Omens and what do they mean?? Demonology Pro request.

  • I usually get omens of some event that is happening or is coming, however lately I have been getting dreams of powerful demons (A few nights ago I dreampt of 4 of them, one was very strong) and seeing television shows and movies about exorcisms. Also everything has been weddings and marriage lately.

    I am concerned about the demonic omens and thinking I should be concerned about the marriage ones as well. I took holy water and blessed my home in catholic prayer to create a barrier or push anything out that may be in hiding. So far the home is calm and has stayed in a state of calm, I even blessed all 4 corners of my property.

    Does anyone know what the omens could mean?? Any insight would be appreciated. Especially by professionals in demonology/possession field.

    Please and Thank you,

    Love Detox

  • Anybody?? Anyone familiar with the spiritual realm and demonology? Any help would be appreciated. Please and thank you.

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