Are we compatible for long term relationship?

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm not an expert in astrology but highly believe in it

    I would really appreciate if someone could read my and my boyfriend's charts and tell me if we are compatible for a long term relationship.

    We started going out recently (few months) and have alot of things in common, never argue and have a great time together.

    He is very sensitive and caring and sometimes I don't know how to react because before him, I haven't had very emotional or long-term relationships. He sometimes talked of our future, like "would you like to live there?" or "when we have our own house", etc.

    I want to be more open and responding to him, but afraid to show my feelings in case we won't work out.

    So my question is: do we have a future together as a couple and if there is a potential for a good relationship, how can I work on it?

    All I know is that his Moon in Cancer is not particularly good combination with my Moon in Sag...

    I can provide more details if needed.

    Basically, any help/advice would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Your exact birthdates would be more helpful.

  • Hello, thank you for your reply.

    I tried to attach the charts but it didn't work for some reason.

    Mine: 16/08/1983

    His: 19/10/1981

  • Although this relationship can feature a lot of conflicts and differences of opinion, it is often beneficial to both of you, and usually deals with carrying on the traditions and realizing the aspirations of the group in which you belong. Your friend may have a greater feeling for tradition than you, though you can however motivate him and encourage him in his worldly efforts. It is extremely important that a diplomatic balance be maintained here for, if the relationship fails in diplomacy, it could be disastrously split by fierce confrontations and arguments from within.

    In a love affair or friendship here, compromise is very important. The two of you must come to realize that it is in your own best interests to give your relationship your whole-hearted support. Too often, your friend will go too far in his lacerating criticism of you, assuming that such a faithful Lion will stick around to take whatever he can dish out. You for your part may be overconfident, and may assume that your willpower can keep your partner in line. Keeping a realistic view and being more diplomatic will help in most areas.

    In marriage, the relationship will usually devote itself to practices that promote growth and development but will mainly use conventional methods that have worked in the past. In this way, it ends up supporting and perpetuating the traditional systems on which those methods are based. A great challenge to the relationship will be thinking creatively without getting carried away by the kinds of urges to which both of you can be prone as individuals. True innovation will be difficult for you two, but will also be necessary for your continued success as a couple. Work for the common good and give up possessive attitudes. Be as realistic as possible and learn to compromise. Maintain stability.

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