you and for all the reasons we looked at above, I believe he sees you as the "missing piece" he has always looked for. Passion, passion, passion is what I am hearing. You have awakened some part in him he didn't even know was there. Nice... this is one area where he finding to his delight that he can put the scales down and go wild with you. Do you realize that with every minute that is passing this relationship is deepening? At least from his point of view.

    3. The degree of seriousness of his love toward you. The Queen of Pentacles. Pretty serious, he sees you as a lady he can trust and he is willing to let you "own it all" so that he can at last relax and focus on the one area that he has been deprived in his life - true love. He feels like you are someone who is very responsible and cautious in a good way so that appeals to his Libra personality. He wants to build a throne so that he can sit beside you. You can let him pretend he is calling a few of the shots. 🙂

    4. The Soul Mate potential here - The Seven of Cups - This is a card of lovely options, selecting something related to love. I see this as a nice sign that the two of you share a willingness to try things, experiment, and male choices together. This sounds like something very sweet to me. You are bringing all of your toys out in the open and sharing them. Does "Soul Mates" mean you share everything? Then the potential here is off the scale.

    5. Outlook for the two of you - The King of Pentacles - well, well, well. There he is, the matching King for this Queen... Soul Mates? How about Spirit mates, angel mates, two spiritual beings who have known each other from before time began? To see you show up as the Queen of Pentacles and then this outlook card pops up as the mate King of Pentacles says the outlook is as bright as the center of the Sun. Also the Pentacles tells us that there is a common respect between the two of you for material things, you know how to handle your lives materially and that will be real advantage in a relationship.

    From what I am seeing, this looks fantastic! What are you doing tonight? I would over to his place and propose to him. You love him so much, you two should be together, like yesterday.

    Don't let me rush you though. Take your time trying to make up your mind about him. I'll let you have until tomorrow.

    Go for it, you two are meant for each other. Drop me a postcard from whatever love planet you decide to settle on. You are about to be very,very,very happy. 🙂

  • Hi, AstraAngel

    YOU CONFIRMED IT!....Thank you so much....All your description about him is 101% exactly! You are amazing! And thats how I really see him. When I saw him first time, I was trying my best to recall where I met him...he was so familiar and i dont know how many days i have been trying to remember how i have met him....until one time, i met him my dreams...and thats how i knew why he is so familiar to me..even his blue shirt he was wearing....i think its destiny....its fated and I thank you so much, AstraAngel...YOU REALLY ARE AN ANGEL....

    Now, I have piece of mind....I love him so much.......Please bless our relationship...

    More power to you!


  • Dear Heaven,

    please arrange this relationship to arrive at the best, brightest, most beautiful and lovely outcome possible... I pray this overt you.

    I do bless your relationship lovelifebehappy ... keep your faith up for a miracle. Hang in there. 🙂

    And a card for you... the EIght of Wands - which is a card of swiftness, something happening fast here... this is from the Fairy Tarot - "...something will soon change for them... there are good vibrations in the sky, events take a new course. A new horizon is coming... journey, movement, a positive transformation... "

    Keep a suitcase somewhere near you, and be ready to move quick when the door opens. Have faith, follow your heart, heaven will lead you true. 🙂

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