I Would Like To Give Readings

  • To toledo

    Sorry to keep you waiting

    I was looking back over previous request to find yours and WOW .... it was mind boggling. lol. So I will read for you now.

  • This post is deleted!

  • was it really?! oh my! please do tell...

  • The cards are as follows:

    The relationshipis at acrossroad

    It shows you at a place that you are tied to because you are a caregiver

    Recently there was a long journey

    A new life has begun

    Some sort of elevation in statis which the value has not been realized yet

    The problem is with a young woman

    There has been quarrels, jealousy, and infidelity

    Not enough time is being given to essentials

    You should act without delay on your ideas or suggestions

    given to you

    I am sorry the cards are not favorable

    there is an urgent need to look ahead and examine present affairs

    A warning is given as much stress and financial problems cna occur

    Much work with little reward

    Promise will be broken and expected help will not be given.


    This may be a burn out reading from me ..it seems like a left over of the previous reading. Hope so for your sake. It doesn't look good. But I must say that I have worried about readings like this and the response was that I was right. Sorry.

  • hi andrea...i just read what you wrote about ATT Worldnet...so, i will register now. hopefully, it will work out. you are really sweet....

    you wrote that my post was mind bogling...so is that the question is too complicated? or, is it that the answer is?! 🙂 i can make it simpler...if you need me to, ok? thank you...

  • To Toledo:

    Make sure insurance policies are up to date. The loss may insured or expected.

  • thank you for doing this... i'm having a little trouble understanding what you said. maybe it could be a little leftover from the previous one? i'm not sure what any of it means. could you please maybe try again another time? what was mind boggling? i'm just a bit confused...i'm sorry...

  • To Toledo

    I have never gotten such a bad reading... I didn't even want to give it to you. Let's try tomorrow at 6pm it is 10:25 here now. Sory.

    I will sleep on it sometimes a reading will sort itself out when I think it over.

  • okay...thank you...i am a bit a little anxious...i appreciate it! i tried to find you on the chat line...but i couldn't find you. am i in danger? can i just give you my email or something?

  • To toledo...

    Meet me tomorrow in ATT... I'll try a fresh reading for you. Every card I picked to try to get more info was worse...so I stopped.

    your question was really straight forward and I just couldn't

    understand why it came out like that unless that guy is really bad news for you.

    Let me get a good night's sleep and try again. Maybe when I rest it will come to me.

    It has happened for me before.

    Peace and Love...Andrea

  • To Toledo

    My fear is that it is a warning for me!!!

    That is what is truly mind boggling!!!

    My daughter is going on vacation tomorrow. The long journey and the young girl....

    This is what worries me the most.. Please pray that all goes well for my family.

    I am sure my spirit guide would try to warn me if it can and this is the spirit's way of telling me.

    The reading just doesn't fit you.

    It fits me.

    So I'll get with you tomorrow.


  • Hi Andrea Lightgiver - you must be quite overwhelmed with all of this....

    I am unable to join ATT Worldnet as I am in Australia - thank you for the offers.

    I hope your journey is a great one.

  • Dear Andrea my husband and I would dearly love a bus to travel around in next year do you think this is going to be possible?

  • Dear Andrea, I am amazed at what you have taken on with this post, and I feel a tinge of guilt that I may have helped open this can of worms for you with my post asking for assistance. I didn’t read all of the posts, but the sheer volume of it caused me some concern for you. In gratitude for the help you gave me (I’m assuming that was possibly your first reading in this forum, lol), I did a reading simply opening myself to: what it means for you to be on this forum and advising as you are. I have never read for anyone but myself in the past, so I offer you this very humbly, but as always just letting the cards speak.

    I see that you have indeed taken a bold plunge into a world focused on obsessions, self-centeredness, pain and materialism (people seeking release from situations that hold them emotional hostage). This is straining you mentally but you are able, and will continue to be able, to deal with any stress as you have a strong, centered, and decisive mind. It’s clear that you are truly offering up your gifts freely and it is bringing you a deep sense of happiness. You efforts here could hold the promise of material rewards if you were to make such a decision. Most assuredly this will prove to be a rewarding experience for you overall. You will gain much from it - whether that is simply spiritually or if you decide to seek financial rewards as well, it is a decision you will have to make. I do see the indecision about whether to continue on this path. You are surrounded by many seeking truths and your desire to help is strong – but you are dealing with a lot of pain in this process. While you do have a strong, clear mind, you must be careful to keep a balance.

    There is a man who can help you in determining your path forward. He is supportive and optimistic, someone you trust, but at the same time he has the potential to lead you into doubt and fears by influencing you with his own concerns. He may not share the same enthusiasm as you. Overall I have a sense of you as “light in the darkness” (the heart of the matter is the Devil, but you are the Hanged Man – a selfless observer of all that transpires). But you face a decision now, and other than the man I mentioned, I do not see any other influences to guide you, you will need to rely on yourself for the answer – but you will see it clearly in the near future.

    I like to pull a final card when I’ve done an overall reading – sort of an affirmation that my interpretation makes sense. In this case I pulled The Chariot, #7. I probably don’t need to interpret it for you, but obviously it ties in well – you have embarked on a personal journey that at the same time is bringing balance to others, or a general balancing of opposing forces. I personally feel this suggests that you are on a good path that will bring you great success in some form in the future. Given that there were only three Major Arcana cards in the spread, all of the decisions involved should be trifles in achieving your greater goal, or, if you embarked on this journey without a clearly defined goal – one will become evident soon.

    I wish you strength, love and success in your journey Andrea. (On a personal note, with each day I feel a greater sense of excitement, and yet stillness, as I wait for the arrival of “the Fisherman”!) Judy

  • Hi Andrea i had ask you if my friend would be back earlier yesterday? But know what else for me to be looking foward to ? Can you read my cards for me ?

  • thank you andrea!! i am really looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

    i will pray for your daughter and your family...but i have a good feeling. she will be just fine!

    you are an angel to help so many of us who are sad and confused. i hope it doesn't take its toll on you... take care...karen

  • hi andrea...where in ATT are you located? i couldn't seem to find where you are in there! is there like a particular place we go? sorry! 🙂

  • Thank-you for the encouragement. It did'ny matter if is was good or bad it is what it is! I'm amazed but I'm going to accept however things go.

    Thank-you again,


  • Andrea I went to the site you gave but couldn't find what forum you use. I tried tarot and it will bring you back here. I tried Religion/Spirituality. Still nothing, tried you name and it said couldn't be found. I hope others are having more luck.

  • Dear Andrea, I will try your chat room Luana

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