Wanting to help locate lost pet

  • Dear Gifted Ones,

    I would like to help Cynthia find her Cocoa, a brown faced pointer with a black and white body and a white stripe down her nose. She is featured at petharbor.com; was lost on 10-03. I am going to help her on Saturday...if you can give me any clues..I will apply them wholeheartedly. Thank you.

    I thought hubby might have found her dog, and the heartbreak I felt from her when it wasnt her dog was unbearable.

    Her hopes were so high. Would love to make her heart happy again for her Cocoa.

    Peace and Love to you all.. Thank you.

  • I feel Cocoa has wandered quite a way from her home, excited about being on the loose. I feel she ran up right of her home (as you leave it) and just kept on getting further away, sniffing at all manner of amazing scents. I feel her joy. Now I feel her lying under a bush resting in a sort of park setting, feeling rather confused and unsure of what to do. There is a large white house near this bush. But by the time you read this, she may have moved on - she has no idea where she is going.

  • Thank you Captain. There is a park north and east of where she was lost...it houses a police substation now..I wondered if she had gone there...where there was less noise and traffic. There is also another larger park with a lake near where she was lost...and it is in the midst of a housing area.

    Thank you...I will try to get there early tomorrow morning and look.

  • Captain, if you are here at this time....I am only 10 minutes away by car from where Cocoa was two hours ago...I will try to find her now that hubby is in bed......I will wait for a few minutes to see if I hear anything else you might feel at this time before I go.

    May the angels and guides bring this to your attention

    and I thank you...and them

  • I still feel her crouched rather fearfully under the bush. I would try the park in the housing area first. She grows more confused and unhappy by the minute as she has lost her bearings.

  • There are some flowering shrubs or plants near where she is and I do feel water nearby.

  • okay..thank you Captain..I am on my way

  • I shall try to encourage her to come out of hiding as you approach. She is scared now.

  • Well, no success...yet... I felt like I was close to her in one area....and as I kept driving around and the neighborhood I felt farther away...my son was with me and was tiring...so I came home...Im not sure of the wisdom of walking the streets by myself...truthfully...that would be the best way....will wait for another time soon. Several white houses and bushes, some better than others. At least the momentum is going....and the more we search the better the chances.

    Cynthia was comforted by your wordsthis evening.....knowing that at least she was still okay. Thank you. It was freeing to my soul to tell a stranger of you...no particulars...no names...no web sites....just gift of vision, and a wonderful place where loving souls reach out.

    May Cocoa trust when the right person comes along, may she return home safely to the companion who loves her so.

    Thank you.

    For now..

    blessings, love and thanks for the compassion of your soul.

  • I feel she did come out of the bushes for a while but then got scared and went back in. Again I feel her now on the move but I think she is heading back in the right direction for home. She is picking up some familiar smells.

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