AstraAngel-could i please get a reading on my love life?

  • I fell in love with this guy, i think he did too. For us to have a chance i would have to leave all my life behind and i didn't cuse i wasnt sure of his love. Now he doesn't speak to me for weeks but he didnt removed me completely from his life and his leaving my country for good and i cant go with him, so im hurting cuse i do not have closure on this and i need one. Can u tell me if we are going to meet before he leaves or what is going to happen to us?

    thank you

  • Hey vaniav

    Sure thing, I will share what I see.

    First off, is he aware that you are in love with him? Have you told him? You "think" he loves you? He never came out and said though?

    I did a six card spread to try and open this out.

    1. Your feelings for him - The Six of Wands - Very nice, this shows the excitement and thrill you feel with him. He lifts you up, makes your world bright, Waite called this card the "Crown of Hope" and you saw the hope of a beautiful love with him. No wonder you fell in love.

    2. His feelings for you - the Queen of Wands - No doubt about it he feels strongly toward you and sees you as a lady of great depth and a very passionate nature. You two should have been together, what happened? Let's look at that.

    3. What happened? The Eight of Pentacles - Tells me that it is work related, something to do with money, a job or something that he needs to find. The focus seems to be more on material concerns and so that might have choked out the possibility of a nice union with him.

    4. Why it happened? Four of Cups - tells me that there was some aspect of the relationship, perhaps with him, that was not fulfilled. Something was withheld and it caused him to turn to the material area for release and compensation. I have the sense that there was something he needed from you that you were either unwilling or unable to provide. What was that?

    5. Outlook for the future - the Ten of Pentacles - Waite called this "the abode of a family" so this is very promising. I still have the sense that something was supposed to have developed between the two of you and something, a key was lost, or a question that should have been asked wasn't and that became a roadblock to the relationship.

    6. Outlook for a meet up before he leaves? Three of Swords - Well, on the surface this looks like a disappointment, however that is not the whole story. A lot seems to be riding on you at this point. There is still something here between the two of you, and I would try to reach out to as long as he is open to that. Are you able to talk to him at all? Do you have his address? Send him a dozen roses and a note to say "I love you and always will, love vaniav" - do that and we can then try another reading on the prospects of a meet up before he leaves and I bet the results will be better.

    In any case it would be good for you to get closure as you mentioned. I would do something to let him know how strongly you feel and see if that breaks the log jam. Roses, a nice letter with a poem, or hire a plane to write in the sky "Leonov, I love you!" 🙂

    And why were you not willing to leave you life behind before? You weren't sure he really loved you? And now you can't leave with him, why not? This can still be turned around however you are going to have to get on the stick and show him how passionate you are toward him. He could be waiting to see that and THEN he'll buy you a ticket to go with him.

    I hope that gives you some ideas!

    Love and light, I will be praying that you DO get that reunion.

  • Thanks darling you totaly nail it. yes i told him I love him, he did told me once but stopped even asked me to have a kid. we had a short romance, back and fowarding constantly, his very protective about himself so he doesnt show his feelings he prefers to let go than try.

    the thing is is work is one of the problems is station in my country and his leaving in Nov. im portuguese so its very hard to go to the USA just like that, you know... and about him not being fulfilled is cuse i never had the courage to leave my marriage for him (yep big issue) and his disapointed with me cuse i told him i would and i didnt but if he only had poped the question i would.

    Im able to talk with him i still see him too, but he doesnt make a move his ignoring me completely, he wants to forget me but never end it, he still keeps me in skype.he once told me that his not looking foe commitments thats why i didnt took the change.

    But Im suffering cuse I love him and its so hard to reach him, i wrote him a letter he never replied so im starting to think that this is a loosing battle like he says.

    The peoblem my friend is that i know my self to well and this will not go away,will take years,thats why i asked if we will be together again after is gone no matter how long it takes.

    thank you, if by reading this you can tell me more i will apreciate cuse im so down without knowing what to do and what to expect.

  • Hey vaniav

    Queen of Swords - write him again. Put the letter in a BIG box. And ship to to him. Do that TODAY and it will open the door. Pour your heart out, Tell him you'll follow him anywhere and leave that sucky marriage you are in. Just DO IT. What have you got to lose except your boring marriage in Portugal.

  • Or sneak over to his place and leave it on his doorstep. Should your husband ask you what you are doing with that big box, tell him you promised a friend to help them move................ 🙂

  • Thank u but i think i will stay put, i will wait and c if he says something, i will give him time, im very tired of putting myself out without knowing what r his really intentions with me. I have a lot to loose my family is one and the place i leave in its terrible everybody knows everybody and trash everybody even if we dont do nothing they point fingers at us. Secondly its very hard for me to just go out,my husband knows everybody i hang with, his always on top and im tired of fighting. I think that once more im giving up of my hapiness in favor of marriage wasnt so bad my husband his a good man the problem is that i was never in love and for 3 years now the love i felt its completly gone but i still like him we r good friends,companions and he needs my help cuse he knows i dont love him and he loves me so much after all this.So i just cant ignore this and take a fools leap.

  • Okay vaniav

    I understand. I drew the Ace of Wands, I still see something new coming up for you, so stay expectant. Y

    Five of Pentacles - your home concerns are going to settle out and give you a springboard to something new more freedom. You are out and about more and it seems more like you are by yourself.

    Nine of Cups. I still want to say it is something very nice in love coming for you, You deserves to be happy, as long as you can keep a sweet attitude toward your husband i see no reason you can't be satisfied emotionally in other, new ways.

    Keep going strong, you have a very open heart and you could really use that friend who is very sweet to you, someone new. Be open to signs and something - Page of Pentacles - a letter, email or note somehow coming from someone (new) soon.

  • Dear Astra i know that the best for all its for me to stay married, no one else will get hurt except me, cuse i dont feel anymore that i will love my husband again, the love is gone,especially now theres no turning back cuse im inlove with other man. and i made a choice if i cant be with him i prefer to stay in my marriage being faithfull, i dont want to get burn again. Never thought in my all life that i would feel this way again,he show up from nowhere and blow me away, his a very hard man to deal with, i know that if we stayed together wouldnt be perfect cuse his caring when his around but when faraway he doesnt think on saying hi. So i dont want anyone new, i just want him.

    So i will ask what the cards hold for me regarding this relationship in the future; will Ed come back for me one day? will we be able to meet and talk before he leaves? will he continue to love me after his gone? its cuse the way it is now none of us wants to end it, it seems that we are destin to be together but when we decide to something happens.thank you. 🙂

  • Hi vaniav

    I will take a look at your questions. It sounds like you are following your heart in this matter, I am praying for that your life will transcend into something so lovely, you have such a great heart for love, you deserve to have the deepest, most wonderful relationship possible. Keep your faith up there, Heaven is working out something wonderful for you! I know it!

    OKAY, your questions...

    1. will Ed come back for me one day? The Queen of Pentacles - "she prefers long term liaisons." vaniav I am getting YES to this question and I am also getting that there is something with Ed that is much more long term than you realize. Could you two be soul mates? In which case no matter where you two are physically there is always a connection. I'll bet that is what is going on.

    2. will we be able to meet and talk before he leaves? The Fool - this again seems like a YES to me, my little book that comes with this deck says "spontaneous attractions and unconventional lovers. This is a positive sign of something trying to be expressed for the first time, and the Fool is willing to reach out no matter the situation. I see that he will really want to at least talk to you before he leaves.

    3. will he continue to love me after his gone? Page of Swords - This page is all about communication, words so I see that there will continue to be communication between you eventually. The presence of a male page and a female Queen this simple three card spread says very strong to me CONNECTION of you two.

    Keep looking up, expect some nice things to develop. Wish lovely happy thoughts toward Ed. Oh, and also to your husband too. 🙂

  • Hi AstraAngel, thank you again u r being such an angel to me right now, yes i do feel that me and Ed we r soul mates, cuse when Im with him doing something i have the strangest feeling that we already did that and it feels so right, so familiar. Even when his not okay I can sense it and must tell u that today I couldn’t sleep dreamt with him all night, when I woke up it was like wakening up from a nightmare, had the strangest feeling that something is not right with him, until now I still have a knot in my throat, but I don’t want to call him and ask, cuse he might not answer or think that Im not going to leave him alone, I don’t want to impose myself again. One thing I already know from the bottom of my heart that he already knows the day his leaving. Im having a hard time dealing with all this pain Im feeling cuse all I want to do is leave everything behind and follow the man I love. But when I start thinking I see so many obstacles that we just cant turn them around in such short time.

    I just wished AstraAngel that we could at least talked, that he have told me exactly what he wanted and feels cuse I know he loves me and his protecting himself by not telling it to me.

    One time I had a reading that scared me she said be careful cuse u are going to be pregnant of Ed’s kid and after 1 year he will be back for you only or both of you. She also said that during this coming year we will be in touch by mail or skype but that Ed’s is not going to decide so soon cuse his dealing with a lot in his life and also told that I will get divorced. (????)

    I lay down cards too, Marsella Tarot but as u know its very hard to lay down cards for us, but also they say the same thing even before we started seeing each other they said we would and I fought it so hard, but destiny always found a way of us meeting.

    So Im blaming destiny on this one :).

    Could u please see waht is going to happen to Ed in the coming year or is to far?

  • vaniav

    I will be honest. What is so dog gone important that you are trying to preserve in that ugh - marriage of yours? Kids? A mortgage? Money? Going out for pizza every Friday night (how long has that been going on?). I mean it is obvious to me that you are totally wrapped up in Ed, in spite of his on and off behavior. You are SLEEPING with him in your dreams, he is around you when you wake up, when you get up, and when you are out for a walk. What is it going to take to get you to accept this NEW phase in your life that is trying to develop?

    I mean, what's the worse that could happen were you to tell Ed, "Hey! I changed my mind! I am coming with you!" - I mean, would the city sink into the sea? Earthquakes? Tidal waves? Volcanoes? It sounds to me like you are preoccupied with keeping every one else happy while YOU are sad and lonely and IN LOVE WITH ED! You are in love vaniav. Face it. Accept it. Sure you can always buy that ticket down the road and go visit him after he leaves the country. You know what would be so much nicer? GO WITH HIM NOW!

    How big are you? Can you fit inside a big suitcase? Hey vaniav, I cannot tell you what to do, and please, I an only a reader, not your mom and dad. I can't tell you to do this or that, I can only tell you what I am feeling, and I am feeling you are supposed to be with him!

    I would sneak away. So what is your husband going to do? Hire a team of international spies to track you down? You will be having the time of your life and your husband will be fine. Now, should you have a house full of babies in diapers or something then that is a different story. I don't hear that is the case. I do hear a lady who is WILLING to do ANYTHING for the REAL THING and I believe this is the REAL THING.

    Let's pull a card....

    Two of WANDS - you are really pondering making a move with him. Don't lie. You are deeply considering going to him and saying "Ed - I am ready to GO WITH YOU!" He will be ECSTATIC!!!! AT LAST - THE LADY HE HAS ALWAYS LONGED FOR is coming with him! You will be so happy! YOU overcome your fears and then you will be hugging yourself the rest of your life!

    So what else is "back there" with your husband that is so important? The clock radio by your bed? The TV set? Helping him fill out the crossword puzzle? WHAT IS KEEPING YOU FROM MOVING ON WITH ED? Let's look at that and remove those obstacles, and then you will be free to follow your heart.

    Vaniav, is is very obvious to the entire Universe by now that this situation is eating you alive. You wold not be continuing to ask for a reading or help were that not the case. YOU are in a great position, you can DO THIS as long as you are willing to LOVE YOU!

    You see vaniav, this is not really about your husband vs. Ed. THis is about YOU - YOUR dreams, YOUR desires, YOUR hopes for YOU! YOU need to be happy vaniaz! When you continue to chart your life by keeping the old alive, and trying to keep patching up the leaks in the ship, and putting your fingers in every leak that keep springing out around you... then YOU WILL BE MISERABLE! Why? Because you are living your life under a false premise. That is other people's happiness you are here to support. NO! That is not how it works. YOU have to be happy and deeply fulfilled first of all! YOU have to be in a place where YOU are waking up with a big grin on your face and saying to yourself WOW! I did it! I took control, I decided to take care of ME for once in my life.

    Your husband will be fine. He'll still have his football games and the Sunday paper to read the funnies. Don't worry about him. He is actually probably HOPING You take off so that he can start exploring some new options too! Come on vaniav, what do i have to do, fly over to Portugal and grab you around the waist and CARRY YOU TO ED's and say "Hey Ed! HERE! SHe is YOURS! Now you two get out of here and HAVE FUN!!!!!"

    Come on vaniav GO FOR IT!

    Are you a jogger? Do you wear Nike's? JUST DO IT.

    FILL your heart and imagination with the FUTURE and let the PAST GO. It is not really serving a positive purpose for you. Maybe for Rodriguez or whatever your husband's name is. He is not obsessing over ways to make you THRILLED in life! YOU have to do that.

    Here, should vaniav pursue Ed with abandon TODAY?

    Quenn of WANDS - Fire! LOVE! PASSION! YES!

    DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHAT ED THINKS! Today, write him a three page letter and pour your heart out and tell him you will follow him to the ends of the earth! Take it to him, throw a rock through his window and wait for him to come outside and see you!

    "Hey vaniav, what the heck! Why are you over here! You broke my window, you little..."


    "WHat? You changed your mind? Your actually willing to leave the pizza dinner with hubby and the crossword puzzle and watching Wheel of Fortune with him... to chase ME? YOUR SOUL MATE?"

    "Yes ED! I am ready! Take me darling let's GO!"

    "Well... I dunno... are you really sure? How serious are you?"

    "I AM SERIOUS! I will do anything, I am ready to put my own heart first and center, and since you are in my heart, when I got to that center all I saw was you! I LOVE YOU ED! Dear God!"

    "Okay Baby!n HEY, I just happen to have an extra ticket!"

    This whole thing is a set up by the Universe to move you OUT of your sucky life and INTO the life of your dreams with the man you truly LOVE!"

    There! My work is done. You have any questions. You keep giving me reasons why you can't, and why life with hubby is more important then I will keep referring you here... you need to do this.

    Your husband will understand, I promise. Later on.

  • u know something AstraAngel my feelings were right, something real bad happend to him, he got robbed and im so worried cuse they stole is laptop and im on it, so can u see if i will get in trouble cuse of that and if what he had in is computer will be exposed?

  • are you going to get in trouble for helping him?

    Knight of Swords - no. You need to help this man.

    Will what he had on his computer be exposed? i hope it wasn't a bunch of classified govt top secret stuff! Let's see...

    Page of Wands - Page of Wands - it looks like something might come out into the open yes.

    Nine of Wands - I am seeing that he recover his laptop somehow although he (or the laptop) is a little beat up over it. Hey he needed a new one anyway.

    Six of Wands - this is a set up for you. GO HELP HIM today and don't leave his side until you TWO find it ...TOGETHER!

    Don't worry about your husband, he will understand. i hope.

  • i wish it was gov top secret, but no its me. thats why im worried prob will end in the internet.all our conversations are in there i think he never deletes anything. And if the robbers are someone that knows me im in big trouble.

  • I wouldn't worry about all that. See what you can do to help him find the thing. Tell him you will searching around the pawn shops or something. use this as an opportunity to reconnect with him and see where it goes.

    What was on it anyway about you? Were they love letters back and forth? Are you concerned your husband is going to find out more? that might get him to put down the crossword puzzles. It might not hurt to come clean with him... I am exploring some options here with you. Did you ever tell your husband that you were in love with another man?

    You need to call Ed. Tell him you think you know where the laptop is. To meet you at .. that little cafe around the corner... and then tell him you really don't know about the laptop, you wanted to see him so bad.... he will understand and this event is going to bring the two of you back together!

  • my husband knows that im in love with another, even suspects who he is.But i dont want to hurt him anymore, he doesnt need to know the rest, that will do him to much harm.

    Love letters, regular and (i know we dont do that) and what worries me about its the exposure if they manage to get inside of it im screwed. just talked with him he says that the well protected but we know that a good program can unblock it. .

    we dont have pawn shops in here, the robbers use things they steal for them selfs or to sell to others, also told him that im available to help him, that i wish i could give him a hug but im at work cant leave. He told me that his ok that he doesnt need anything.

  • Hi Astra i did what u told me. Went after, called, txt and we finally talked face to face but was a asual meeting i wasnt even going there, but wee sum told me to go, i could see in his eyes that he still loves me but his hurt and it seems that he wants to let go off me, he thinks its the best. But at least the robbery helped me; like i usually say destiny have a strange way on putting us on the same track again, even if we are not together. I feel that we are friends.

    True our dobs can you see if we have a chance in the future cuse right now im not seeing us together? his 03/22/1981, mine 03/18/1976, Im aware of all that you said and you are right, but i still dont feel confident enough to go true. Can u tell me what its going on with him after this meeting, i know im asking to much, but im very confused and lost and we tend to cling to people that listen to us without judgements. Thank u.

  • Vaniav

    Sure thing, I am looking at your charts and this is what I am seeing as far as your compatibility and future.

    You are a Pisces, and you have your Venus and Mercury there also. So you already watery, flowing emotional nature is even more pronounced due to Venus in there. Also, Mercury causes you to be rather probing intellectually, you don't mind thinking through your life relationships.

    Your lover also has his Venus and Mercury in Pisces also, which creates some real electricity in love. You both would make very communicative partners, weighing out life situations together.

    Your Moon is in Scorpio, which gives you an intense love and $exual nature. Moon in Scorpio people can be very extreme in their romantic needs, and this sometimes can cause some challenges as you seek to strike a balance between your intense needs, and the need for composure.

    Your lover on the other hand has his Moon in Libra so he provides that nice balance that you need emotionally. When you are around him he calms you, you feel safer and at peace in his presence. He also has Jupiter and Saturn there so he is able to draw on reserves in any direction to satisfy your emotional needs and balance you out.

    Your Mars is in Cancer (cusp of Gemini) so you have a strong drive for domestic harmony. You are a very nurturing person, and when anyone in the household needs a shoulder to lean on, you are right there.

    His Mars is in Aries, along with his Sun, so he can be a rather intense individual at times. Take charge, aggressive when he needs to be. You also have Jupiter there so you provide a nice balance to his male drive. He sense that you are as strong as he is, and that helps him relax with you.

    That is a brief overview, I see some really nice aspects between the two of you, no wonder the attraction! I am sure were the two of you to somehow work it out you would have a very robust and satisfying relationship. You need what his Moon provides to satisfy your emotional intensity.

    Now, your question:

    Can u tell me what its going on with him after this meeting?

    Two of Cups - well, whatever happened yesterday has left him deeper in love with you than ever. the Two Cups is a very nice card of a tender, young love that is only beginning. I have the feeling that matters are only beginning with you two - not ending! At least from his point of view. I wouldn't listen so much to his words (that you should end it and move on... did you look in his eyes? Wht did his eyes say? There is the truth. He is head over heals in love with you and would give anything to see something continue.


    The Lovers! Hey vaniav, there is still time to go buy that ticket and elope with him, or whatever you have to do. You are MEANT to be with him and his heart is so open to you. I know you are not in a comfortable situation with your marriage, and that is all the more reason to take this leap of faith and go with him. What do I have to do vaniav, buy my own ticket to Portugal and rescue you, and bring the both of you to whatever country your need to be in, to start a new life together.

    Just close your eyes, and wish upon a star, and make a move to him. I shower you with Heaven's blessings, you can't go wrong. We are all supposed to be following our hearts, not our fears, not our traditions and hangups.

    Go vaniav. He really loves you and I know it would be heavenly. Of course, I am an incurable romantic. I would chase love right into the center of the Sun and let it burn me up, for one chance at true love. You have that chance, true love is calling.

    Your Knight of Pentacles is waiting... however this door will not be open forever. This is your time. GO.

    Love, astra

    P.S. Your husband will handle it okay, he needs to move on too. You will be doing the both of you a a huge favor, He will thank you in years to come.

  • Yes Astra u r right i saw love and lust in his eyes he even told a guy when i called his work to talk with a collegue of his, he said `Hey, its my girl´.

    what u said about me trying to help him out really brought us together again cuse as you know he wasnt talking to me. Thank you very,very much...

    I will try to make him meet me so we can talk, by the way do u c him agree with that, cuse I´ve been asking and he says no or dont reply? I was thinking this weekend at night going to his place so we could talk freely. I have so much to tell him and i really need him to tell me that he loves me to (think that will b hard,lol) Sorr y im being a nag...

    So if i dont run after him now the door will be closed for good, thats it?

    thanks u r really an angel.

  • I asked Thecaptain about our dobs and she doesnt have the same opinion, she says that only works as an affair, when it comes to marriage will not work, check my post please, so u can read it. thanks

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