• Hi Hans,

    This is Greenii or Marie...we talked a long time ago. How are YOU? Good, I am certain! I left for overseas some time ago. I had a great time. I have some questions about my life. Can you please provide insight.

    1. I met my friend overseas, we traveled for a long time together, nearly two months, he told me minutes before leaving, not before, that he loved me. Was this sincere?

    2. Will we continue to be in contact?

    3. Is he wanting to try to have a long distance relationship with me?

    4, Will we be together in the future?

    5. Will I see him again at the end of the month?

    6. Do you see a long term relationship coming out of this? If so, do you see good things for this relationship?

    7. Will we be in more regular contact soon? By phone or email?

    8. Will he go back overseas for work again within the next two months? Ever?

    9. For my career...do you see me finishing my writing by February? Do you see me successfully finishing my project by next summer?

    10. Do you see things settling down in my life, kinda chaotic and emotional right now, in the next few months?

    All the best...

  • This post is deleted!

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