Scorpio & cancer

  • k i'm the scorpio and he is the cancer. i have called many psychics (and not told them more than any of the others) and they all said the same thing. he is the one. which some days i believe & other days i want to just call it quits. my real name is adrienne and his is kyle, & to me that has a ring to it. the days i like him things seem to go smoothly, and those days that i think its over he is in a bad mood. how does one know for sure?

  • You are both water signs, this is a little tricky. Cancers are hard on the outside and soft in the middle. Be careful Scorpio you can hurt him very easily with your sharp tounge. You have to learn to go with the flow. Stop reading into everything. If you enjoy him then enjoy Kyle. He will always be very moody his planet is the moon. Now we cant get any moodier than that. I know it is hard not to take his mood swings personally. It is not always about you. I think you guys will be fine. You need to just stop. Let it go. Be happy. I know it is hard for a Scorpio to let it go but you have to you will drive yourself crazy and loose Kyle. Hope I helped.

  • that is so very true. it is hard for me not to wonder! lol and damn the moon! moody sucker! lol thank you!

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