Hi TheCaptain, need an insight,please.

  • Hi, my Dob is 18 March 1976. need an insight about all the changes that are hapenning in my life regarding love and work.

    Can u also tell me what is going on with this person Ed.dob 22 march 1981, thank you much.

  • What relationship do you have with this person Ed?

  • To tell you the truth I dont know anymore, we use to be very in love with each other,we had a romance the kind that are always back and foward, and we didnt have closure and i still love him.

  • This works for a love affair but would be difficult or even impossible for marriage or a long term committed relationship. Its strengths are its experiential, fuflfilling and tumultuious nature on one hand and its weaknesses of superficiality, debilitation, and incomprehension on the other. Your relationship may give a lot of attention to lifestyle and indeed to style in general. There is a strong orientation here towards life experience as opposed to book learning. Each partner may have already demonstrated a tendency to live an experience rather than read about it, but together you take this characteristic to and beyond the limit. The two of you not only recognize a kindred soul in each other but eventually realize that a common life path, particularly as friends or as lovers, will offer fantastic opportunities. The relationship is usually built less around psychological exploration than around shared activities, which represent its best chance for present success, if not for future endurance.

    Your combination offers exciting romantic and sexual possibilities. Should deep emotions be stirred up, they may result in a passionate, heartfelt expression of feelings; sensual abandon may also be part of the fulfillment attainable here. If things don't work out, on the other hand, this is often particularly hard on you, Vaniav, as you generally adopt a more submissive role and may have become dependent on your partner. If either partner ends up rejecting the other, usually it is your friend who withdraws from the relationship, sometimes with little warning.

    Marriage here would be a mistake, especially if it is preceded by the kind of tumultuous love affair of which this combination is capable. When the fire has cooled down, your Aries partner's adventurous and independent nature will lead him to feel restless, dissatisfied or bored with your complacency and self-satisfaction. It may be difficult for him to detach himself from your dream world, but he will have to if he wants to continue on his own individual and dynamic path. You however will be left bewildered and confused, and most likely in the depths of a deep depression. Take comfort from the fact that this was not meant to last forever, but to be enjoyable and passionate while it did last.

  • Thank you The Captain, already knew this would be a very difficult relationship, we are to much alike, but i do feel that he truly loves me and im feeling a lot of changes occuring in my personality i want more freedom and excitment, i want to to feel alive it seems i was dead for so many years and this man woke me up. i dont know if you sense the same as i do but i feel that after a period of time he will be back for me, after he solves all his issues about wanting freedom, i know that from nov.on we will be apart, after that i just have a feeling... Can u tell me more, please. I need to decide what Im gonna do with my life. Thanks...

  • Well, your future plans shouldn't be predicated on anyone else being in your life. Follow your passion and achieve your dream goals. Whether your man friend returns to you or not should make no difference to your future happiness. Don't wait for this guy to come back before making your plans. Do it now.

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