Tarot card interpretation PLEASE!!

  • I asked about love and the reader told me these 3 cards :

    King of cups, knight of swards and justice

    I would like it very much if someone could interprate these 3 cards for me please!

    Does any of these tell me about the astrological sign of a person?

    She told me I have good chances of meeting someone for a relationship, she sais the knight of swards and king of cups are two males?

    if someone would be kind enough to do a love reading for me? please?

    I have been very sad and psychologically draned for a while now and wonder if I will meet anyone new for a relationship and when (pisces in astro)

    Thank you so much on help!

  • hi fishyone

    I'll give you my take...

    The King of Cups represents your ideal of love

    The Knight of Wands is the love coming into your life, chasing you.

    The Justice card says, you have been psychologically drained long enough and you are now due for some "love justice".

    The Knight after you is either Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. I am going to go with Aquarius. He will make you laugh for sure. A little out there, ad that sounds like exactly what you need in your life, right? Some laughter, and some fun. He will be brining you barrels full.

    You are a Pisces so your feeling nature is so open and sensitive, that can be very challenging when you are coming out of a tough time in your life. Don't worry, that's all changing now. The question now is, will people even recognize you anymore once this magickal love of loves shows up on you lawn.

    You like space ships? I see that you lover to come has one.

    And wants to take you for a ride, somewhere sweet.

    "Hey baby, you mind if I park my spaceship on your front lawn for a while?"

    "Uh.. .I guess that's okay... wow, where did you get that thing?"

    "Oh, I made it, to taker beautiful ladies for rides in... to the stars... and I heard you were a little sad, so heaven sent me to take you for a ride, a love ride to the stars."

    "Oh wow, that sounds.. wild! I have been so depressed lately.. I almost gave up on love. "

    "Well, come on baby... hop aboard... I have a lot of nice things inside.... just for you!"

    "like what? "

    "you'll see.. some nice lotions... and some poems... and some pretty roses and flowers... and a lot of love. It's all inside darling, hop on in!"

    "oh, well... do you think it will be okay? What about my job, and I have an appointment tomorrow with my psychologist."

    "Psychologists. Aw baby, you ain't gonna need no shrink. After a ride in my space ship. Don't worry, your boss will understand. They won't mind seeing you gone for awhile. Like forever... in my arms."

    "OMG can we leave now?"

    "I was hoping you would say that! Come on... i have some nice wine chilling for you, and I was planning on kissing you and holding you for about a million years first, I hope that's okay?

    "Okay, okay? OMG... LET"S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Fishyone, you had better take all those kleenexes you bought on special at Walmart... take em to a pawn shop and see what you can get for them. Cuz you aint gonna need em no more cuz you have that King of Cups coming QUICK into your life to get you the heck out of whatever lonely place you have been in. He might be a little spacey.. he will sure keep you laughing. The really wonderful part is that YOU will be exactly what he has been looking for too!

    He was looking for a navigator! You like to travel fishyone? I just drew the Two of PEntacles - you and King of Kookiness and Interstellar travel are about to meet up!

    Be sure to drop us all a postcard from what ever bizarre planet he takes you to! His spaceship also has a bedroom and I think that spaceship will be on autopilot for a long, long time.

    "it is the dawning of the age... of Aquarius... " You remember that song don't you? Your new life is now dawning, the tears were simply washing away the old, whatever was back there... and you have something a lot nicer coming quick... you take care.. we are all around here for you...

    Blessing and peace - and spacey love. 🙂

  • AstraAngel, thank you so so so much!

    I really did cry now, tears of joy I guess! You are na angel

    and the little spaceship story made me laugh, thank you!

    I have been in a downward spirall for a long time now and have been feeling really bad and dissapointed some time now

    I am looking foward to thins jurney and hope to send you many post cards

    Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart 🙂

  • Yu are so welcome fishyone... and t I just drew the Two of Cups so definitely something very sweet and beautiful coming for you.. hold on you Heaven and your angels, you are surrounded by love right now... this downward spiral ends today! 🙂

    I am giving you a big hug right now... you are in the very capable hands of the Universe :

    nice things coming............................ :):):):):):):):)

  • Thank you again!

    Love and Hugs to you too

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