I Would Like To Give Readings

  • Me again. I hope you sleep well. Maybe tomorrow? If yes, here is my question:

    I am struggling at the moment - (1) with a man who says he has very strong feelings for me but feels unresolved with an ex-lover, they separated a year ago but with no closure, he says he has to explore things with her and work out what they are to each other (friends or lovers) before starting something with me. I would like to know what will happen - if anything - and if we are to have a romantic relationship, when & would we be happy together.

    (2) career and creative ambitions - I took some time off work to start my own business, and fulfil a creative ambition, but it's not going well (largely through my own fears) & need to decide now whether to go back into permanent work or continue with my plans - money's running out! If you have any insights I'd be truly grateful. I can't sleep!

  • Hi, I think it is great that you are interested in helping people using your gifts! I don't currently have any tarot cards but I have been doing astrology readings for people lately. I do solar return readings.

    Just last week I had a small car accident. I am worried that there may be financial burdens because of this. My spouse and I are already struggling financially. Do you have any insight into my situation? God bless you, in your work!

  • Hi, I think it is great that you are interested in helping people using your gifts! I don't currently have any tarot cards but I have been doing astrology readings for people lately. I do solar return readings.

    Just last week I had a small car accident. I am worried that there may be financial burdens because of this. My spouse and I are already struggling financially. Do you have any insight into my situation? God bless you, in your work!

  • good evening andrea,

    i read your last post and i know the last reading was a bit draining for you, hope you were able to get some time to rejuvinate. i was looking at the number of replies you've gotten and there are quiet a few ahead of me so im truly hoping your still able to take in requests...ill post my questions on here just in case youd be able to squeeze me in..

    heres a lil backgroung: im a single parent to my 6 yr.old son and 4 yr. old daughter. i was married to a hs sweetheart and our relationship lasted close to 7 yrs. in that time i could say he tried the best he could to provide as a husband and a father although he cheated twice once before we had kids, the second while i was pregnant with our 2nd baby. that was the start of our downfall. although i do admit i had flaws in my attitude that also contributed to our end. there were a lot of factors but now as i look back the main one was 1.our age at the time; in which now i see played a big part in our inability to cope with the obstacles we were faced with secondary to that was 2. the way his family perceived me to be; he's the baby of the family so when he started prioritizing me & the kids over the favors they were so used to asking of him i became the reason to blame. its been 3 yrs since our divorce got finalized but we never really had closure. after 6 months of seperation the kids and i left the country because the situation became too much to handle it was then that he met his current gf of which he has a 26 mth old baby with. i too entered a relatioship last yr but due to my emotional baggage we separted ways. he was great with my kids and treated them as his own and it wasnt until he was gone that i saw how much impact he had on the kids and how much values, morals he planted in them...our separation also opened my eyes that my son was yearning for a father figure but i wasn't quite sure if his biological dad was mature and ready to step back into his life.. but considering the fact that i owe it to my kids to give them a chance to know their dad with a leap of faith i trusted him back into his kids lives tying to disregard the fact that since the divorce he has not payed more then 4 mts worth of child support that the court has ordered putting aside any actions he made in the past that would make me doubt his intentions and capabiities.....since december things were going good i noticed the efforts he made. although not too long ago we started becoming involved in which i really feel uneasy about. i felt comfortable communicating with him because i knew i didnt have any feelings left for anything like this to happen. i was over what we had in the past...but now my actions are making me question that.

    i don't know if its the way hes been treating the kids and how happy he seems too make them that subconciously drew my attenton back to him or if its beacuse im truly not over the past? but for whatever reason it maybe..., i know its not right because regardless of whaever the reason he's doing it for..im contibuting to the fact that hes cheating on someone. i beleive in karma and i dont know if its me drawing it t myself but things have really gotten confusing and before it gets any furthur i need feedback....i know how much of a wall ive built from al the exp my kids and i have been through and ive done good so far in not letting anybody in but with him (just recenly though) i cant find the srength to resist when were face to face.

    im scared about his tantics since ive seen how he could go from the most loveing dad to a man that could easily turn his back on his kids on someone elses command. but since then ve been confused if the two have an correlation with each other. us seing each other and the efforts he supposedy displays is trying to be there for his kids. does he have clean intentions with his kids? will he continue his relationship with them even if i no longer see him? what oes he want out of this? is he playing with my emotions . is it for alterior motives like revenge? or am i being too analtical and negative since im guilty of messing around with him knowing hes in a relationship....or could his actions actually be sincere and could i possiby be blocking something that maybe was meant to be due to my fear of getting hurt once again?

    please give me any feed back the cards may give you...i know you cant gurantee the accuracy like youve mentiond in your post but id be more than grateful for any insight your able to provide thank you much in advance!

  • Hello Andrea Lightgiver, I am having a really hard time with life right now and I was wondering if you would/could give me a reading?

    Any insight that you could give would be a blessing.

    A little about me and my situation; here goes.... I'm a single, unemployed mom in my mid-fourties with a 7 year old who is out of school now. I cannot afford daycare or camp for her unless I get a job. I'm a month behind in my rent and behind in all of my bills. Thank God for foodstamps! I would much rather be working than receiving handouts.... I've never been so broke, scared and despondent - and being totally honest, will turn to my previous addictions with pills and alcohol when I get really stressed and depressed. I am very intellegent and know that this addictive behavior, be it whatever form it takes is not healthy or helpful and I try to keep the demons at bay. It is a contant battle though, and will always be so with me.

    I do take very good care of my daughter, and am trying to give her a good Summer so far.... I did just get her into a great, private school through a lottery which will start this Aug.

    I have never had such a hard time finding employment in my life before. I am a secretary/office mgr by trade and have been unemployed now for over 11 months. I am trying...... I miss the "old days" when you could actually walk into a company and talk to a person with your resume in hand.

    Do you see any pot of gold at the end of my rainbow? What do you see happening for me?

    I sincerely appreciate any and all of your efforts on my behalf. Thanking you in advance, Laura

  • Greetings Andrea Lightgiver. For the past few years, I have been having a hard time with my love life..well actually life in general. I am currently seeing a nice guy but I'm just not sure what his intentions are. Is there a future for us? My home life has also been unsteady...do you see any improvement in that area?

    Any insight that you can provide is appreciated greatly. Thank you so much!

  • Andrea- it seems you got too many questions from too many people. However, can you do a reading for me too? I can do a reading for you too, in exchange. It is very difficult for me to get accurate readings by myself.

    Let me know if this works for you.

    Also please read back the cards to me, so I can see/ understand what you got.

    My question is simple: will I be able to pursue my dream to become a fashion illustrator? also can I do that on my own or do I need to go through special schooling? I have a background in finance, but I am artistic and always wanted to do something creative for a living.


  • To Enne...

    I hope you get back in here to read this...

    after I went to bed last night I kept thinking about your reading and was not satisfied with it. I think the problem with your partner is that he is afraid to get married. That was the document I saw , the marriage license. He is afraid of the unknown... marriage. Also I forgot to tell you that you have a guardian(one who protects young girls) who watches over you, keeping you safe.

    Thanks for the feedback. Good luck to you.

  • I am online now. If someone is online and wants a reading I will work with you first otherwise I will read next in line on the site.

  • hello, i am currently on line.... i have had many readings...some accurate...some not so muh but i am always curious to see what the cards hold for me.

    My question is... after about 5 weeks of silence from the man i love we finally talked and had fun together a few days ago... it was a great day and i am wondering if this is the beginning of a long lasting future together?We still have this strong amazing bond with one another... Some history{we were in a long term relationship that ended abruptly..its been 10 months since it ended but we have kept in touch}

    Thank you in advance and i hope to hear back from you soon

  • To jjqurtz...

    First I would like to say that free will is very important and that we should follow our hearts rather than cards or whatever. The most important gift we have is prayer or meditation which ever form of communication you prefer to relate to the spiritual side of being.

    to answer your question the cards say:

    The sun shines favorably on this relationship.

    You are comfortable in this relationship because it has lasted so long

    You feel that you need a new start something to revitalize you because you are a happy go lucky type of person and seek happiness every day.

    You have spend much of your life learning and being educated. You have written something like a book or poetry. you have started studying in the medical field.

    Your problems arise from doubts about your relationship.

    You wonder if he is your true love.

    There is a problem with the family due to something unconventional in your relationship, something out of the ordinary.

    What keeps you together is the time and effort you have put into the relationship. You are lifelong friends.

    You will give it another chance open the door

    The cards see you living to gether into retirement

    You will be sucessful into you old age.

    You have a guardian...the guardian of knowledge. You must be very intelligent.

  • hello Trupisces7

    I will read for you since you are here. I think the connection is better when we are here together.

  • Andrealightgiver,

    Thank you so much for your spiritual guidance. It has come in good time. I was desperated trying to find answers to my question and you were so nice. My life has changed so much in just few months, sometimes it is hard for me to grasp it. In the past things were not good they were bad and now it is like iam being rewarded for so much suffering.

    I will start preparing for my exam. I am a social worker and I need a clinica exam to obtain my clinical license and continue to provide therapy to youth and advance in my career.

    If can trouble you once more, I will get back in touch with you, and let you know about the exam date and tell me how things area. A bit anxious since I took it once and failed it.

    I am in the process of ending my relationship with him and start over.

    Your unselfish guiandance has touch me in some many ways. From the bottom of heart muchas gracias.

  • Hello and greeting from the northeast. (EST is 1:40 pm)

    Are you still doing readings? If so - I could use some insight. I have been a spiritual person my entire life, however, I am a novice with Tarot, Divination, etc...... I suppose reading for myself is not an easy thing - I see the card meanings, but unable to truly get their 'big picture' -

    My question: I took a severance package from my company (& career of 20+ years, banking) and I know I am DONE with this field. I keep trying to determine which direction to go but I can't seem to get IT (alot of analogy-type info) - I'm a "Get to it and a Fix It' personality - and sitting still is hard for me. Can you determine what new FIELD the universe needs me to help - and how to do so efficiently. My birth date is 2/22/1962 - I'm female, married with 2 grown sons....(don''t know if you needed this) I'll be online for the next couple of hours.


  • To trupisces7...

    You are at a crossroad

    You must make a choice but a sacrifice must me made. You must be sure the sacrifice is worth making the choice. Either way you can't go further until you decide.

    you feel like you are looking into a mirror reflecting on your past, you have waited so long for your desires to be met but you are a practical person and stable.

    Something of importance in the past was put into writting. If the decision is between two men- it shows a younger man described as a gentle giant?

    If not then it just says that you have been patient and have the determination to overcome all obstacles.

    You have been like a fisherman, waiting patiently, peacefully and now you are reaping the benefit of your long wait.

    The problem is that the relationship has been idle for so long but it is up to you to decide whether to tie the knot or not.

    You have two guardians or strengths .....the guardian of Patience and of Knowledge

    Heed the advice of an older woman.

    You must prepare for your future and make the change. It is folly to live in a dream.

    This relationship will be successful!!!

  • To all:

    I must go offline for a while I have some things I must attend to in my real world. Lol.

    I'll try to be back in 30 mins.

    Peace and Love....Andrea

  • Back online

    To Purita...Thank you and bless you. you will be successful in your exam.

  • Hello SuperTiger,

    I have had problems with Tarot too. I don't know why. I think it is because I am a woman and Tarot must be for men. LOL Acyually I think you need alot of experience to do reading from the Tarot. I do readings with a different set of cards. I only get my future from dreams. My personal readings are hard because I want to see what I want to happen. Lol.

    I will do a reading for you and get back to you.

  • To Super Tiger...

    The choice of career should be in the civil service, social services or legal profession.

    You have already applied for the job. It is something you didn't think was important, something you did not feel worth the effort.

    The problem with the job is that you feel it is a gamble, too risky. You think you might have to get more education to do it or it is just something completely new for you. You will find out that you will be better at this job than you think.

    You will be turned down for other jobs and will feel like all hope is dashed. Then something completely unexpected will happen. So strange that you will look back at this reading in awe. This will be the job meant for you.

  • I must go off line for a while ... be back in 2-3 hours it is now 3:21 central time so be back at around six.

    Peace and Love ....Andrea

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