TAURUS men/woman, could use some insite please!?

  • Hi all 🙂

    I am a Cancer woman! I was dating a Taurus for 2 months, we both agreed not to rush things and just start dating see where things might lead. We made it clear that were are not "together" so dating others is acceptable. We enjoyed eachother's company ever chance we had, which was not often because we both have kids. When we did see each other we had a great time. After our last date I noticed he started pulling away a little bit. I gave it about a week and nothing changed, I did try to reassure him during this week that I am not a threat. After that week and him hardly talking to me, and completely shutting me out. I gave him a call and told him I thought it was best we did not see each other anymore. He said he was sorry and that he was in a "funk" and just did not know what he wants. He also expressed not wanting to cut all communications. This confused me because we never talked about going further in the relationship, there was no pressure at all, he did what he wanted and I did what I wantend. I told him that I think he is a great guy and said I would not mind being friends with him. So the conversation ended really well.

    I did not send him any texts or call him, I felt like I needed space and I figured he could use it too. We did not talk for about 3 weeks. Then he sent me a message, and I kept it a nice short convo. Then I didnt hear from him for ....i dont even know how long, at this point i was over the whole thing pretty much. I just know, we had a longer conversation the second time, and one thing he told me was that he thinks he missed out on something good. All I said was, sometimes these things happen and life is full of risks and that was the end of the convo. More time lapsed before he sent me a message lastnight and started flirting heavily. Then he started talking about how he felt he was out of his "funk", and that he wanted to see if he could have another shot with a super awesome woman.

    I am a little confused as to what he is thinking here. I have retreated into my shell the day we went into the "friend zone" , I was never mean, i just did it so I could have my time to gather my thoughts and then I stayed there just to be protect myself. Is he sincerly wanting another shot? If so why all the sudden change?

  • Oh man!! The exact opposite of the relationship I am in. I am Taurus woman he is a Cancer man....

    Oh where oh where do I begin?? lol I am only LOL'ing bc I think we could really help each other a great deal.

    I will start here. They way cancers communicate is very mind challenging to a Taurus. I can tell you if he did not mean that he would have NEVER, EVER said that he would like a second chance. We Taureans do not say things we do not mean. We are the ones who believe everyone means what they say. So, that is how we communicate.

  • Okay, I just do not want to invest too much into a lie. You know that I mean?

    What is going on with your situation?

  • There are pages and pages....lol

    Yes, I do know what you mean.....it is tricky between Taureans and cancers, but very enjoyable...

  • We could just ask each other different questions and give each other insight. Like, I can tell you that I know how guarded you cancers are, especially when you speak. But we Taureans let everything out!

  • -Aireanna

    Wow. Your story is very similar to mine. His movements 'mimic' mines. I'm also a Taurus. The man I spoke of in my previous thread was a Cancer man. With Tauruses, we prefer a gradual courtship. The two of you may have agreed to take things slow with no strings attached, but his heart told a different story. He may have needed some time to gather his feelings about you. In addition, he may have been experiencing some financial problems. This is what they don't tell you about Tauruses in the zodiac. (contrary to the ridiculous gold-digging stereotype that are labeled on Tauruses). When we're in a financial 'funk,' we go into complete isolation until our finances resurface. Then we're good as new!

    For me personally, I never feel that I'm worthy of that person if I'm not where I want/or need to be financially. I hate to be pitied. We're emotionally strong people remember. I can tell you this Arieanna, he meant what he said! One thing about Bulls, we KNOW what we want! Now he feels that he has the confidence level to pursue you. Don't mind the flirting, LOL. We can't help it!

    It's his way of trying to ease his way back in with little difficulty. But trust me, his intentions are purely genuine! He's a determined Bull. He will pursue you until he has you!

    There is always a 'lost in translation' with Cancers and Tauruses as I indicated in my previous thread. Don't 'shell' up if you're unsure about your Taurus. We can be just as guarded as Cancers. Don't be afraid to express yourself. Don't communicate 'sideways.' Be honest, and vulnerable. This melts our hearts, literally!

    Best of luck to the both of you....

  • It's crazy...

    Tauruses are confused about Cancers.

    Cancers seem to be confused about Tauruses.

  • Hey Taurus7--

    I hope all is well with you and your Cancer man.

  • wow! all i can say is wow! this cancer/taurus relationship is so mind boggling! i myself am with a cancer man and being a taurus i find myself just pleading with him to be open about what he thinks or feels cause i put everything out there!

    i agree we bulls do like to be financially stable before getting into a relationship even though he may have came off as saying just friends he knew there was something more in you that he wanted he just needed to get in the right position to pursue you! we are stubborn but very understandable so be open as possible with us and you will thoroughly enjoy ur taurus man!

  • "i agree we bulls do like to be financially stable before getting into a relationship even though he may have came off as saying just friends he knew there was something more in you that he wanted he just needed to get in the right position to pursue you! we are stubborn but very understandable so be open as possible with us and you will thoroughly enjoy ur taurus man! " (Posted by Taurean Treat).


    You explained it in more 'simplest terms' than I did. At times, I can be so long-winded...

  • Hey Aireanna11, I think you should definitely give this guy another chance and see where it goes. Being a taurus with my mars and moon in cancer, I can understand both yours and his reasoning a bit. Tauruses aren't known for flakiness, but we do like to take our time making decisions or commitments, or just "the right time." As the others mentioned above, maybe he was dealing with certain issues at the time. See where things go now, but if he flakes up again you should rethink things.

  • Hi, I'm a leo married to a Taurus been with him 22yrs...We met while working summer jobs in high school...my taurus stated the same thing when we met, that he just wanted to be friends...that is only to protect their hearts...he is into u...he just doesn't wanna come across as desperate and vulnerable...If he is in a funk maybe it is because he didn't get any reciprication back from you that you wanted to be more than friends, he may have had concerns with that, and withdrew his emotions for the time being...?? Tauruses will pursue you completely! I couldn't shake my man, so I married him...bahahahaha, crazy I know! Tauruses really completely love when they love...be open with him, tell him u'r dreams and ambitions, desires etc...they wanna know everything about u, as they are very sensual people...

    Long term wise, they can become stubborn for change...they like things simple and comfy, but it can get boring with routine...as a cancer though u might be alright with that homey boring life! lol....no offence...I think that's the dramatic adventurous side of my leo personality though that I don't fulfill because I accommodate the Taurus...so that I don't hurt his feelings...they can be very sensitive, almost like little boys who can't reason...although they do communicate, it is like walking on egg shells sometimes when dealing with the sensitive issues...I have to refrais things in order for him not to take things so abrubt...I'm not the enemy...I just like to resolve issues, and yet sometimes I feel my Taurus is happy in the rut, but fails to see it as such...I've also had to take over all the money, budgetting, and financial stuff.. my taurus is no good with that...I literally had to give him an allowance each week so that he wouldn't drain our savings on (go figure) FOOD....appealing to their senses...:P My taurus is extremely loyal, However, he is so jealous of me speaking about men I work with...sometimes detrimental to our relationship...I don't even bother to talk about men in general cause it is such a touchy situation with him...I would have to say Tauruses have insecurities, so u need to always give them reassurance, and be very physical in u'r love for them...not just s..e...x...they need hugs, holding hands, playing with their hair..sensual touches...and they will definitely return the favor and treat u like a lady...My taurus opens doors for me (incls car doors), pulls out my chair for me, helps me with my coat, carries heavy bags and such....a real sweety, even after 22 yrs!! 🙂

    Be careful when breaking up with Tauruses, as my friend's exhusband stalked her for 7 years after they separated, and still has it in his head that they can be together....it's crazy, as sometimes they can see u as a possession, and not someone who has freedom of choice...if u disagree with them they will bully (pressure) you into doing what they want, regardless of what you really want remember they are stubborn and like things their way...

  • @Messenger---

    Wow! You should write a page about Tauruses. You're spot on!

  • 22yrs experience FemmeFatale...lol 😛 My husband is so routine, that I can predict how he will perceive things, respond to things and do things, and say things...when u get to really know their routines, they are easy to figure out...:P I also find that they have really high standards of morals...sometimes it can be obsessive...I feel I can't be the person my husband is trying to mold me to be...yet I accept him for all of himself..he has a tendancy to tell me how I should have responded to things he has sayed, or that after a fight I need to run over to him and hug and kiss him etc...I am not that person, I need some space after a fight, then I will later go and apologize or give affection....I don't have an on/off switch that can so easily change like my Taurus seems to have and yet tells me that I need to have....he can drive me crazy sometimes with that...:P

  • @Messenger

    There is a Virgo Woman who posted a thread about dealing with a Taurus man. Her name is Snowbunny. I think your shared experiences with your Taurus male can be a great asset to her thread....

    You know Tauruses extremely well! 🙂

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