• Question....just found this Cancer guy confuses me. We just 're-met' friends for 12 years, absent from each other for ten, talked on chat and email for the last year. He was overseas for work. We just traveled together overseas for two months...he was only supposed to be there for two weeks, extended. I, as a Pisces, wanted to know where things were going, moving fast, five 'serious' convos. He kept saying, I like you, just don't know where I am gonna be, gotta be realistic. Well, he told me at the airport, last minute, that he loved me. I was shocked.

    Why? Is this sincere? Are Cancers slow to talk about feelings? He isn't really a game player. I have spoken with him twice this week on the phone...we are back in the States in different states. He told me he missed me, without prompt twice, I am now hesitant. He's told his family about me.

    Any advice...or thoughts on Cancer in these situations? I miss him so much...this is tough.

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