I Would Like To Give Readings

  • HI Andrea

    An FULL url to this chat you speak of plz,. Ive tried to locate it and there i get stuck. Im about to abort this mission. so plz help


  • I am game to let you practice on me, I saw you had a great deal of replies though and not want any more practice people. Let me know. My lifes changing all the time but I keep getting the same cards. I have know idea what this means. I pro I asked asked looked at me as if she were terrifed at the cards after she asked how many time I'd drawn these same cards, I told her, and she said she couldn't help me out and hurried away like she was on fire.

    Lori Callaway


  • PS from Lori Callaway, it doesn' matter what lay out it is either.......still the same cards..all Major, no minor. NONE. Thanks


  • Hi Andrea,

    I had posted this request a few days back....I know you have been really busy, but I was wondering if you would look at this for me....TY


    I have 2 very common areas of interest that I could ask you to read on; Love and Work!

    For Love: I'd like to know what you see happening between me (shannonine) and Gary. Do you see any form of reconciliation occurring? If so, how do see it happening and what about time frames. This was a very intense relationship that lasted 7 years, but was dramatically ended 10 months ago.

    For Work: my career is not exactly where i want it. I'm a teacher and that's great, but I'm not teaching where I want to and at the level I want to! How can I break through this impasse? Do I need more education?, should I change location?

    Thank you for your care and interest!

  • will peter and i ever get together we have been flirting with each other years now but he is going threw a divorce and I just found out my daughter is bi polar we both have a lot on our plates and his wife and kids just moved in down the street from me for some reason he is always on my mind

  • hi and how are you sorry did not introduce my self first has really been crazy week around here this reading would mean the world to me single mom of four and do have a lot of money rite now but weather he is just a friend or the love of my life this man has stayed in my mind for a very long time and made me remember a dream was he the one in my dream the hunter , the builder, and the one to comfort me and love me for me and me for him the dream happen for about three week rite after I moved here from out of state and then hit me again the first time I went to his house if so what makes us the one to do this scary but grate thing my hart is flung open for the first time in year is it just false hope you are a peach for all your hard work may you be blessed

  • hi andrea how many days do i have to wait,i noticed you have got back to a few after my message,may be it cant be resolved like i knew along,if you can please wright back as i have gone to the loby and i cant find you.

    thanks jackie

  • Hey there you can try to practice on my problem. Well my problem that about six months ago I found out from my husband that while he was on buisness trip he cheated on me.

    I decided to give him him a second chance and try again as I do love him, we are 9 years together and having two small kids.

    But as he travel a lot I do have fear is he going to hurt me again as he really broke my heart.

    He cried and begged for my forgiveness but the images are just coming back to my mind very often,I know it is still fresh and it will take a long time to get over it.

    He is aquarius born on 22/01/75 and I am scorpio born on 23/10/79

    Sometimes even if i know it would not be an answer or solution I think of living him and trying to make my life away from all but I know this will not erase the pain I am facing.

    Do we have good future ahead of us and will the time heal all the pain in my case?

    Will I ever be able to forget and to forgive and be happy with him again?

    I need an honest answer to go on.

  • OK, I tell you what I will swap readings with you, then we can both practice, I usually do well reading other peoples cards even if I don't know them, however the act of them shuffeling and wishing or asking also gives me a sense of what is really going on, so maybe this internet thing will help me out. Are you interested.

  • Undreamstage .. do you do readings as well? you may practice on me ..

  • hi undreamtsage...i just read that you might like to practice doing readings...andrealightgiver has so many requests now...it's probably overwhelming...

    i wrote her a question...it's on page 8 of this now 17 page forum! do you think you might be able to help me? if not, i understand...

    but, if you could...that would really be wonderful...

  • hi undreamtsage,

    i read that you might like to practice reading too...i would love it if you would like to practice on me!

    my question is on page 8 of this now 17 page forum... there are so many people who are needing help...i feel for andrealightgiver...

  • Undreamtsgae,

    Before you get overwhelmed

    need help with this reading and if have technique please use it.

    Relationship Celtic cross

    1. Love and Me: 9 of cups

    2. Love challenges: Queen of wands

    3.Recent past: ace of swords

    love situation: 7 of cups

    near future: page of cups

    high power: the moom

    block or inhibitions: 4 of swords

    significat other 3 of coins'

    advice: 9 of coins

    long term relationship: knight of wands


  • I ahve a question that you may be able to help me with and in return will help you practice.

  • andrea, looking for help on how to find your chat.... i can't seem to sign up or find you please help

  • This post is deleted!


    THANK YOU 04/24/75

  • Undreamstage I am willing to exchange readings with you. You can state your question and I will do the celtic cross for you. Then I will come back at post the cards online so you can see what I got. Then you can do the same for me. Thanks.

    You can write back here with your question or you can start a new topic. Thanks.

  • Purita I have an interpretation for your reading.

    9 of cups shows that you are in love with love, because number nine shows singleness.

    The problem in your case may be another woman- the Queen oF Wands. Your love sitution shows you are in dream like sitution. It means you imagine more of this relationship then really is. The Ace of Swords in the recent past it shows me that you already know the truth about your love situation... so it seems that you only have a hard time accepting it for what really is or isn't. In the near future you will receive some news.. an email perhaps or a telephone call.

    The entire situation is under confusion- the moon so I can see what you still have questions- because things are not clear. There is another man that may have answer to your question- the Knight of Wands.. You need to talk to him to clarify your situation. This knight of wands can be the guy in your relationship or someone else that knows both of you.

    The 3 of coins represents a love tirangle: you, him and the other woman the Queen of Wands.

    This is it. I am not to give advice, but I would confront him and make him choose between you and the other woman

    Ok, thanks

  • Hi Ourita,

    I don't knoThe Cards of the Tarot

    The cards of our deck have been crafted by Fernando Gumppenberg. Their design was created around 1820 in Milan in Lombardy, in an age shaken by changes like ours.



    Major Arcana



    King Queen Knight Page

    1 - Ace of Coins 2 - Change 3 - Labour 4 - Power 5 - Torment

    6 - Success 7 - Failure 8 - Circumspection 9 - Harvest 10 - Wealth


    The Energy: Respect, Creation, Success

    The Three of Coins represents the reward for toil and effort. Talent and strength are the preconditions of successfully completed work, and its' worth is manifest. Finally motivation and honest endeavour win the highest prizes.

    Sow confidently and in time in order to prepare abundant harvest. Commitment adds to the value of your striving – success and respect are its' children. Do not let pass occasions, but show initiative.

    w much about tarot, but I believe that the 3 of swords is the card that shows a triangle affair. I looked up the 3 of coins for you...& it seems to be positive. Here it is. Good luck.

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