Shaubby- Please offer insight- Need Help Please...

  • Hi...

    I've posted similar elsewhere but was told you were excellent at offering advise and I would like to see what you think about my situation. Any insight is appreciate....thank-you for sharing your gift.

    I am in a new relationship with an old friend. We just spent two months together overseas traveling

    ME- Pisces sun and rising, Gem. moon, venus Aquarius, mars Gemini, eros Aquarius, Psyche Capricorn

    HIM- Cancer sun, Cap. moon, venus Leo, mars Aries, eros Leo, psyche Scorpio

    ...he told me he loved me at the airport as we were leaving, not before. We've returned to the states a week ago. There hasn't been a lot of contact. Different states, he is visiting family he hasn't seen in three years. I am busy with my own stuff. He has told his family about me. I miss him, terribly, we've spoke on the phone twice and he has told me he missed me, without prompt. I drive myself crazy waiting and wondering if/when he will make contact. I have a few questions...

    1. Was he sincere in telling me he loves me?

    2. Do you see us managing a successful long distance relationship? Having a future?

    3. Will he go overseas again in the next few months?

    4. Little contact now, because of returning home with family, do you see this picking up? More regular contact soon?

    5. Do you think he is wanting a relationship with me in the future, like moving toward being together in person?

    6. Will I see him at the end of the month?

    7. Why am I so insecure? He says he misses me and loves me and I doubt that...instead of trusting it...he is very much a thinker and not spontaneous.

    8. Why can't I go with the flow?

    9. Are we good together?

    Any other thoughts/ insights into this not mentioned???

    Many questions and I appreciate the insight....I have never been in a situation like this. I have never missed anyone so much before.



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  • Ophelia74

    Yes, he is welling to give this a try. Yes you should be able to meet at the end of the month and have a day or two togeather. The fact that you ask if he see's you as exclusive (girlfriend) the answer is yes. However, as in all long distance romances he can meet someone else and of course so can you if you open yourself to it. I feel his work almost comsume him and he really likes his alone time, than when he is rested he wants to have the intimate companionship of

    a woman. You will have to be the type of woman that is not clingly and has her own independence and life going for her to be able to cope and keep a relationship going with him, because even though his work is a time comsumer for him, he likes it and will not leave it. Can you be his type of woman?

    My words of wisdom is this: Enjoy him and your life, keep yourself open to meeting other men and one that would if you need this type, be more available and near by to support you and make you feel more secure. The choice is always yours.

    Love Comes Softly


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  • Ophelia74

    Sussess does not come easy it takes work in all areas of life.

    Living together is a green light if you are willing to give more than he will have to in this situation, meaning give up your home and familiar's friends, ect.

    Patience is aquired and sometimes has to be taught to someone. Perhaps he will aquire enough where you are concerned.

    Does it mean enough to him? Time is needed for him to give his heart to you and vice versea , as it seems at this point that you are rushing things and that will not create patience for either of you, nor will it give the time needed to know one another fully and wisely make a choice in what direction this relationship should go.


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  • I feel like I have answered your questions with the best of my abilites at this time. You are asking the same questions over and over as if you have to have the right answers to believe what is given. Look inside your own mind and heart and know the answers as you feel them from your own intutition. On a personal note here . I could never wait for a man all of the time to make me feel like number one, or if I at all felt used at any time, and I did'nt enjoy the heck out of it, than it would never happen again. A man saying I love you should by all means be taken into consideration. This tread is closed to me answering anymore questions.

    Good Luck


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