Need a Life Reading

  • My readings concern your potential and life mission in the present - it is up to you to put your talents and abilities to the task of making yourself happy and achieving your goals in the future. I can only try to point you in the right direction.

    According to your astrological and numerological profiles, you are destined to find a way to emerge from the shell you hide in and to express the more feminine side of your nature by becoming more compassionate, nurturing, and loving. Prone to emotional dormancy, you must learn how to reach out to others, thereby allowing yourself to share your unique brand of magic. Goal and career-oriented, you are called to let relationships be the centre of your life. You will learn lessons on love and loving, and as you learn, you will open to the enchantment of everyday life. As your emotional life opens and flows, you will blossom into a person who gives light and divine guidance to others. Your core lesson is to move into the light of a relationship from the shadows of a solitary life and release the need to be self-protective. Your goal is to reach out of yourself and touch those around you, using your gifts of psychic ability, generosity, and inspiration.

    Unlikely to be much burdened by too much shyness or a retiring nature, you are in for an unusual and at times amazing life experience. Yet because you may not march to the beat of everyone else's drummer, others may talk down to you or perceive you wrongly as stupid, lazy or crazy. Your anger at this treatment may impede your discovery of the true life of great service that awaits you. You must gather your courage to stand up and be heard, to be unafraid to open your mouth, and to put aside your fears. Developing your powers of communication, perception, and analysis may seem drab at first look, but together with your imagination, they will make you the successful communicator you are destined to be. Your biggest challenge will be putting your creativity and inspirational talents to use in the service of others, and you will find your fulfillment in finding the one profound love connection of a lifetime. Powerful energies combine in your body and spirit yet you must learn to direct those energies outward rather than inward. You are not as likely to emerge from your shell as to burst out of it. You may often feel as if you are seething inside, or that your emotions are out of control, that you are more or less at the mercy of your impulses. Yet you are possessed of tremendous talent and creativity so, if you can manage to ground your more chaotic impulses in the magic of everyday experience, your search for love and fulfillment is certain to be rewarded. Eating wholesome nourishing foods, exercising or walking in nature, relaxation, meditaiton and yoga are all very good for grounding you.

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