I Would Like To Give Readings

  • Dear Andrelightgiver,

    In 2002 I relocated to become my grandmother's caregiver, which I did until she needed a professional facility in 2004. What I thought would be a temporary move has developed into 7 long years of unhappiness due to no employment opportunities. I am stuck and praying that the cards will tell me if I am ever going to get back home. Thank you in advance for any assistance!

  • I'm new to this, is this where yo ask your questions?

  • Hey, i know a lot of people are probably hitting you up for this but i am in DESPERATE need for some kind of counseling any kind of direction or insight i can get at all is much needed. My name is Joey Malandra I am 20 and have NO hope. I have followed down a path of misery solitude curroption and hate. Honestly i cant stand it i cant take it anymore. I have the worst habit of always finding some kind of light in life and some kind of hope and it always seems to just fade out of my life and go away like anything good in my life. So i recently about 3 months ago met a girl named Anthea Overhulser and life without her in it would be devestating. Im a cancer gemini rising and scorpio moon and she is a leo gemini rising and scorpio moon. Considering how well we get along and how much love i thought we had this is really signifigant especially because ive been following the force of tao for years now and it seems like the only truth i can manage to cling onto in this place. Anthea is younger then me she just turned 17 and even though i would never really give anyone a chance with that age she is BRILLIANT and if there was ever a time were i would need someone like her to assure me that things will ever get better its her. I have never considered marrying anyone in my life but meeting her has totally changed my perspective. So we met and right away she got sick and couldnt really hang out then to make it worse her family situation forced her to move to new mexico. Weve been talking consistently and about amazing things ever since but as of recently i havent heard from her in like 12 days or so which is the longest we havent talked. I keep trying to ask her why she hasnt been talking to me but she hasnt been saying like anything at all! I feel really lost and alone now a days abandoned by anything i would consider good. Her mom still lives in the city i live in but cant find a job and she says that when she finds a job shell move back here right away but with the economy going on her mom cant get a break anywhere and keeps talking about just moving back to new mexico. I really need a reading i just want to know if everything between me and her will ever work out one day! I cant handle the thought of losing the only thing I love again and i just need some kind of sign or something or ANYTHING aaah.

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  • oh yeah B.O.B is july 12th 1989 at 2:55 am and hers is July 27th 1992 i dont know the time

  • Ok. My question is that I have been in a rut and unable to move forward. Will I be able to make some money or get a job. Do you see any money coming my way.


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  • Hello Andrealightgiver, well i hope your light is shining bright tonight as I mine is sitting on dim after 35yrs of not seeing this man I have now seen him 2or 3 times a week for 2and 1/2 months & Allthe sparks are back , he found me again I was divorced He never married we are both in our sixties with some life still left to live will it work.

  • my DOB is August 31 1963 at 5:51 am portage la prairie canada

    i am in love with someone who just dumped me for another. i am falling apart.

    i need to know if there is any hope of having his love again.

    his dob is October 19 1972 dont know the time

    please, help me, if you can.

    i am so very lost and hurt.

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  • I have a question when I meet my next mate what is his sighn be, mine is 2/1/81 ?And do I already know this person that I will be with in 5yrs?

  • i would really love a reading. do i post it here or by e-mail?

  • Andrealightgiver I would love to get a reading. Will my younger son's father and I be back together? Does he love me? Will he eventually stop with the off and on lightswitching? Will he forgive me for acting like I had someone else? After all, I was just treating him how he treats me.

  • May I have a reading? What is it you need to know and I will furnish the info.


  • HighPO9

    Any chance you could do a reading here for me as I can not get on as a follower on your site?


    I am virgo 08/29/57 female, born in Redding Calif

    My question is regarding my financial situation. I have applied and scored well on a government test for a job in a nearby city. I am going to have to use my 401k to live on if I don't find work. Can you do a reading to see if my financial picture will change.



  • Loanlady- everyone seemed to register fine under the blog.

    I will answer your question under the Week Readings Ending August 8-

    you can go read it there- I will post it soon.

    Best luck to you.

  • Thank you sooo much, You were right on with the Libra man advice a few weeks ago. I appreciate you doing this for me. I know things will change since my spirit guides told me they would and I am such a positive thinker but a little insight wouldn't hurt!

    Enjoy your birthday week,


  • Hello

    I would be really interested in a reading if you have time. I did readings as well a while ago but found it was hard living in a small town and I was really not ready. Readings are not my thing as I just hear things.. and sometimes get pictures.

    Recently I had a reading from a friend and am not altogether sure it was correct, I saw the cards and they were full of swords but she told me all my battles were over and all I had to do was go with the flow.

    Since then I have had a relationship that has not gone very well, he has a gambling problem and also I am now off work on stress leave as work in a high stress environment, I work for the govt in unemployment and it is a bad time to be in this field.

    I still have feelings for this fellow but am really not sure if it will work out as he still seems to be just elusive toward the situation or sorting out his problems.

    I had a psycic tell me I would meet two other men and have to choose.


    Are you able to shed any light on this? Any insite that is unbias would be appreciated.

    Many thanks. love and light.

  • Hi andrealightgiver

    I am hoping for a reading if you can pick up on anything. Mainly I would like to know if anyone special is coming in to my life and when you think this may be.

    Regards Ladyisiah

  • if you get this, i can't find you on the other site.

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