Relationship woes

  • I ahve been seeing this guy for 54 weeks and last week he says he needs a break to think. He says he wants to make sure this is what he wants. I've talked to him a couple times since and he says he misses me and I have affected him in a good way. I believe I am falling for him. The seperation from him seems like an eternity and I miss him so much. My question is... Is it too soon for me to be falling for him? Is it possible that he may have feeling for me and he just got scared?

  • I check my cards and they tell me that he may be ill. He is ready to make a decision and the aanswer is yes. He is ready to pop the question.

  • He may be ill? Not that know of. I meant to say that we have been together for 4 weeks not 54 weeks. Is it too soon to be falling in love with him? I've never felt like this before .

  • Well becky30 looks like infatuation is heavy on you right now! First there is no such thing as falling for someone.....Falling where? Either you like someone or you love someone, PERIOD! I never understood the falling in love syndrome.......Oh Boy....... If he has told you that he likes you and you are a positive influence in his life then appreciate that and give him his space like he has requested of you....I do not think that he is afraid he probably just needs some time to himself...... which is a good thing because all of us as humans need alone time to reflect and gather our thoughts together......nothing wrong with that. Don't read into it as something negative. Remember thoughts are very POWERFUL what you put out there is what you get back so stay positive, give him some time, and I'm sure he will call you soon and when he does ask to meet him somewhere to talk instead of talking on the phone. I always been a believer of face to face conversation.......YUCK I hate phones...... The best for you and yours....Keep your head up! ;o)


  • Sorry I was so off on your reading. If you would like I will try again.


  • You are a woman who feels like she is looking in a mirror reflecting on your life.

    You feel depressed because things you have hoped for in life have not come to true. People have let you down and promises have been unfulfilled. It seems like you have waited for a long time for your dreams to come true. You enjoy music and music plays a important part of your life.

    Recently you have opened a new door to your life. .You have met a gentle giant, someone who likes to write, a poet rather than a fighter, someone who uses a pen rather than a sword.

    The problem you have is you are afraid you can't obtain happiness. You must open the door that appears closed at this time.

    You must overcome the disappointments you had as a young girl. It is up to you to be strong and over come self doubts, and in the end you will find true happiness. The sun shines favorably on this relationship.

    I hope this reading is more accurate than the last one.

  • This reading is pretty much right on the nose. Thank you for trying again. You have given me hope. Thanx again, and keep up the good work.

  • Well I thought this guy and I were getting back together, but he told me today that he needs some more time. I am going to leave him alone. I still love him and that won't change. It's hard when I know I'm in love with someone and I can't share it or I don't know if we'll be together again. He lost his wife a year and a half ago to cancer and he says he doesn't know if he really over her yet. Yet his brother and friends say that they haven't seen him as happy with anyone besides me since his wife died. Do you think that it's possible that he has feelings for me and just got scared? Do you think we will get back together or do I just have false hope? This is so hard. I miss him so much and can't do anything about it. He says that it's not me and that I've done nothing wrong. His kids all love me to death and want us to get back together. Should I be concerned?

  • I really believe he is confused because on Tuesday I was over his house and he said that he missed me and he acted like he did. He kissed me several times, rubbed me feet and acted like himself and then Wednesday night he hardly showed any interest in me. He was nice, but very distant. He said that it was one of those days that he missed is wife. I have told him that I understand and will be patient and that he will always have a special place in his heart for her. He said that he is ready to move on, but he still misses her some days. I told him that he will probably always have days like that. I think I might remind him of her sometimes, because he has made little comments like that before. He says I make him happy. Is he just scared? He has also told me that he has to be careful because I am the type of person who he can easily fall for. That makes me think that he may have feelings for me and has just gotten scared. What do you think?

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