Please help me understand physic, is it gut feel?

  • I think it's a gut feeling also our feel of solid what is right, more of a spiritual sense.

    Can someone help me understand it more?

  • I can't help much because I am not very psychic but I find it to be that fleeting thought you have that you ignore. For instance the fleeting "you should call Grandma" you ignore it and find that grandma needed you. Or this happened a few weeks ago my granddaughter said she didn't sleep well she kept dreaming she needed to waken her dad who was out of town. She kept shaking him and saying to him get up dad. On checking that night he said his alarm did not go off but she was shaking him awake in a dream.

    I am gradually learning to stop and pay attention to that wee little voice that is trying to get my attention. There is hope that if cultivated it can become a dependable system to help others as well as yourself.

    I agree sometimes a "gut" knows maybe not specifics but something.

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