I Would Like To Give Readings

  • Hi Andrea,

    I have several problems I'd like to ask you about. Would you do a reading for me?

    I was a stay at home mom for 33years until I got a divorce 6 years ago. I met someone that I dearly love but he is so (not sure what word to use) Unpredictable is one and Mystery is another one. He has stuck by me several years and even came to visit twice from CA. (I'm on the east coast). We talked about all these plans and things we were going to do but these last couple of months he's drifted almost away. (We were pming 2 to 4 times a day and now it's a week to 2 weeks). I don't feel it's another woman but there is something going on and I'd like to know what it is. I've asked him what he does all this time and he says he's busy. I'm at a loss of what to do. He does owe me some money so maybe that is bothering him. The last time I talked to him he was really upset by the way his family had treated him. His dad is 91 so he takes care of him a lot and his aunt (they are both rich) but when his birthday came up they snubbed him. This is all really upsetting to me. I'm having to take care of my 85 yr old mother, plus try to make a little money, and am still after 6 years having to go to court about alimony (Was getting it through garnishment but he retired so it is being done all over). Take each seperate thing and it will be upsetting but all of it has overwhelmed me. If you can see anything happing good for a change that would be fantastic. I have a lot of esp with certain people (my bf for one) but this has been one I can't understand. If you have a facebook account where we could instant message that would be great. I'm trying to hang on but with all this combined, I feel like I'm at the end of the rope and it's slipping out of my fingers. Thank you for reading. I hope you will hit this right on and things can settle down.


  • Hi Andrea, I agree with Piscesmom35... I hope you are not getting to overwhelmed by the response... I must thank you again... you offering your gift in this manner is truly a blessing and you will be blessed immensely for your unselfish gifts that you are giving...

    Take your time and don't burn yourself out and keep the blessing flowing.

    Light, Love & Blessings


  • Hi Andrea,

    good on you for giving it a go..

    I have 2 questions if you would like to answer...

    1.. what is the main thing blocking me from my full potential that i cannot see..

    and 2...will i be able to keep my property?

    Thanks Andrea,,,,any thing you would like an answer for..please let me know..

    Cheers, Will

  • So.. made an user name just to write here too LOL ----

    if you still do readings, Andrea, give it a try with me.

    So far all readings others did for me in this way like here were way off - I would like to test if it is the same with you.

    So my questions:

    1. I'm starting a new job next week. Is this going to be for a longer time, say a few years, or just a few months before I have to go and search for a different work (for earning a bit extra money) again?

    2. I have a lot of started projects (non-profit) going on the same time and know I'll get them finished bit by bit in the next few months. Questions is: should I really get them finished in physical reality or is this distracting me from my "goal" that I don't even know yet.

    I could add a lot more questions - but these should do.

    Any additional answers on relationship, spiritual development , luck, health and so on are welcomed as well.

    Thank you for spending your time on this. Curious on how this reading will go!

  • Andrea I am online now.. can you tell me if you are around? what is the best time to find you?

    thanks.. i know you are busy but maybe you have time to connect..next time.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I would love a reading but privately on my e mail if possible onlyme@live.ie. hope to hear from you and hope your readings are going well for you.


  • Hi,

    I have 2 very common areas of interest that I could ask you to read on; Love and Work!

    For Love: I'd like to know what you see happening between me (shannonine) and Gary. Do you see any form of reconciliation occurring? If so, how do see it happening and what about time frames. This was a very intense relationship that lasted 7 years, but was dramatically ended 10 months ago.

    For Work: my career is not exactly where i want it. I'm a teacher and that's great, but I'm not teaching where I want to and at the level I want to! How can I break through this impasse? Do I need more education?, should I change location?

    Thank you for your care and interest!

  • Greetings Andrea..... My name is Claire and If you get time to look into my question it would be greatly appreciated. I have met a man from California online, I am a Cali native and have moved to Texas to watch my granddaughter when my daughter is deployed to Iraq in February. My question is, will things work out between us? Will we survive a long distance relationship until I return to Cali? His name is James and he lives in San Jose. Thanks in advance!!

  • Dear Andrea

    My name is Natalie. I've never used the forum before but, suddenly, came across your offer of help. If you find time:

    I'm seing a man for a year and he has deep feelings for me. However, he tells me he is not fit for a relationship because sometimes he feels nothing for me or for anybody else. Is it just a defence (he had a rough past), a psychological disorder or something else? I feel, otherwise, we fit in very well. Please look into it if possible

    thank you in any case

  • Hello, my name is Edie, not Eddie, a lot of people confuse these names, but I am female, 43 years old , married with three children, one from previous relationship, other two at home with husband and myself, my questions: My parents especially my Mom have broken my heart in a way that I don't know if I'll ever get over it. She has been very abusive emotionally to me all my life and this time has hurt me more than everything put together, what do you see happening with this relationship between us? Also, because of this type of abuse throughout my life I have gotten no where in the career field, lately I have chosen to take a nurse aide class and work on getting my LPN from there, I am just trying to break free and finally try to provide my children with a decent life, hopefully a home of our own and the things they need that I cannot provide them at this time and moment, what outcome do you see in all this mess, please be honest, no sugar coating, If you need anymore info please feel free to email me at hope to hear from you soon and thank you so much for your time.

  • hi andrea,

    i would love to get a reading from you...

    my name is karen...birthdate : september 27, 1955, born at 4:30 pm in ogden, utah

    the man i like is jj...birthdate: january 11, 1978, born somewhere in virginia, not sure of the time

    could you please tell me if you can see how he feels about me...if he's going to call me...or any helpful info regarding romance. we liked each other alot, but he's kind of disappeared, and i want to know what is going on with him.

    thank you so much!


  • Hey

    Im Maja , confused girl from Croatia who want know something about love end college future in life . Im born 1.1.89' in 08:50 am , "someone special" 🙂 is born 07.10.88' ...can u pls help me with that???

    Thank you

  • Hello, im new on here and saw your post. Can you give me a reading please? my birthdate is 23-05-55 . My question is about a relationship.i have met a man birthdate 10-08-61 not actually in person but the vibes are strong and growing, can you see if it will be more? thankyou Love and Light, angelfeather x

  • Hi Andrea,

    I would love to receive a reading from you...I also stumbled upon this site today and possibly was lead to you for some clarification. My question isn't about love, I gave that up many years ago. I do however have a very stressful life. I had started raising my brothers and sister when I was very small. I raised my two sons by myself and a few other kids that were thrown out by their parents. I now have my sister and her two children living with me. I have had to take a part-time job and the stress is horrendous. I always seem to be the caregiver and I never get any in return... My question is will there ever be a time when I can just focus on myself and be peaceful? Any insight the cards may give you would be a blessing.

    May you always be surrounded by the white light,


  • Well - I'll be sure to share it with you as soon as I know - I'll try to have faith this insite...... it sounds exciting! Thanks again (and give yourself a hug!)

  • hi... andrea i would for you to read for me. i need help in the love department. my dob 6-16/ my man i wish to hook up with is 3-15... we dated for about 3 months and then i got a little emotional and clingy instead of my normal independent self assure girl i always am ..

    he was having some time out with friends and i went out and we ran into each other and a few drinks were involved and i wanted some more of us time and he just said he needed a break that i may be too much drama for him now?

  • Hi AndreaLightGiver...

    Wondering if you can shed some light on my on again off again relationship with my boyfriend.... Is this going to be a long term relationship and will it ever get any better?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Hello AndreaLightGiver,

    I've been seeing this man for 9 months and was wondering if you see this relationship going anywhere or has it all just been my own self deluded fantasy?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    thank you in advance

  • Andrealightgiver,

    I was so happy about the reading that over look one fact that you mentioned. Problems with a young male and low funds are these issues very serious, can u describe if possible what kind of problems?


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