I Would Like To Give Readings

  • Hi . I just found your posting.I would realy like you to do a reading for me. I used to do readings with Tarot Cards myself. I have premonitary dreams but I often don't realize that they were premonitary until the event happens. Weird stuff happens to me and I have seen some strange things happen. My husband of 19 years decided in January that he wanted a divorce and moved out. Story is too long to tell. To make a long story short, the people I have met due to the separation ,divorce process say that I will be better off without him. But I am very worried because of how old I am. I have an 8 year old developmentally delayed daughter (sweetie pie) who lives with me. My 13 year old who has ADD lives with her dad because she really got out of control. (The fighting between us was one of the excuses he used for moving out.) . I work full time at a job that I have had for 13 years. Like everyone else, I am worried about paying off some monstrous bills - especially ones that have been generated due to the separatio.One of the people I met because of the divorce process is very nice to me and we have a LOT in common and I really like him but - he has a girlfriend. I would be happy if he would just be friends and do stuff with me.

    My birthday is 3/14/1958 -4:20 in the morning, Lubbock ,Texas My husband (or ex-husband) is 6/11/1961, born Oakland CA. My "friend" 's birthday in about 11/15/1965 - I think. might be 1964 - pretty sure he is a Scorpio.

    See what you get. I would like you to email me.

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  • Hi my name is tasha, my bday's 11/04/83, born 7:15pm, if that helps lol. I'm not sure ur still giving readings but I just had two questions....

    1. I've been talking to this guy, 9/15/83, for about a year. I like him a lot, he has feelings for me, so I would love to know what's in store for us cuz I actually have this feeling that we have some kind of future together but I would love some insight.

    2. I would also like to know if I was going to find s second job soon.

    Thanks in advance!


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  • Hi,

    I have had several readings and for the most part they were accurate. I do have a question for you.

    Will I get custody of my grandbabies soon?

    My e-mail addy is fantasys3@msn.com

    Thank you.

  • i have a query wud like to know ur answer. am 37 year old man. am in love with a cancer girl for 4 years. she is getting married to some one else under famil pressure. i cant live without her. will she come back in my life. or have i lost her forever. wat is the future scope of my relationship ith tht girl.

    my email id: pradeepgoel2604@indiatimes.com

  • Ok, well this is the first time i have ever done this, but here we go.......... i have an inerest in a cancer man at pool , i have not been with him and i think he has some interest in me too! we are in other obligated relationships, what can you see for us or just a relationship in the future, i am separating from my obligation!

  • Hi, please let me know if I am in the right place to send a question to andrea lightgiver, not quite sure how to operate this site. what a neat idea here. my question is this I am very interested in a man who lives a little distance from me he calls about once every 8 days seems interested but what is up with him. we are newly met not a couple or anything but I sure would like to be thanks liili

  • HI Andrea. I just found thispost dont know if your still giving readings or not but if you are, ...please do. it would be an answer to my prayers.

    My name is Danielle I was born 12/05/85 my lover is Ryan, he was born 02/01/82, and our son is Dean. 04/22/09

    Me and Ryan have been togethor for 3 years, he was my first, everything. I love him but our relationship is plauged with many problem, infidelity, addiction, lies. my family does not like him. He is currently in Florida for treatment. He wants to be a good dad, he wants us to have a 'normal" family. does he truly want this. will we suceed. should i stay or do i face the pain and sever the ties that bind.

    please help. any insight at all.


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  • Hi,

    I would like to let you practice on me, I am a Gemini 40 yr old woman who is been engaged to a scorpio guy for 2 yrs(he is also 40)and don't seem to be able to pass to the next level (marriage) he call off the wedding with everything ready and 6 wks in advance, Here I am lately walking in a landmine at work and afraid to lose it at anytime. I have 2 kids. any input in love and career???

  • Hello, Well I just wanted some Info on you , like what is your month & day of your birthday & maybe time you were born am or pm ?

    Just so I will know ... thanks


  • Hi, My name is Eileen, born 3/4/59. I've been a widow 2 yrs & have begun to date. I dated Steve for several months then he suggested we see other people & continue to date. I took 2 months to think about this while I dated others. I decided to see him & continue to date others. We see each other atleast 1x/mo & enjoy the time together. I realize he is emotionally unavailable at this time for a long term relationship. I have continued to date, feel open & ready to accept a new man in my life but haven't been successful. Recently I feel there is someone I'm supposed to meet but our paths haven't crossed. I have 2 questions !. Will Steve ever be emotionally available to me or is our intimate relationship over & its time to be friends? 2. Am I on the right path to meet a new man in the next few months, what do I need to do help our paths cross? Thank you for dedicating your time to me,


  • Hi,

    I am curious as to my financial future, I have applied for a job with the government and

    need to know if my situation will change soon. I dont want to use my retirement to get by

    on as I am 51.

    My question is when do you see my financial picture change?

    Thanks, Loanlady

  • hello i was wondering what you could tell me about my future. i have no job at the moment and have been applying to different jobs with no luck. i am thinking about going back to school but am not sure what to do. please get back to me when u r not busy

  • I would love for you to do a reading for me. I am 58 single. i have been going through a lot of stress physically financially professionally and personally. Will things ever get better for me?

  • i have a small rental flat which i get my income from, but at the moment i cant seem to find any renters. will i get someone soon ? My money is running out and i am really stressed about it.

    If you could have a look - very appreciative and thankful.


  • Sounds fun! Here it is... I am a Libra (Female, oct 17) and I met a Libra (Male, cant remember but I think his b-day is about a week after mine and he is about 3 yrs older). This feels different than other relationships. I feel somewhat connnected to him and we've only hung out maybe 3 times. What can I expect from this relationship? or is it even a relationship? Not so sure I want to ask him about it... too soon. Besides what if it's all in my head and I'm just being pushy... anyway I'll stop rambling now.

    Thank You for your time


  • I could really use some insight. I'm a Virgo (Scorpio rising) and my spouse an Aries (Virgo rising) and we both seem to have fallen into a terrible habit. We are both dedicated to each other and do desparately want to get out of this habit. Do you have any insight for me (us)? Thank you so much for taking time for any helpful info you can see.


  • I have a question: What do you see in my financial future? will things get better for me? and how about a relationship Will I leave my current relationship for the man I am currently dating? My birthday is Aug 1,1975

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