I Would Like To Give Readings

  • Sorry my compu went wacho. I don't know much about Tarot, but I don't think the 3 of coins demonstrates a love triangle. I believe the 3 of swords is the card that represents that. Good luck!

  • Hi again Purita,

    Sorry but my computer went a little crazy there. I don't know much about Tarot, but I think the 3 of swords is the card that represents a triangle affair. The 3 of coins is more positive. Good luck.

  • hi-

    sorry 3 of swords represents heart ache. That can be caused by anything not a love triangle in particular. As I said there are too many elements in her reading pointing at a triangle not only the 3 of coins-


    .. but on a second thought- depends at what phase this relationship is. If it is new, it may be that there may be still an attachment with his ex.. It is not a bad situation because she is not suffering at all, she is just not acknowledging the facts or even if she does it does not seem to upset her at all. This is a good thing.

  • .. one last scenario the trio can mean a female member of his family opposing this relationship.

    Like his mom and or his sister-

  • I have been going out with this guy for a 1 year and half, it is only that lately things have turn more serious. He is married and HighP09 is right she does not know and I want to keep it that way. Never intended this affarir to go this so far. Now I am at a crossroads, need to make decsions. I can never ask to choose between me and his wife, Despite being in an affair with him i dont to destroy his marriage. Deep down I know that I must leave him and rebuilt my life.

    A new person has come into my life, I try to investigate if that relationship was worth, netheless , did not get that from my interpertation and yours. May be I should wait and have another reading.

  • Hi HighP09 or any other readers on here ... if i re-post my question are any of you able to give me your thoughts? I thank you in advance.

  • I would love to have a card reading by anyone willing. Two questions.

    1.) I was laid off two years ago, I was a loan processor and had gone part time so I could help care for my elderly parents (they have both passed on) and then help work towards getting their house emptied and ready for sale. I almost feel like my life is getting back to "me" again (after going to the folks house 2-4 times a week, let me tell you depression era folks don't like to throw anyting away!) but I feel so stuck when it comes to employment, loan processing is very stressful so I'd rather not do that again and I'd still like part time. What do the cards see me doing?

    2.) My horse died unexpectedly a year ago last May and with everything going on with my Dad I didn't want to get a new one and not be able to give it enough time and attention to bond. So now I'm wondering what you see. I do plan on getting another one I just haven't seen "the one". What do the cards tell you about this? Can the cards tell her color so that I don't pass her by when I see her (haha)?

    Thank you for any information and I send you blessing and light!

  • Purita- a second reading may be an alternative. However, the cards may only tell you certain things and they don't always answer the exact question that you asked. Give it some time and try again. The new guy maybe a good idea, but only time can tell.

  • Greetings

    I would so appreciate it If I could get a reading.I,m not sure If I,m doing this right?I did the post

    reply,but actually its not a reply its a request for a reading,I,m not sure where to go to post my own entry?So here goes.HELP!!!!!! I feel like my life is upside down right now,I take these deep heavy sighs.I am single,I dont want to be alone anymore,I,m 52 yrs old,and its time to test the waters again,so to speak.And my health is not good,The fatigue from my illness is horrible.I

    cant even go to work some days.I work at one of the largest trauma centers here in the state,and absoulutely love my job!!!!!And all the people I work with.Please help me,where and what is goin on???????

    Blessed Be


  • Hi! If you are still looking to do readings, I'm interested. Since you don't want much information, I'll keep it simple. I'd like to know if I am going to meet my soulmate soon, or if he is currently in my life. Thanks! Love & Light to you!

  • hi HighP09...i was wondering if you could give me a reading? it would mean alot to me...

    i posted a question on page 8 of this forum several days ago. could you help me please?

    thank you...

  • Hi Purita,

    Iam not a psychic or a card reader but I do have a little advice for you. I know how sometimes it can be hard to let someone go that you really want so bad to be with but sometimes that is what you have to do. You have to kind of put yourself sometimes in someone else's shoes to say would I want the same thing done to me. I truely believe that what goes around comes around, I also have a lot of faith in the blessings of GOD... Now I'm not sure if you are a believer but it sounds like you should maybe step back from the situation with the married man and just believe that GOD has someone better out there for you. Also the fact that you meet someone new may be his way of letting you know that as well. If you have been with this married man for a year and your still sneaking around that means there is a lot of love there for his wife. It's only a matter of time until she finds out and things may not go so well for you. I say you just wait it out and if he wants to be with just you he will do that, but also now at this point whose to say that he want do to you what he is already doing to her and you may not be the only woman that he is involved with other than his wife. You just have to be really careful because there is a lot going around (STD'S) for someone to be so promiscuous. I truely feel that there is a man out there to show you everything he does and make you feel the way that he does you just need to have faith.

  • Purita, sorry to be blunt, no offense, but you are THE OTHER WOMAN. You as woman and human being deserve better. Break from the married guy now. IF he hasn´t left his wife yet, he wont ever. Im gonna side with aries05, and say yes there is someone out there for you, free single UNmarried. Hon you deserve this. If you cannot, step into his wife+s shoes and see you as her. How would this make you feel?

  • Yes Can you give me a reading? I am very worried about finding a job that will work out. I have a very strong scorpio 6th house and have the nothing in my 2nd house with cancer on the cusp , pisces on my 10th. I am a nurse; but after talking back to my boss in Jan 2009 . I haven't found a fulltime job When do you see me working ? Will it be FT/PT , agency , in long term or acute care. . My husband isn't working either; but recently has had a interview will he get the job. He a Virgo and had stayed home for 10 years homeschoolong my daughter. And will I win the arbitracin case in the future that I have started against her.

  • To everyone- if I do a reading for someone please try to abstain from any remarks. I would totally appreciate no comments on other people readings.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Toledo51, I did a relationship reading for your question posted on pp 8- as you said.

    My initial thought was- he is gone for good.

    Then the reading revealed the following:

    • there is a strong sexual attraction between the 2 of you.- the devil and then there is something very materialistc about this relationship. You are a libra- but there is a woman - a queen of wands at this time. Which means one of the 2 things it is either you - or another woman that are financially supporting this man. He goes where the money is.

    He also has been hiding a lot of things from you- and he kind of cheats (but not in the sense of romance). It is like his hiding maybe his past or what he does for work from you.

    I hope you did not lend him any money...

    But I dont see anything like that- this is just a warning given his personality laid out by the cards.

    The cards dont talk about if he will be back.


  • Hi, Yes I would Love a free reading!! : )

    I am in love with this man I knew for a yr. now, And I am wondering if we will ever get more serious than what we are now? and how does he really feel about me/us?



  • ...just to add this:

    the general reading is a warning against THEFT. Please watch your belongings. Also, there is no love in this relationship. Perhaps would be recommended that you meet another guy.

    When I do my readings I read them face value: good or bad I hope you are not offended.

  • I was just wondering if you could give me a reading... I've never done this before but I am incredibally curious!

  • I assume i will need to give some sort of background information so here goes: My question is about a guy I have been speaking to for a few months- i want to know what type of relationship I should expect from him in the near future. We metover 10years ago and were aquaintences briefly. Fate brought us back together on myspace. We talk everyday now, and we will see each other soon (we live in different states) We have lots in common, and we are both wondering where this will take us. Thanks sooo much t anyone who can help!

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