I Would Like To Give Readings

  • Hi,

    I was in love with a man in my undergrad school 8 years back. I think it was only one sighted although we were good friends. I graduated 5 years back and haven't met him since then but I still feel a strong connection to him and still love him. I believe he is my soulmate. How can I find if he is my soulmate? Is it possible to know if he loves me too? WIll I ever meet him again in life? I am an arien and he is a gemini.

  • Hi i would really like for you to give me a reading. For the past couple of months my love life has been pretty sour. Do you see anything in my cards? please reply and thank you in advance.

  • I am attracted to a younger man who shows he likes me then withdraws

    do you see a relationship for us

    i am leo 8 aug

    he is gemini 29 may


  • hi andrealightgiver!

    i hope all's well with you and that your daughter got off to a great start on her fun adventure!

    i wanted to say thanks again for putting so much effort out there for me...

    i can't seem to be able to find you online. i have really tried, but i just can't find your chatroom.

    so, whatever is easiest for you...just let me know what i can do, ok?



  • hi my name is jacqueline,im trying to be strong for my familys sake,my mum and dad was close to my brother and which they still love so dearly,he married a woman whom is a bit selfish,i have a son and i am married,i have a younger sister to who also has a son,my brother has moved away with no details to find him and we dont know why,he has cut us all out of his life it makes me so sad as the boys has done nothing wrong,also i lost a very good soul mate she was 34 yr old,will i suceed working for myself thats another qeustion i ask myself,

    i hope you can answer what i need to know,i hope you can as im so confused specialy with my brother tony whom i was so close to growing up,

    regards jackie

  • To Toledo...

    It was a reading concerning my daughter and her family. They went to the bank and found out that an online mail order store has been charging items onto their checking account. They had three over drafts due to this company. It was terrible. They put a stop to it and the bank returned the overdraft charges but they were still out $200.00 until it is all straightened out by the bank. So I lent them some money.

    I am sorry I did not get to you today but I was with them for supper and to say our good-byes again.

    They had to delay the trip till tomorrow.

    I need to tell you and everyone else that when you go into ATT , you must go to the lobby or another room on the list of rooms , then look for me. I will not appear on the rooms list at the beginning.

    Hope to see you tomorrow at six central time.

    Thanks for your patience,



    Pretty accurate reading for my daughter. lol

    Too late to prevent it tho.

    I think I got a reading for her because I had been thinking of her leaving on the trip.

    I hope this practice will help me to develop myself to focus better on the person I read for so as not to make anymore mistakes. Sorry.

  • hi andrealightgiver!

    wow! that is so unbelievable that you picked up on what you did with your daughter. thank goodness you were able to help them out in time. no worries about confusing them and me! i can imagine it will take some practice to be able to tell the difference between people. especially, now that you have been doing so many readings! lol i'm glad it worked out.

    i'm in absolutely no hurry at all...so, i am grateful to you! i already figured that you needed to spend time with your daughter today. that is most definitely a priority.

    okay, so i went to Lobby on ATT and it worked! yea!

    the only thing is that i just can't be home at 6:00 pm tomorrow. i'm sorry...

    is there anyway...please that we can maybe try this weekend? i hate to bother you with this...but it would mean so much to me to hear what you have to say. i can try and work around your schedule whenever it is best for you.

    thank you andrea...


  • HI Andrea, i cannot get inside the link you gave us at all. i tried and tried, and i even thought to skip asking you for a reading- anyhews any suggestion how we else can do this?

    i canmail you but i need an email addy whioch was why i set mine on here.

    aide me to aide you andrea thanx

  • Hello Andrea Lightgiver,

    I’m a Capricorn, and I have two questions:

    1. Career – I have been laid off recently. I need a job now more than ever; what should I be doing to land a new job? Will it be in the same field? Are there any friends or events waiting there….anything good going on for me this Summer or early Fall?

    2. Personal Life – I am struggling with this question: keep the status quo, or shift completely into a new direction? I would like a fresh start – I cannot go back to the “cage”….it makes me dizzy, just thinking….Are the coming eclipses going to influence in any way this dilemma? How much can I influence the outcomes (I know what I’d like, can I make the right decision, the best for my future)?

    Thank you.

  • Please, tell me if my son actually committed suicide, or was he murdered?

    My DOB: 07/05/1956

    His DOB: 03/04/1986

  • Dear Andrealightgiver.

    I would love a reading if you are not too busy.

    I feel like I dont know where I am going with my life, I work part time, have one daughter and I am 40 also a capricorn, I would like some guidance as to the way forward? What should I be doing and what direction should i be going in?

    Thank you


  • Hi Andrea I can not get onto that site so I figured I would just ask here. I like this guy I work with and we have both said there are feelings there but I want to know if I should wait for him or if I should push it or just be a coworker and leave things lay? Also I am a single mom with a great relationship with my daughters father. what is going on with her father and will he ever get it together? Thank you so ever much I do hope that you get to me and my little problems.

  • Hi, Andrealightgiver... is your offer still open? I have 2 things, 1 dealing with romance and 1 dealing with work, that I could really use some guidance with. Please let me know... I see that you got a lot of responses.

    Thank you,


  • hi sultan 08,

    After seeing your post I had to reply! Unfortunately I don't give readings, I just happen to be a leo who finds herself surrounded and attracted to gemini's! Don't let that pulling in close and pushing away scare you too much that's just how they are! You definitely got under his skin if he is doing this! If I were you I would just sit back, be a casual observer and soon you will see him pursuing you! It has happened time and again, especially with these Gem's!

    Oh, and every one of the Gemini's I spoke of, there were 3 or I should say there are 3, all of them younger than me! They didn't all happen at once, just when one winds down another shows up and I suspect this newest one could very well be the one! I hate to say it but you gotta learn to play the game, chess! Gemini's don't mean to play games it simply is the way they are.

    One more thing, Gemini's are all about friendship, these people can be and quite often are friends for life! Leo's are all about love and I can guarantee you, your Gemini is trying his hardest not to get swept off his feet, there is nothing as powerful as a Leo's passion in love!

  • I would like to get some insight. Can you give me a reading? Ive been in a relationship with this guy for 2 years, we broke off our relationship around easter and was having a fairly good time seperating myself from him...then we started becomming "friends" intimately and that went well for a while, but now it just seems like he is trying to controll my decisions like before when we were in a relationship. I'm starting to feel like I need to put a final end to it and find a meaningfull relationship and was wondering how I can get through this. I am also having a tough time connecting with my family..I have lost alot of my patience with them (as a group) and trying to reconnect. Anything will help. I really would appreaciate feedback right now. Thanks.

  • Hello again Andrea. I'm sorry to be such a pest. I am unable to go to the site you suggested. However, I really do need your help. Do you think you could possibly tell me if you can see anything for me? I am sorry, I'm not like others who are able to give you a gift in return., although I wish I had a gift in that way to offer you. I truy am desperate for an answer. Thank you so much again.

  • RSchk,

    No need to give me anything. All I want is feedback on my accuracy. I am trying to learn how to focus my ability so that I can get better at it. I am learning some thing from this too. that's why I prefer to use that chat format. I have better contact . But I will try to give you the best I can. Right now I am taking a break. I'll be back later tonight.

  • Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you. I really do hope you are doing ok.

    Best Regards.

  • Hello RSchk

    Hope your online or will be soon. I will do reading now and hope you read it soon.

    To others waiting I will do my best to get to you when I can.

    Peace and love...Andrea

  • Hi Andrea.I'm here, don't worry.

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