Captain or anyone, I need career advice!! Pleaseee help!

  • Do I have what it takes to start my own business? Lately I've been very depressed at work and have been getting into heated debates with my boss! I'm at the end of my rope but I think I'm being guided to venture out on my own. Can anyone pick up on if this is a good idea at this point in my life and what type of business I should go into?

    My Birthday is May 2, 1982 if that helps! Thank you so much in advance!

  • Your only problems are that you fear betrayal and that you think you are not smart enough to go it alone. You tend to mentalize experience rather than trust your heart and instincts. You trust everyone but yourself, in fact. Your Higher Wisdom is revealed in your feelings. You will learn the most from experience, not books or studies. Follow your higher principles which will guide you to integrity. You have great good sense, depth, charisma, and creativity and, if you choose the right business for you, you will do well. You would excel in any healing work or even a high-tech career. But the best advice I have ever heard is to follow your passion - do what you love and success follows. Lack of self-trust and maybe some negative beliefs about wealth or rich people are the only issues that can prevent you earning good money. You have the power to be whatever you want to be. I feel a female friend or family member is ready and willing to help you in your new venture.

  • Captain,

    Thank you sooo much for this reading! You are absolutely right about my fear of betrayal. Usually it's the fear of betrayal in a romantic relationship though. I also tend to down play my strengths and exaggerate my weaknesses. I'm currently talking to a friend about starting a non-profit. I need to believe in myself more, you are once again absolutely spot on with everything.

    Thanks again Captain!

  • Captain, when you say I would excel in healing work what exactly does this mean? Is there some type of healing ability that I possess that I'm not totally aware of? Do I have healing hands??

  • Not necessarily through the laying on of hands (although you would excel at giving massages) but just helping people in general. Your healing ability flows out of you through your sincere desire to be of service - it comes from your big heart..

  • Hi TheCaptain

    I just posted for the first time HELP Scorpio disappearaning acts & amputations. I have read alot of your posts and was wondering if you could give me some insight. My birthday is 06/06/68 and his 10/30/85. Any advice would be helpful.


  • Thank you Captain for your clarification and insight as usual!

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