I Would Like To Give Readings

  • Hello,

    I would like to practice giving readings for people with some fortune telling cards that have been in the family for three generations. I have given reading for family members and they have been fairly accurate. But this may have been because I know the people. I would like to try it with strangers. As you know I do need some information from you. So please try to give an accurate description of your question. When you write to me picture yourself and the situation in your mind so I can pick up on you spiritually.Please respond to my readings and let me know if I am close. If I am totally off the mark I am sorry. As I said I am just practicing.

  • Is this free of charge?

  • Sure..LOL can't send money through here. Send your question. I have some things to do but I will get back to you later around 9 dst. It is 7:18 now.

  • What type of information do you need and would i post my question here? I actually have 2 questions.

  • Well you kind of help me in one, you answer my post so I am greatfull.

    I have dating this person he is 44 for a year and half is tied down to the mother of his son, will he every break free of that?

    Also I am feeling attracted to another person, dont which relationship is best.

    Any quidance will be appreciated

  • To kissyface-

    Yes post your questions here. Just give questions asked in a way that is not yes or no. Give cards a flexability. Try to phrase the question like what can I expect from this relationship or what should I do about this or that or what kind of outcome should I expect. My daughter sometimes asks me to tell her something that she doesn't know about the subject.

    I can't promise I am going to be correct since I am not speaking face to face with you. I have done cards for family and have been fairly accurate but they were sitting right in front of me. I have gotten answers in dreams too. All I can say is that I will try.

  • To Purita I am online now. I will consult the cards and give you the answers.

  • i am online now too

  • there are a couple of thing that i have questions on:

    1. i feel like i have a forsite or some "way of just knowing" somethings that happen ( never really for myself). do you see that i do, or is it all in my head?

    2. i've been dating this guy for about 2 years. we lived together for a while (about 4 months after i met him & under bad cercumstances), but i moved out because it was causing us stress. now it seems that we are stuck in the same rut we were in about a year ago. what do you see happening there and are we really ment to be?

  • I used to read cards myself. Since my daughter is born not so much. I wanted her to have free will. If you dont mind I have a question. I am in a relationship that is 11 yrs this year. Am I wasting my time on him?

  • To Purita'

    The cards answer to question about exam and career.

    What may appear as a calamity often gives rise to fortune...the passing of grief.

    Are you interested in medicine or nursing as a career?

    The cards say to act on your ideas and you will be successful. You will also succeed through hard work as you have a guardian card, the Farmer, who will help you. Things you have sown will be reaped.

    There is a favorable reply as success in examinations. Perseverance and determination will overcome all obstacles.

    There may be problems involving a young male and low funds but you are being told to ignore those problems and act on your ideas without delay.

    You will change the direction of your life, you will pass the exam, happiness and prosperity will abound.

    This is a very good fortune! Hope you will take the exam.

    Forget the married man that part of your life is over.

  • Hello to all, good evening....

    I actually have a question - i would appreciate any response........thank you in advance.

    I have work'd with this guy for about two years, lately we've been flirting a lot & he's taken a lot of interest in me....however he has a long distance GF which whom he see's every so often....

    i have grown feelings for him, i really have developed feelings & feel so out of my realm because this was so unexpected!!!!!!!

    i gues i'd just like to know if this is just harmless flirting or will something escalate from where we are now....is he leading me on or is something brewing on his end as well????

    please advise.........

  • OMG - I apologize for my spelling errors.......lol

  • Okay then, here goes.

    Question 1: I have been laid off for 2 months. I would like to know when i'm going to find another job and will it be in the same type of field that I've been in.

    Question 2: My best friend is my next door neighbour. We do most things together, and spend a lot of time together. I am extremely attracted to him and have been since we met about 2 years ago, though I have not told him this. He has said that he only thinks of me as a friend, though he gives mixed signals at times. Is this ever going to turn into a romantic relationship and if it does, will it last or would we be better off as just friends?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these!

  • To Enne...

    The first card is the symbol of a spiritual awakening or a new birth.

    You have clairvoyant powers, you can see through people and it will help you to keep one step ahead of others. You have a strong characterdestined to achieve success.

    In the past your ability to look into the unknown has effected you in your decisions.

    But you have grown tired of waiting for matters to be resolved.

    The cards show the stress you have experienced in the past. The reason of the stress was due to offense in the family perhaps a difference of ages, race or religion?

    Or perhaps your partner has a highly individual personality, unconventional, or bold in his ideas?

    One issue is that time and money is being spend on transient pleasures which prevent the ultimate goal from being reached. Priorities are wrong. Greater attention should be given to more serious matters. Also it has something to do with a document's validity or just fear of the unknown.

    Something to do with performing arts... you or your partner or both are involved with performing arts... a

    Your parter is having or will have conflict with authority.

    You will need inner courage and moral support during the time of difficulty but if you progress slowly and carefully and learn from the experience you will be put in an advantageous position.

  • I can't wait for Enne's response - that was a thorough reading...

  • I don't know if you have time for mine, but. I have done a few readings on what is going on right now. I just want one more then I will try to let it go. I would like to know if I will see my love soon?

  • Sorry to the others waiting. This last fortune for Enne took alot out of me.

    Enne I hope it was helpful. I kept trying to see the future of your relationship but is was not clear. I think I am getting tired or maybe you know it yourself and the cards know you know.

    I must quit for tonight ... I promise I will do your readings tomorrow or later tonight. I need a break now tho.

    Love and peace to all.....Andrea Lightgiver

  • man that was tight! yes there have been some issues with my family not liking him. that part doesn't stop me at all! lol and yes priorities are wrong. he really has no concern about me. i don't know if this is because he trusts (or knows) that i'll stay, or that he doesn't care if i go. thats a rough one! sometimes i think its the later! lol he is an out spoken person and he says exactly what is on his mind (right, wrong or indefferent) that is what makes my family so mad. they feel that i am " to pretty to be with him." (that only worked on me when i was 16 and thought that was all that mattered in the world.) i was raised that if you had a difference of opinion (mostly with my mother) that you kept it to yourself. not to make waves.

    as far as the performing arts, i wanted to be an actress in a play, or something where i have talent, but i don't know my talents are that great. i don't think i can sing to well so i ruled that out. as far as he is concerned, he has a very pretty car that gets him a lot attention.his talent is that if he does something, it has to be researched and done correctly! there is no coloring outside of the lines with him.

    i really enjoyed your insite. i hope that mine will strengthen.

    God Bless!

  • Hello Andrea Lightgiver. Can you do a reading for me?

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