AstraAngel- Would you help me understand this spread please?

  • AstraAngel- I see that you are an expert. Hence this question to you.

    This is to do with my career. I am someone who has over 25 years experience in a particular field and I was very successful. I believe I am very good at what I do. About two years back I resigned and moved to a new country where senior level openings are hard to come by for newcomers to the country. So I started a consultancy of my own in a related area and the last two years have been pretty tiring with not much to show in terms of progress. I have been able to find some consultancy contracts to prove my experience in the new country and using that as an entry ticket and my career history I am trying to get into a senior level opening but again with not much success.

    My idea was that I will get the right job and continue with my consultancy in my spare time. So Job & business. That is the aim. But neither is taking off.

    In this context I picked the cards for a Celtic Cross Tarot on for the thought "Job & Business". And this is what I got:

    Self: Ten of Coins

    Challenges/Opportunities: Knight of Cups

    Developments: Five of Cups

    Ethics: The Hierophant

    Foundation: Page of Rods

    Lesson: Eight of Cups

    Situation: Eight of Coins

    Issues: Strength

    Allies: The Sun

    Advice: Queen of Rods

    Long Term: Page of Coins

    I have been a member for a few years now and I just read the readings that I get for each spread when I try it now and then. While I am fascinated by tarot I don't think I have been able to interpret the readings for my benefit. But this is an important point in time in my life and I want an expert's interpretation in some plain layman's language. Insight- that's what I am looking for. Your reading of the spread will hopefully give me that.

    Thank you so much for your time, your dedication to the art of tarot reading and your insight, AstraAngel.



  • Hi fbyt

    I am happy to offer what I can see about your situation. I am no expert by any means, like everyone I simply share what comes to me. We all have the gift! 🙂

    Okay let's see...

    Self: Ten of Coins - Tens are places where life is stopped. Like, you have progressed all the way from the ace on, and then you finally "arrive" at the ten and then there is not further movement. So, the sense I have is that you personally feel that way. You have worked hard, made your choices, and life has carried you to a place in work where further movement, success, advancement - now feels stuck.

    Challenges/Opportunities: Knight of Cups - The very first thing that popped into my mind was a radical change of direction. Like you have been in this pentacle/material mindset for so long. And that is wearing really thin for you. You are ripe for a change, however that is hidden from view for now. This Knight says "I am dashing off in a wonderful chase for something love related, emotional, feeling and heart centered." So the Pentacles-security-money focus gives way to something where you turn 180 degrees and say "ah ha! I'll transform what I have been searching for on the material level into something I will pursue in the heart realm!" I do see an "ah ha!" moment coming soon for you, where the experiences of your past will morph into something more lovely, emotional, with much more feeling.

    Developments: Five of Cups - You see? Hearts! Love! Not that you are falling in love (although a new love depth in your life wouldn't hurt!), rather, there is a switch of tracks, your gears shift and you jump over to a new road with your career. Using a lot of the same skills you have already been practicing, they are channeled into a new direction in some way. The nervousness of the five energy implies a turning point coming up for you, and it is centered in feelings and heart-related issues. So be very very sensitive to what you see going on around you related to emotional needs and love related matters yu see around you. People. Businesses, what are their new needs in light of our changing culture as we move away from to much materialism-financial focus toward something more spiritual and fulfilling. I have a sense you are going to plug into that in some way and it will be wonderful once that train gets under way for you.

    Ethics: The Hierophant - The Hierophant is concerned with esoteric knowledge. So the "ethics" here are that deep down, you would love to see your work satisfy some new needs in people/business around you, on a more spiritual and "higher" level. The Hierophant is quoting from a book of higher knowledge, so some new areas of study could also be opening up for you, related to this new direction development-door opening up for you.

    Foundation: Page of Rods - Pages are innocent and very trusting. This wands page has been chasing what first came to mind in a career, and has innocently tried their best to put two and two together. Pages grow up though, and that is what I see happening with you, as a page you are wanting to move into a new direction (as shown in that Knight of Cups above). Your foundation here is your willingness to try about anything! That courage and willingness to experiment a little will come into play now. As your eyes now begin to see something new in the life of career that you had overlooked before. The Page of wands has been rather focused on their own pursuits, goals, directions, and it can be hard to move out of that ME-focused mind into something more "what's out there?" focused. Advice: Turn your innocence into experiments. Dabble a little in some new areas that have been popping into your mind for a while now, you have tended to push them aside as they did not seem to "factor in" to anything substantive financially. The word here is follow your heart.

    Lesson: Eight of Cups - And again a Cup and this one is related to some kind of lesson that you are learning now. I see this as further amplification of the need to make a shift of some sort away from whatever you have been trying toward something more heart-centric. The Eight of Cups is also a card of "moving away" from something that was carefully wrought. In your case I see that the "carefully wrought" was the years of effort that you put into something that you really loved at the first, however it is becoming more and more obvious that the satisfaction level is draining. And I see this as Heaven also encouraging this little bluebird to hop out of the nest and flex their wings. That "nest" you have been in has been your career to this point. The Universe is now saying, "okay, nice job so far... now we want to show you what you were REALLY meant for!" So, get ready to fly. It may seem frightening at first. Yipes! What about the financials, and the balance sheets, and the taxes, and marketing? That is where this little bluebird will simply have to trust that you were designed for this time in your life, and that you will do just fine!

    Situation: Eight of Coins - This ties back to that Self card we saw in the Ten of Coins. The situation has developed over the years into this Eight which is generally a good place to be. Eights are "organizing" numbers, and the Eight of Pentacles are usually pictured working pretty happily at something that they are cranking out, one after the other. In your case i see this still happening, You are busy enough! It is the fact that the rewards have been slow to come and you are beginning to tire from the effort. This is another sign that your heart is signaling a change that is coming soon.

    Issues: Strength - The Strength says that you have really been trying to hold your own, against some rather formidable pressures. This is an excellent sign of character within you, that even though the financial benefits were lacking in some way, you kept going, and going and going... which was exactly what you were supposed to do. I see this whole career experience thus far as the universe preparing you for a work where you will be much more absorbed in what you are doing, rather than what it can make. I have the sense that the financial concerns have tended to swell in importance until you are thinking more about "what do I have to do to see more income from this" rather than, "what do I have to do to love what I do a lot more?". Something is coming soon that will throw your work into a new light, that ah-ha moment will come, and then I see you off to the races, having fun again AND the rewards will come without you having to even think about the rewards! A wonderful place to be in work and career!

    Allies: The Sun - You have some influences and strong support around you. Someone is encouraging you every day and has been a great source of strength for you, This will continue, and as you really get entranced into a new focus of work, this energy will come to your side even more! This could be someone very close to you who you have always been able to confide in and lean upon. Advice: Look to their insights now, take them on some walks in the woods, get away, bounce some new ideas around, dream, dream, dream and you should get some nice insights.

    Advice: Queen of Rods - Is that ally above? Something, someone that takes that Pentacle concerns of yours, the financials, the red and black of income and expense, and takes that off your plate while you push into this new field of inquiry in your work. Also, the Queen implies a more feminine energy associated with your career, and this could be a key to unlocking the changes of direction. She has passion as you do, and is not afraid to dig in and help. Trust seems to be a word coming to me for you. You can trust this Queen to help you.

    Long Term: Page of Coins - Yes! Now we see how the Page of "Rods" has bee converted into a Page of Coins which is where you have been trying to land all along. And it comes by way of innocence and trust. So by opening your field of labor up into something new, a more heart-centered work of some sort, and staying focused on WHAT DO I REALLY LOVE TO DO? and letting that Queen take on some of the financial pressures, you then are finally free to dive into that which you really always wanted to do, even from the time you were young is what I am getting. So long term , everything works out for you in a fantastic way, you are very happy in your work again, it is really, really helping people and the business world you come into contact with, AND like magic the material blessings and rewards - income - are there without you having to stress about it!

    That is what I got. You can provide your birthdate and I can look at your chart to see about zeroing in on what your life path is, and gain more insights into what the adjustments might be to help you make this transition. I do see a change coming for you, you are ripe for it.

    I also drew a few cards to gain some more insight…

    The Eight of Swords - tells me that in some way your work has become more of a self-imposed restriction than a freedom. Like you can't see the forest for the "financial pressured" trees right now.

    Two of Pentacles sees you entering a time where you are making some career decisions, you are bouncing around some new ideas, brainstorming a lot more than usual.

    Queen of Swords - you are using your intellect to take what you have learned so far in your path and applying that in a more feminine direction. What would the ladies like? is the words i am hearing. Get with your Queen and kick around ideas....

    And the Page of Wands - which is a reminder about your foundations, Your willingness to try new things. Very important for you right now to experiment more and "dare to go where no man has gone before."

    We'll get this figured out for you, hang in there... provide your birthdate should you like to see more. Also some specifics on the kind of work you do could help now.

    Peace and light.

  • Thank you AstraAngel. I am awestruck by the level of thought and detail that you have put into this. You are someone with truly a large heart. Bless you.

    Your insight helps greatly- beyond anything else it gives me a greater sense of purpose to keep going. From what you are saying, would I be right in saying that I may not really get that senior level 'job' opening even if I keep on trying? And that the consultancy business that I am doing now even is something that I might give up? I am to await for a change of a different kind- a business to do with women?

    I also wonder who that Queen or mentor is? I am unable to think of any person.

    Thank you for the offer to do some more searching on my behalf- my birth date is 13th Feb 1959- I think I was born at 5.30 am.

    My nature of work: For over 25 years my passion has been advertising. I used to be in Strategic Planning and Client Management and New Business Development. Loved every moment of it.

    We migrated about eight years back- my wife, son and I to start a new life. A year later I went back to the city I came from, joining the same company because they wanted me back at a more senior role. And the country to which we had migrated anyway had a stigma about employing immigrants, though I have worked for globally reputed advertising agencies and that too on best-of-breed Fortune 100 clients' marketing plans and communications.

    I went back and my wife and son [he was six then] were here and we used to have this shuttle relationship. Five years went on like this and I finally decided that I had to make the move back- so I resigned and joined the family.

    The consultancy that I started is a Strategic Planning Consultancy which works with clients on the Business Strategy to enter new emerging markets. So I still do marketing related work but it is larger business strategy and studying different industries in different countries and advising clients. Related but totally different. My first love of advertising is gone and I am not sure whether I am doing the right thing. It certainly is challenging and I love challenges because I think I can come up with smart, creative answers. But the question remains: Is this my future? And sometimes I am conscious that the 'joy' of it is not there. But there is the chance that I can be successful and pretty famous doing this as well.

    So there it is- I have unburdened myself to you. Hope I have not bored you too much. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Take care and prayers to help you nurture your 'gift'


  • Hey fbyt

    That is awesome info... I will check into your chart and let you know what I see. You struck a nerve in me as I also have an advertising background, 30 years as an art director/graphic designer and even some copywriting at times. Like you I loved it at first, and worked for a couple of agencies, one that allowed me to work on some blue chip accounts, a piece of AT&T, Blue Cross and others. I ended up though as more of a graphic web designer and got burned out on that. It all finally blew up in my face, and so here I am... reading Tarot Cards lol!

    As for your questions, that "Queen" could be any influence that is a guide. It could even (and very possibly) a heavenly influence. Angelic. You are receiving guidance all of the time and may not be aware of it. SO this Queen could come from any direction. My thought at first was it was a companion, like a spouse, however it doesnt sound like you have that kind of tangible help from her. So keep your heart open to that influence it could be something or someone new.

    I can not tell you how that senior level job opening will turn out. As that sounds like something you have your sights on, don't stop. Keep expecting the best to happen there. The sense I have is that while you are doing the regular work pursuits you have been doing, listen to your intuition as to what might be trying to come into your life.

    I am trying to give you some guidance as to something new on the horizon.. i really feel strongly that we are in the midst of a major shift culturally and planet wide that is moving all of is closer to our hearts and we are abandoning a lot of the material pursuits we thought were important. Now, we want spiritual fulfillment and true love, and those business sectors that focus on that are going to be exploding.. while old skool products and services will fade... so I am kinda brainstorming here with you fbyt... its funny, just the other day I reached out to the best ad agency in town here, and wanted to come in and just talk about their clients and how I might be able to come up with some out of the box ideas for them... i even offfered to come in as a Tarot reader and glean some insights for their business. They didn't bite, yet the idea is sound.

    So you are in a similar situation... you have all of this ad experience, AND you are obviously tuned into the psychic realm too... come on fbty.... put two and two together. Take your ad experience and that deck of Tarot cards you have in your closet and REINVENT YOURSELF as the Ad Psychic Guy - and promote yourself... blast it on the web, put a team together...

    Ogilvey and Mather - Psychic Marketing Division (PMD)... that sort of thing... heck, we could kick this around off line and see what happens. I am happy to give you any ideas I have for free.. this is the "new" fbyt... sooner or later this psychic business is going to start reaching the blue chip world and companies everywhere are going to be tapping in big time.

    YOU are poised to take advantage of this! That is what I would try to work toward.

    YOU need to form a new company, put a lean staff together of psychic who have ad experience (like me! 🙂 who would love to take the experience of business and combine it with psychic perceptions and you have something that will go VIRAL faster than a one legged man in a butt-kicking contest as an ex ad co-worker of mine used to say.


    New Your • London • Tokyo • Amsterdam

    I volunteer to work at your AMsterdam office ! 🙂

    You know who will be your clients? AD AGENCIES who are desperate for new answers! THEY ARE HURTING FBYT and will PAY ANY PRICE TO GET the answers they need to chart their clients to success in this changing economy. Those who flow with this will be found to be the new winners... the old skool "how many millions of web banners can we place to get business" is going A-W-A-Y thank GOoDness!

    Pursue this direction and you will be a millionaire within 6 months.

    It is time to THINK OUT OF THE BOX FBYT - the old rules and ways are washing out to see... you are an entrepreneur par excellence... go with your heart - you have been wanting to do something like this for a long time. now is the time.

    here is a card for you to conform what I am saying is good info...Seven of Wands!

    listen to what the little book says! "perfection at work! GOOD CONTRACTS! advantages, PROFITS!" that is what the book says with this deck, the Fairy Deck! I did not come up with that! That is the book.

    FBYT this is golden... something here man... pretend you are Young and Rubican all over again, THIS COULD BE THE START OF THE GOLDEN AGE OF ADVERTISING V 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am ready to have some fun how about you?????<><><><><><>?????

  • Wow. I did not see THAT coming. What are the chances AA?? I stumble upon AstraAngel and he turns about to be another ad guy!!!??That is fascinating.

    Was out the whole day. Hence the delay- thanks once again for that quick reply AA.

    AstraAngel sounded like this mystical woman who tuned into the psychic world. I wouldn't have bet a dollar on whether she would turn out to be another guy from advertising. Hey, but that is cool. I love these chance encounters- I believe they have a purpose, even if it means being great friends.

    Now coming to that whacko bit about Ogilvy & Mather PMD. Were you in O&M? Because that would be real weird, for my first agency was O&M! And to this day my best agency days. So I want to know the answer to this question FIRST.

    Amsterdam? Hmmm...Great city. My wife and I spent five days on vacation there about ten years back.

    That ad agency which you contacted about Tarot reading & insights for their business wouldn't have known what hit them!! Such a way out of left field thought that it would have shocked them. But did you talk to the CD or the Head of the agency? The CD might have been intrigued at least. But let's talk more about you- Art Director turned web designer. In Amsterdam? Are there not creative shops where you'd be great, especially with your out-of-the-box ideas?

    We should take this offline and get to know each other. If you are game.

    I am not sure the thought of the 'next thing' that I should be doing, should be to do with advertising directly. But it can be can be a creative-marketing-advertising-woman related a-ha!! Going back to your first reply where you were seeing something that women love- "what would the ladies like" as you asked.

    Anyway, look forward to your take on this whole thing after you chew on my chart.



  • Hey fbyt

    I had a nice report for you on you chart, saw some great things about you (like, WHY you love being a far-seeing brand/cultural shift guide for business)...then something happened to my session and lost the whole thing.


    think I will spend the day in a movie theatre somewhere.

    Oh, and no I never worked at O&M however I thought David Ogilvy was a brilliant man and did so much beautiful work.

    Take is easy.

  • That's a real pity- losing the work. And can be really frustrating when you have put in an effort to get it right.

    Enjoy your movie day.



  • AstraAngel- Just a quick one to keep my chart top-of-mind. Hope you'd get the time to delve into it again and tie-in what you see with the tarot interpretation that you did for me earlier.

    Thanks AA and have a great week.



  • Hey fbyt

    Okay lets try this again - i saw a lot of great things with you in your chart!

    Weird, I went to my usual site to pull a chart and it is down right now. Hmm...

    Well, all i can tell you is that you have a real gift for seeing trends, you love to sift info related to that, and you are REALLY good at presentations. I saw you as some kind of Brand Strategy Prognosticator, you are looking at where the culture is heading (which is toward a more feminine and angelic understanding of existence where LOVE is our preoccupation and not THINGS) You are tapping into that spirit in a big way and helping companies who are waking up the reality that life is more than balance sheets and "how many web bannner ads can we run this month to capture market share". Market share can no longer be the focus. Get rid of all of that dumb market share baloney and tell your clients to focus on a LOVE share. In other words forget about success, and focus on how much can you do as a business to endear your customer to you. Send them free things. Give them a coupon 100% off on anything for one year only. Go crazy a little and your customers will go crazy with you.

    Corporations are freaking out fbyt. They are NOT sleeping to well lately. Why? Beacause the rules of the game are changing and the new rules are spiritual rules and not accountants and stupid BOGO offers. Ugh. I am tire of that and so are about 6 billion others.

    You need to go to Barnes and Noble today and buy every tarot deck they have and start reading for yourself. You do that, and pretend you are reading for a group of senior management at Acme Corp and they will go NUTS with your insights and accuracy.

    Hey fbyt angels want to help all of us not matter what. They don't care that you are reading for Granny or for IBM. All Heaven cares about is FUN!!!!!!!!!!

    Figure out how to turn your boring Powerpoint presentations and charts and graphs and dumb pie charts and show a sexy lady holding an hourglass and a bunch of tarot cards that show the EXACT STRATEGY to position the company nicely for this NEW spirit that is coming in like a whirlwind into our lives. Do that and you will be so successful you will finally be able to afford that BMW convertible you have been drooling over.

    Okay fbyt, that should give you something to ponder. Start using the Tarot to arrive at strategy, package that, put a team together that can tap in and come together in one spirit of FUN for WORK and PLEASURE and get a few locations in place. NEW YORK -PARIS - TOKYO - AMSTERDAM. (and I still volunteer to work from your AMsterdam office as long as my angel can come with me 🙂 - do that and you will have the phone ringing off the hook.

    Oh, you need an office somewhere in Italy. This area is nice. Rome ...or Assisi.

    You are on your way. Your business is about to really take off. Get those Tarot cards and use that to arrive at corporate strategy and you will be thrilled with the results.

    Oh from your chart you really have a longing to be on the side of businesses that are helping the Earth, clean, green, helping solve poverty and the basic human needs in the earth. Target yourself to who is HELPING and heaven will HELP you. Forget about where the money is. Focus on where the HELP is.

    Ten of Wands. You are going to really have your hands full. And soon. A lot of ideas are going to start popping up like popcorn. You need a team. Something, a group ... heavenly. 🙂



    New York • London • Tokyo • Asissi

    ...or something like that 🙂

  • Hey AstraAngel. Thank you. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

    TarotStrat! BrandLove. And PlanetHelp.

    Three messages for me to ponder over. Let me see what these inspire.

    Keep up the great work AA.



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