Shaubby- Please offer insight- Need Help Please...

  • Ophelia74

    Yes, you are a good couple. However since you are insecure due to something in your past that rather haunts you and you hang onto, you may not be able to have a peaceful, happy feeling inside with this relationship. He will contact you soon within 2 days is what I hear. He does say what he means from his heart. He has told his family about you and that is a true signal that he does care a lot.

    If he travels a lot I doubt that you will be able to contain and hold your feelings together enough to withstand this relationship for a long period of time. You have the need for security in matters of the heart and unless he under goes a transformation in his job area, you just simply need to enjoy him when time allows for you both to be together.

    People that are destine to come into our lives appear and we learn from them, in this case your lesson will be how to let go and love without a lot of expectations, yet to become stronger and learn about yourself along the way and what you really want and need to fulfill you when it comes to loving a man.


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