Any libra woman trying to love a cap man?

  • am i the only libra woman who cries all the time over a capricorn man? so frustrated...

  • I'm a libra woman more or less cries over a Gemini man......don't have anymore tears left......what happen to you?


  • i'm so sorry to hear that annie... it sure sucks to be sad.

    as i said, he is a capricorn man whom i've known for about 6 years now. he was so attentive...and we flirted...major chemistry. then, we became intimate a couple of times...i thought we really liked each other. he disappeared. he hasn't called me in over a year. that was it.

    it's like it freaked him out to actually feel something, and he split. the thing is, he is really shy too, so i wasn't sure if he was just taking some time to figure things out. but, i feel it's over and i miss our talks and being close. i know it's really stupid of me. it's hard to imagine being used.

    so, how about you and your gemini? we are supposed to be pretty compatible with them as libras...air signs and all. how old is he? what is going on with him? maybe we can figure it out...


  • He's Gemini? Don't trust him. They're major flirts n they never mean anything serious unless they hit a brick wall. That's how I was when I was single even thou I'm with the only person I'll ever love who just happens to be a capicorn. I'm a Gemini. I still wouldn't trust myself because I will try to get away with something despite my devoted love. Not to mention my capicorn guy was very very hard to get. Always gave me mixed signs n run after other girls. Even now it's not perfect. He's completely devoted to me more than I am with him. But we're complete opposites with common intrests. We will get in the ugliest fights. But we're still working on it. Boys r tricky. It's like u gotta feel them to kno what kind u have n then hurt them to kno they're loyal. Well at least with the assholes we're hopelessly in love with.

  • ok waffels im capricorn (woman) and my guy is a gemini and the only thing i have to say about our relationship is tht i hate to love him lol we too have ugly fights...but now i jus let him do wat he likes and i do wat i like but after we're done giving each other freedom its back to the relationship...but i can truly say im only like tht because i dont wanna get hurt..and to top it all off in the stranges way it seems to work perfectly cuz i knw he's loyal

  • Hi toledo,

    he is 48 already, so he should have calmed down by now...................

    you're right, maybe we both might figure it out! Just was doing a quick checking in here for now.........realy feel my more or less sleppless nights I'm having lately and this always questioning myself " WHY".

    Do you believe how exhausted just this can make me feel! I feel like I'm being drained..........

    so I'll try to get a little sleep now and I'll be back!

    You take good care of you!

    And you right..............also Libra /Gemini connection acctually is a avery ggod won and should work............well it did 25 yrs.................mostly long distance 😞

    Later Dear!


  • Hi, I am Robbin. A Libra woman (40 yrs w/ 8 kids: ages 18yrs- 5yrs) in LOVE with a Cap man. I have had my share of sleepless nights and crying. Together for 2 1/2 yrs. We shared an instant deep connection (shocked us, both had divorced spouses that had affairs). We learned that in our pasts we were going through the same things at the same time (different cities). He was everything I had ever dreamed a man could be! Two weeks later, he told me he loved me (and my kids) and didn't want to ever be without me. Life was better than a fairy tale for about 4 months. We spent a week (kids were away) not leaving the house. It was the most intense experience of my life (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He told me his dreams and plans for our furture (including building a house big enough for all 12 of us, he has 2 kids). When we woke up the next morning, he rolled over and said I love you with all my heart but I can't do this anymore! Get your things and leave me alone. I was shocked, confused and hurt. Three long days and nights I tried to make sense of it. Then, our paths crossed (he drove past my house, so I called him) he was sorry and scared because of how much he loved me, but was afraid of commitment (his idea) and being hurt again. Even though I knew we were in a committed relationship (he didn't want to date anyone & didn't want me to) I suggested that we would just be exclusive special friends. Everything went back to the way it was before, atleast until the next time. I would love to continue the story but I haven't the time now. The only advice I can offer is LISTEN TO YOUR GUT (not your heart or mind)! Hearts want to be filled with love and minds only process information provided to us. Both can trick us into believing and feeling things that aren't really meant to be. Your gut will tell you the truth if you are strong enough to listen. Please know that you are not alone! I hope that you are doing alright. I am here for you if you want to share. Doubblebb13 (Delaware)

  • hi a story. it is weird how capricorn men always run away just when you think things are going great, and when you're happy. i'm so sorry that you have suffered so is so confusing to be a libra woman in love with a capricorn man. they just don't get how sensitive we are...and if they see warmth and scares them away. but, that's who we are. so, it's like we keep trying to accomodate their needs...but we end up getting burned anyway. i wonder if they are ever really happy. and the way he told you to leave him alone...that is cruel beyond belief. how are you doing now my fellow libra? thank you for being so helpful to me... and i am here for you too...

  • Ladies, first of all crying over a man is NOT the best thing to do under any circumstances. I "waited" more or less for a Capricorn man for two years, the attraction was instant and powerful, chemistry (intellectual and physical mainly) galore...but it literally felt like...well, mixing air and earth. Capricorn men have a little peculiarity...IF and WHEN they are really interested in a woman they take it SLOW, so slow you will be long gone, married and with kids with another man before he makes up his mind about being able to committ:) I am saying that jokingly but it is actually true.

    Like most Aquarius men, only for different reasons, Capricorn seem to stay in the "friends" zone too long (did anybody tell them "friends" is what kills any spark of everything else?). They remain wonderful men...for Earth signs or Water signs ladies...not for Libras! Kepp your sense of humour about everything and discard the drama, there are wonderful things in store for you. One last word...compatibility is a delicate balance and mixture from other planets in your natal chart.

  • hi WiseLibra...i loved your comment!

    you are a wise libra! i am getting close to recovering from really liking this guy, but it's not easy. my heart was broken when he disappeared. i wasn't expecting that...and...well, i got pretty hurt. i'm working on not taking it personally...yeah, right! not easy for a libra...

  • Hi guys,

    I am a libra and am pursuing a cap guy. I didn't realise but I actually had been slowly falling in love with him for the last year. We began talking and hanging out as friends as I was seeing his mate. I finally got the courage to tell him only a month ago and things began to take off slowly. It is extremely hard to keep my cool - we see each other in public and I cannot show my feelings towards him as his friends are there, including the guy that I was seeing, and that fact, makes mr cap question whether or not I really do like him. Toledo51 I feel your pain and WiseLibra I understand what you are saying. I backed off from my cap - I told him what I felt, and then let him call the shots. My gut says it's going to be okay, my heart is screaming out for some affection and my mind wants to share everything with him. It is not an easy road, but I am learning patience, all about friendship and I have to say, it's nice to have an "old fashioned" relationship with the courting and most of all building trust between each other.

    I could look at it that he doesn't like me or I could look at it as he is being carefull not to get hurt.

    We as libras have the insight of balance, but caps -they like to work at things and make sure they are making the right decisions. I say, if you love your cap try to understand where he is coming from - because we have a better chance at understanding them, than they do of us...

  • My sister in law (Capricorn) is married to a Libra ...they met when they were 14, married at 18 and still together & seem to be blissfully happy ...they are now 34. My sister in law is very independent, socialable,non clingy, loyal....she will quite easily abandon hubby at a concert to push her way to the front and reunite with him hours later and neither would bat an eyelid. My Libran brother in law loves her to bits, intensely loyal and trusts her completely. They give each other space.

    My son is a Capricorn. He is totally laidback and socialable too. They want a quiet life. I think Libras can be too intense and loved up (the girls anyway) ....Capricorns shrug their shoulders and get on with things. I'm a Gemini with Libra rising...

  • My experience with the Capricorn man was 42 yrs. ago. And I married him after 8 months. Now it has been my experience that a lot of them are workaholics. Not so much the women but the men are. Of course again it maybe where they are in their sign. Mine was the 14th. He didn't want the two children we had and would get mad if they were ill and I had to buy medicine for them. It would take away from his toys. I called him self centered and egotistic. I was married to him for 16 years and not with him the whole time. I tried 5 times to get back with him and each time my kids got mad cause they said its not going to work. Its a Libra thing to keep trying till you think you have exausted every means to make it work. Well I finally got to that place and I was done. I got tired of being his punching bag verbally and physically. And he wouldn't work after that for very long to pay his child support. A lot of the things he did were to do with how he was raised but somethings were definately his sun sign. The ones I know, male and female have a tendancy to be selffish at some point when it cuts into their enjoyment.

  • to librasliar,

    you are definitely right............libra women try till it's really over, than their won't be no coming back......I made mistake with my exhusband and my exboyfriend!

    Let them take me almost to far! Yes we always try to understand everbody.........try to balance things out and some times we are the fool at the end...........just for trying to solve things, accepting people who are totally oposite from us..........and having a lot of patience with others, but none with least me libra woman!

    As far libra female /capricorn male I can't say to much! Just know one couple............but they still in love with eachothers since 15 yrs now!

    Sure they had ups and downs but both of them wanted to make it at the end (at least for now) it seems like they've made it!

    but it's always if two have the same goals charing the way to get there togehter, respect and accept eachothers differencies, it can work out...........

    Yes, a stable, trustworthy, solid relationship is really hard work....never take you partner for granted!

    Me, I never forgot (even I'd a very bad marriage (picses)and at the end a very bad relationship (taurus), because I had to much understanding and patience, gave in to many times, just to keep harmony and peace, left myself on the side,................but never forgot how it startet..that way it made it easier for me to let go of both of them, because it just didn't work out!

    Take care of you!


  • AJATC85 this is funny and I don't mean ha ha. My second was Mar. 7. And I found that after that first one I didn't put up with as much anymore. I went through hell with this one in a matter of 6 months. He had two heart attacks. A car accident while under the influence. While I was at work. And killed a doctor that he had no remorse for. He just said she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Don't get me started. And spent two months in the hospital. I lost my job over this because the owner of my company I was with 5 yrs. owned the insurance. Granted he didn't use that for the reason he let me go but he offered me a dime raise knowing I would be insulted and I told him he should keep it cause he obviously needed it more than I did. The next day I got my slip and I fought him for unemployment and got it. But oh yeah I even married a taurus. A player out on the road. You know truck driver. One in every port. Someone forgot to tell him he wasn't a sailor. No I don't take nearly as much anymore. And even tho some people think I may not believe in love at first sight, he was my love at first sight. Little did I know when I said he had a smile that lite up the room, it was his aura and I don't see auras. But anyway. I learned a lot over the years and I am not one who needs a man in my life. I would like one for sharing interests but I want to be wanted not needed. Thank you! I am fine working on myself and happy too.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey,

    I m a libra woman and I am in love with a Capricorn man. He did not say he likes me but I know from the looks on his face and they way he speaks to me. I know he loves me. Our age gap is huge and I know being a logical capri man, he will not move forward to this relationship. I love him a lot and I know he does too. I also know that if I do not tell him, he will not tell me but I am uncertain here. Should I tell him my feelings? There are rooms to make it grow. I tried to stay away and deny this feeling issues. I changed my job so that I do not see him and all but I keep thinking of him. I do know he has feelings for me and if I do not step forward, he will not too. I love him and I wish to let him know. What should I do?

  • BELLAMUERTE, you should tell him the thing about us cappymen is that it is hard to say i mean we all do go thru some rejection in life all of us not just caps ... but the thing is to get him alone and tell him take it from mr.cappy all the best in your relationship

  • She's not KIDDING either! My toxic 5 yr relationship with a Cap Male ended 2 years ago, and once I finally let go, and moved forward with my life (I was even living with another man etc), he FINALLY decides he loves me and is ready to be with me again?!

    Of course me being the sucker that I am, I toyed with the notion and attempted to make it work with him (again), but in classic MALE CAPRICORN style, once he saw that I was emotionally wrapped back up into him, he cut off ties his ties with me and said it was MY fault for getting involved with another man.

    If I can save a fellow Libra female from pain and suffering, I would feel it wasn't ALL in vain. SERIOUSLY ladies, if you are a Libra and your man is a CAPRICORN...RUN AND RUN FAST!!!

    It will take YEARS off your life...

    I could write a book on all the pain that man put me through.

    I don't wish that kind of experience on my worst enemy.

    Good luck to you all!

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