Tip on how to get over a Ex effectively!

  • I decided I have enough of rubbish, i treated this cancer guy with care and attentions

    which i never reveal much of my emotion all these 6 yrs together. I knew it was my fault so i decided to work hard to retrieve this relationship but ended too devastating and mentally draining. because he is playing mind game which I could feel that he is trying to manipulate me so i decided to end this rubbish.

    Firstly everyday i'd convince myself i need to get over him ..

    I do cry everyday, so heart wrecking to leave him but

    Still i have to be strong. I bury him inside my heart and decided to love him from a distant permantly.

    Every now and then , he'd smsed me but I just too numb to feel any excitement maybe or I shall ignore him forever. I treated this as a sweet memory or a night mare am not sure caused i need to valuate every times when i think of it. I 'd tried to erase him from my memory this i get over a relationship in a short period of time.

    Fellow forumers,

    How you basically handle breakup ? I 'd been reading all over the topics but non talking about

    getting over an Ex but normally talking pursuing the impossible relationship like hoping to get back the formal relationship which I think it like chasing the wind.

  • Hi Vircheery,

    Time heals, trust it and don't force yourself to get over, or forget anything . Just don't act on your impulses to reach out or respond to him. Try this : every day you can ask yourself this question - "Can I allow myself to remember him ?" No matter what your answer is, part of you will feel in control. It's like measuring the amount of addictive substance you can allow yourself to consume until you quit completely. With time you'll need less and less of "sweet memories". Also getting something else exciting in your life going can help. Good luck to you !

  • Voplysoply 🙂

    Thank u for your advise ok I try not force myself to forget him but I will

    Try to think lesser of him.

  • Yes give yourself time, just try to, remember that if he pops in your head, cause he will the trink is to think well what ever.. as long as you feel youi done your best, your'll get there.. just takes a little time that all.

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  • New14ng,

    Yeah he always pop out in my head ESP he keep texting me ..

    I always hint him , if he do nOt wish to put on efforts on this relationship

    Pls do not text me anymore . As you all know cancer man, he simply cannot

    Express him feeling and often making me confuse. I do not like to ignore

    Pple and this why I told him not to contact me anymore just let me go.

    Hope he can understand this time.

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  • news14ng is correct and offers a great amount of wisdom. I would suggest using it an moving on with your life. I too have gone through pain and sorrow with an ex (actually a man who refused to give me a relationship because of distance) and he kept returning into my life. It's a game to the ex, it is time to stop responding and just walk away completely.

  • Hi all thanks of your replies ..

    I would to update my relationship with my cancer guy.

    We have been on and off bc part of me can't bear to leave him and i could see sadness in his eyes when i mentioned break off thus i decided to give it a try and a try ..

    I'm trying to fix things but seem like he is pulling away again probably he is still in the healing process and too hurt to invest this relationship thus making him aloof.

    All i can say am tired to keep trying and hoping he can be more responsive but he still passive as ever only the main communication is by looking at his eyes to get his signal.. but I am impatient type of person for my sun virgo and moon and aries.. I am impulsive , reckless and dare devil and non of his gentle, meek and reserve personality fit me. I felt am too harsh for him and always hurt hm due to my bluntness for i admitted that.

    In order not to hurt him anymore i decide to leave this relationship and i 'd texted him not

    to repsond to me anymore but he still texts me. I have harden my heart this time and to ignore him competely hope he can move on.

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