I Would Like To Give Readings

  • To Rschk.

    The cards read as follows:

    Something of importance must be given careful consideration.

    It is up to you to make this descision onyour own don't take advice of other people

    Your home ciccumstances are the basis of this descision.

    You are thinking of a partner someone you wish to tie the knot with but you are uncertain and the relationship seems unattainable.You want two get married and wonder when

    There are strong opposition to your plans

    You feel that it is folly to believe you can do it

    But the situation is not as weighty as you imagine.

    There is a document (marriage license?)

    You will achieve success the realizations of your ambitions and tie the knot.

    I hope this is what you were wondering about...looks like a good outcome for you.

    Peace and Love


  • hmmmm..I it but Ion't see it...

  • Hi Andrea, thanks so much. What don't you see?

  • Also, the one you see me tying the knot with...is he the man that I loved so much that I was going to marry him after we bought the house? Will we be happy together?

  • Hi Andrea .. I was wondering if you could do me a reading please. I’m writing to you from Canada about someone very special to me. I met him at the beginning of this year and he currently resides in the USA. We’re really good friends but I can feel that there is something strong between us. Every since I saw him and met him for the first time I had a connection where I felt as if I have known him all my life. I love the chemistry that we have. We get along great, have a good understand of one another. He’s been concentrating on his career right now, and he’s gotten into the area that he’s been wanting to go. I’ve always supported him from day one and knew that his career was in his hands and he’s going to be concentrating on that but he would always still make an effort to keep in touch, and want to see me. I feel like there are feelings there but I want to know how do you feel about this relationship? Do you see us being with one another .. I’ll be honest, I love him, I care for him so much more than any one and I want him to be happy with everything in life and want the best for him. I’ve been patient; understanding and giving him the love and support that one would need during the times when he needed someone not that I had to but I wanted to be there and I understand what one has to go through to achieve their dreams. Now my question is do you see things working out for us, do you see a future for us, are things able to work out the way that I want everything to go.. This is the man that I am going to marry, I can feel it, is my heart correct or should I let go of my feelings for him. He’s truly a gift that walked into my life and I just pray that things do work out for us, for me to move and eventually be with my love. What can I expect? Any information is greatly appreciated, I do thank you in advance for your words .. Thank you!

  • andrea if you have time could you please read my cards. i want to know about the guy I have been madly in love with forever. We havent spoke in a few wks. want to no if there is any hope for us being together or if its time to break ties and move oin. any thing regarding what might be going on with him would be helpful. thanks.

  • Hello ~ Andrea ~

    Well, I have this problem, and I just don't know if I "want to trust my gut on this", but am having a hard time with it!

    1- What do I not know about my significant other?

    2- In reguard's to my husband, Is he telling me the truth on certain matter's of the heart and the

    "other" thing

    3- If not, then will I ever find someone who will or does, and when?

  • Hi realightgiver,

    I am spiritually very low but my heart is hopeful. I am in dire financial straits, tying up my BFa, entangled in a confusing situation with an ex and not knowing what the necessary steps are towards making my dream future come true. Numerologicallly, I am a 6-emotionally superficial. Am i destined tobe alone? successful? Please give me some insight. I believe in generations of gifts. Looking forward to hearing from you-

  • Hello, I hope you are doing well. I have a question I love my husband so much can you tell me if we will grow old together? Thank you for your time.

  • my name is michael, 49yrsold and sigle , am i going to meet soom one soon or am i going to be reunited with some one i know

  • my name is michael, 49yrsold and sigle , am i going to meet soom one soon or am i going to be reunited with some one i know

  • G'morning Andrea

    I know I am in a long line here and I shall be patient and hopeful that you will read me too.

    I have not been feeling myself lately. Was trying to wait it out but saw your offer so I thought I'd put it to you....

    Is it a real medical issue or just MORE signs of aging? ( I am a female, currently 51 soon to be 52 )

    Also, my adult ( 30yr old ) son is astranged from me now and has been for months. The situation has brought me so much sadness and pain : will this resolve itself or should I resign myself to our drums beating differently for always?

    Thank you for your time, it's very nice that you are willing to share your gift with people at a time when so many need encouragement!



  • good morning andrealightgiver,

    i hope you got my little note that i am so sorry but i couldn't be online at 6:00 pm central last night. i wish i could have... but, i will go into Lobby, and stay in there all weekend, so that maybe i can be there when you are able to also!

    i so appreciate your help...it sounds like it's going to be bad news like you were kind of seeing when you were also picking up on your daughter's scary news. so, i hope to be able to get some clarity and be able to heal and work on my sadness.

    thank you again andrea...


  • Hi, Andrea...

    I wrote to you yesterday and then read your posting about the special chatroom, but couldn't get in to it. Is there any chance we could talk thru email or on here? I could really use your insight!

    Thank you...


  • Hi Andrea, I've written to you a while ago and do not mind waiting...... You've certainly gotten some response. Careful what you wish for 🙂

    I received a letter for a test (2nd leg of interview process). This job would mean everything to me and my daughter. I take the test July 15th (2 days after my BDay).

    When you do get around to me, would you take this into consideration? I so look forward to speaking with you here or I know you don't like to email but I cannot get into the 6PM lobby.....

    Lauravanvalkenburgh@comcast.net. My 1st reply for your reading was very personal.

    Thank you so much Andrea if you could try reading me when you are able. God Bless your gift and the help you are giving,


  • Andrea, Forgot to Wish you and yours a very Happy 4th of July!!!


  • What is my mission???I have worked in the optical field for the past 13 yrs. I love languages, speak 8 of them. I love everything to do with different cultures, international politics etc. Have college degree. I was born in Helsinki, Finland October 23, 1960 at 9 :10 a.m. What or where should I look to find my real passion???


  • I have been friends with this guy for five years. There has been chemistry between us ever since we met and we have always been close but we have done nothing that would make us more than friends (since we were in the relationships with the partners that we are now with as well).

    He is getting married and I probably will but there has been much left unsaid between us.

    There were numerous things indicating that we would end up together but it is now all over.

    Do you see anything happening between us ever in the future and what are his feelings for me?

  • andrea,

    i have a couple more questions for you.... i tried to register for the att chat but i'm having alot of trouble... can you give me more details on how to register please...

    thank you

  • andrea,

    i have a couple more questions for you.... i tried to register for the att chat but i'm having alot of trouble... can you give me more details on how to register please...

    thank you

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