I Would Like To Give Readings

  • Thank you for taking the time to do a reading for me. Here's some feedback:

    • Career: I'm 47 yrs young and I do believe we keep learning until we cross over to the other side - the career I had (Bank OPs/Mgmt/Audit/Security VPwas one that I fell into backwards - (the right place at the right time) and I am thankful to God for this, (left as a VP, but have not desire to go back to this field.) I currently live in NJ (by marriage - not preference) and it has given me an education in diversity - which is something I wouldn't have experienced if I had not moved here from the midwest (20 yrs ago) - Now - I just want to be somewhere other than here or my home state, but where is the next question.....

    Thanks again - and God bless you

  • Andrealightgiver: Thank you so much for your insight! Your reading is dead on as to what i've gotten from other readings....your reading is actually a lot more detailed and for that I am truly appreciative!!! I have be very patient but i guess i the decision that you speak of is to continue or not continue with the relationship.... i truly want to continue... most definately but i wonder what the sacrifice will be?

    the part about something of importance from my past being put into writing... that was just recently...

    i do not have 2 men to choice from but the insight about being patient and determined is wonderful to hear that the universe recognizes what i have tried to do for so long...

    I look forward to seeing the relationship flourish.. i just need to figure out where to start...where to go from here to keep the relationship from going idle again without pushing too hard or too much... anymore insight on that would be great....

    Again...this was wonderful!!!!

    Blessings & Love


  • Dear Andrea,

    iam not sure any thing can help me with my situations, but if you are willing Iam going to give it a try. Iam a 50yr old women that has been divorced three times, I have worked in the caring for others field all of my life,since I was 8, now i find my self on my own,with a boyfriend that is 10yrs younger than i. i have grandchildren as old as his children.that is not the real problem though, I have now found my self on disability,pretty much homeless and at my witts end,I have four grown children,my yougest is 25, and my daughter is 28 they are both doing well with there life ,but my other two sons are 32& 30,and they need my help. with the economy the way it is, i've been trying to buy a home big enough for my sons and I(one sone has a wife and two children) the other is single. I just want to be able to live, the rest of my life happy, (not sure how to be happy) my guy is not a very good worker, and every one is telling me to unload him,but I just can't seem to do that ,I don't know why,i have searched long and hard but nothing comes to mind.

    Iam not sure what Iam asking from you other then help, I don't know which road to take.all I do know is Iam very unhappy with my life. also when i dream (which is every night) if i can't remember any of it , it will happen to me and I've tried to change it when its happening I can't., as it is happening I remember I dreamt it.i also have premanitions, to long to explain that area.i

    Iam so into this caring for and helping mode i have nothing to show for it, for me.now here Iam bewildered am scared.

    If you could help me in any way I would solely appreciate it.

    thank you for your time and may the stars shine on you always

  • oh by the way sorry for my type-o's... and it is 450pm eastern time here and i'll be on most of the evening.

    thank you again


  • To Aquagrrl:

    Sorry it took so long to get to you.

    The cards are as follows

    The main concern is the rival.

    You want to have a partnership but you think it is a gamble because of the correspondence he has with the other woman.

    he has been thinking that the relationship as it is now has problems due to the distance between them and he is thinking she is not his true love.

    There is a selfish and extravagant person involved

    and this person is tied to a certain place.

    You must be optimistic because there is a promise of future success.

    A letter will be written an exhortation to the partner left behind..

    Matters concerning the business premises will be favorable

    So...yes you may proceed with confidence.

  • To Trupisces..

    Well three cards just dropped out of the deck...

    There may be a rival involved

    You should not make any sudden moves.

    Matters should be left to take their own course

    Later you will be in a more favorable position

    Then you may commence with promise of success.

    Maybe he is feeling you out comparing you to her. Your strength of character the qualities mention before help to persuade him. He will see that you are the better woman.

  • Super Tiger...

    I still get the cards that say it will be something completely unexpected and will change your life. Be ready for a surprize!!!

  • thank you again... i will remain steadfast and patient as i have been...

  • To Anngora:

    I had to answer you now because you really touched my heart.

    In many ways we are the same. (I won't go into details).

    It's great you have a young lover!!!

    I wish I could find a lover, the younger the better.Lol. Old farts can't get it up. LOL

    Now to get serious.

    The cards say as follows: (Well they tell about the same thing you told me but here goes)

    You feel like you have worked hard and have little to show for it.

    You have been thinking of moving for a long time

    You think this will bring you a new life and a happy outcome

    the problem is that it will be hard to raise the funds

    And a problem with your young lover

    But you must try to be optimistic because you are promised sucess in the future.

    You have had set backs but you will find that you also have rich untapped resources which can now be called upon what appears to be a calamity will give rise to fortune. Think about this...

    You will be able to buy the land you want

    You have a Heavenly guardian that is helping now. Those visions are real...

    God is with you as I am writting this ...You have been blessed!!!

    Your wish will be granted!!!

    This is giving me chills just writting to you.. tears of joy are in my eyes.

    God is rewarding you for all your hard work and caring.

    God has blessed you. Amen

  • Hello Andrea Lightgiver - I'm online now, I posted a question a few hours ago if you have time to look at it now for me? I am in London (UK). Thanks and best wishes x

  • To Anngora,

    I am sorry for the comment at the start of your reading. I have a habit of trying make jokes when things seem so desperate to lighten the tension.

    Your reading really sent me deep into the spiritual side and gave me overwhelming energy, a force I haven't tapped into for a while. Thank you. You have a strong connection to the spirit energies. Keep your faith. Everything will work out for you in the future. Keep praying because your prayers are being answered. Pray for the world and others.

    Please keep in touch with me. Tell me more about your premonitions.

  • To Veema,

    I will get to you now.

  • Thank you! Let me know if you need any other information from me. Thanks so much.

  • To Veema:

    The cards read as follows:

    Something to do with where you live and suggests you would be better to move to another area

    (does this make sense?)

    You are a caring and intellegent person but you are worried about the rival

    Your value has not yet been realized.

    happiness will arise out of a current event and you should act on new ideas right away

    The problem with the partner..there is strong opposition to your plans.

    The core of the problem is that you are tied to a certain place (Home or business?).

    the answer is that further expenditure will be needed

    to complete the enterprise

    Your problems are tempory and will find their own solution

    You will find practical help when needed

    It seems that the cards are answering both questions at once and it has thrown me off.

    In romance it seems that as he told you there is a rival and this has made him feel strong opposition to a relationship with him. Give him time to get over her and make up his mind.

    More important in the reading is your business;

    It seems there is a problem where it is located or you need to get out and try to sell whatever it is instead of staying at home. you should look for practical solution or advice.

    You will be successful but you may need to spend money. Advertising?

    Sorry this was a confusing reading for me.

    Personally I think if you have your own bussiness you have to concentrate on it 100% to make it work and it is important to go into the community to let people know that you are there and want to work for them.

  • Need a break ...will let you know when I am back.

    Peace and Love...Andrea

  • Hello, thank you so much for this. Much of it makes sense:

    • regarding the man, it has been going on for 6 months. Now he will be spending more time with her (moving back to live with her in a big shared house) to work out how he and she feels, I feel nervous about this but have not told him so. I will do as you suggest and just wait;

    • to get the business off the ground I need to do a lot of marketing as you say, but I hate selling myself and the few attempts I've made have fallen on deaf ears, you are right I need to do more.

    • regarding where I live (now also where I work) I don't feel 'good' here and never have, been here 3.5 years but have never felt at home and have tried to sell twice but to no avail and I can't afford to sell for a low price. I would like to move though but have no money to do so. I think what the cards are saying is that I have to move when I can? Very interesting insight from you here as I didn't even mention where I live but it's something I've not been happy with for years!

    • I have ideas but don't always act on them - I am trying to take the plunge more at present.

    I'm sorry the cards were confusing.... I guess what I really want to know is, do this man and I have a future together? Right now it's 50-50 but I don't want to 'wait' if we're not even compatible long-term. Any more insights would be appreciated. But this has been really helpful so THANK YOU!!

  • Hi Andrea -

    Thank you so so much & may i say no apologies needed....you're obviously very busy. I truly appreciate your time to my matter. Thank you....I'm taking it day by day & see whatever happens happens........I would just love to know if he has developed the slightest feelings for me...I think he has........

    You're wonderful being on here & responding to people the way you are........

    thanks again........you're insight was helpful 🙂

  • I hope you are not overwhelmed with the response you've had, and I'd like to thank you for offering such empathy and your good efforts to everyone. Like many others, I'm involved in a relationship that currently creates more questions than answers. He's confused and non-committal. I'm head over heels infatuated, but I sense a bond and deep compatibility between us. (I know, I know...could be wishful thinking.) What do you see for us? Is it time to give up and walk away, to protect myself from hurt? Or should I stick it out, be patient, and wait for him to figure things out? If you have the time and energy for this, thank you in advance. If not, that's okay too.

  • Are you still giving readings? This is going to sound different, but I'm looking for transportation, specifically a truck that doesn't need repair, is older and inexpensive. It's a lot to ask for, but I know it's out there waiting for me to find it. I've arranged a ride to work but I don't want to tax that person's resources anymore... I need my own truck. My question is this: when if not now, should I be looking for that truck?

  • hi andrea,

    hope i didnt overwhelm you with the length of info i posted last night. my apologies for the typo's i was a bit tired while typing. anyhow, im not quite sure if ud still have time to do a reading for me but im hardly on until th evening time when i get the kids to sleep and only stay on for a bit since my clinical rotation is at 6 in the morning. i'll chceck in every evening just in case you may have been able to get to me. thanks andrea! have yourself a good evening. 😃

    god bless.

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