AstraAngel love in my life? :)

  • i'm like forever alone (i'm 20), and i really want to change that. do you see some change in near future ?

    my sign virgo/asc cancer , thank you 🙂

  • Hi Doree

    Let's see what can be done to change that!

    You are a Virgo/asc Cancer so your love situation must be neat, sweet, intimate, and very together, No dud partners need apply. Your ideal companion will share your home sweet home priorities. I have the sense that one reason your love life may be non existent is because your standards are very high and you are not attracted to just anyone. Potential partners feel that you are someone special with a rather high and noble, almost exalted view of love, and that thins out the crowd a lot. I know you are weary of nothing happening, however I believe you will find that the wait was worth it for a partner who is very, very special and perfectly suited for your Virgo classiness!

    Okay I will use a Celtic Cross and see what we have for you...

    I will use the Lover's Tarot deck by Lyle, which is gorgeous... just like you! 🙂

    1. Significator - Who you are right now - The Six of Swords - Lyle says "harmonious, peaceful movement" and indicates that you are moving away from a stressful time. Your inner world is definitely ready for a change in your love life, and this card tells me you have been preparing for this for a while. I know, from your point of view it is like, Ugh! Is this ever going to change? Hey, that's only because you have been getting ready within, sometimes this is a process that can't be speeded up.

    2. Your situation - Ace of Pentacles - Ah! Nice! This is a reflection of your own nature as an Earth sign the ground of your heart has been in preparation, and that has taken a while. This Ace says to watch for developments soon, you are ready for a new to enter your life, (and "ready" is an understatement 🙂 Your situation is actually a lot better than you realize. Lyle says of this card, "a secure grounded relationship". Sounds good to me... that is exactly what is coming. This Ace is a great sign in this position.

    3. Crossing - Nine of Swords. Yep. There it is. The worry. Concerns. Going to bed and hugging your pillow and crying out, WHERE is my companion! The Nine of Swords tries to think their way out of the situation. The thing is, anxiety and stressing over this won't help. The good news though is that a prayerful and heavenward trust WILL help. Begin tonight/tomorrow to give thanks to the Universe for your companion and you will accelerate the process of the manifestation.

    4. Your hope and fondest dreams - The King of Swords - there he is, your Knight in shining armor all grown up. This tells me that you desire a companion who is not only a great lover, and best friend, you also have high expectations intellectually. You can look forward to some great conversation with this King, long into the night. Betwixt other activities.

    5. Difficulties of the Past - Three of Wands - I see this as a sign that you have had some opportunities for love, they simply didn't develop. Something keeps happening and it feels like the love energies are short circuited. No worries, I am sensing that is all part of your own inner growth and understanding of just how fantastic true love will be once that King shows up knocking on your door. You won't remember the difficulties of the past. The King will help you forget whatever it was "back there" that didn't happen.

    6. Last of the present - The Hierophant - I hear you saying where in the world do I have to find my lover? I am willing to go anywhere... even church! Has it really come to that? The Hierophant is like a Pope figure so there is a sense you are contending with some traditions or expectations around you in love, like someone is saying this is what you should be doing to attract love... and you are like, "What in the world are you talking about?" The message here is to listen to your own heart. No one is going to be able to tell you where love will be found. Your heart is actually guiding you every second, every minute. That, and your angels. Oh, you do have a lot of angelic activity going on in your life right now. They got out of church early to come help you!

    7. First of the future for you - this is coming into manifestation soon - The Devil Card! Don't worry, this Devil is playful, this is a card of intimate fun actually... like you have been keeping it held back for so long that once love does arrive at your door, you will be probably go hog wild. Something is opening up for you very soon, and it will be pleasurable and well, FUN! About time, right! You might even have some fun wearing some devil horns or something. You and your lover can pretend that one of you is tormenting the other, and sending you to the "bad place". I think this Virgo is open to a little adventure in love. I think you are so open that unless something turns up soon, you will be walking down the street in a sandwich board, with your phone number on it. Don't worry, you won't have to do that. Unless the Devil tells you to. 😉

    8. Your future situation - this is what you are heading into - The Tower! Okay, don't panic... There is a good word here... oh, yes... the Tower can have rather phallic connotations and that is all I am going to say about that. You have had enough falling apart around you. It's time to enjoy what your King has for you... you know, intellectual stimulation and a nice bedtime story. The tower tells me that whoever is coming for you will arrive with a bang and the two of you will be off and running. Think lightning strikes, and that is how quick this will hit. Like one date and you will be wanting wanting to move in together.

    9. Outer influences - the Six of Cups - So you have something going on around you that is helping you find your love, like a friend, or something you are resorting to, maybe a dating site? Whatever it is, provides some very helpful energies for you in your search. The word I am hearing is be very tuned into your day to day life, and look for those little signs that encourage you about who your wonderful companion will be. Imagine this person walking with you today, holding you, loving on you. Practice that kind of intimacy at home, wherever you go. The more energy you release imagining, the more energy you give your angels to work with, and this Six of Cups is all about turning potentials into realities, and bringing into being your love life. See yourself in the arms of love now. We are all energy beings anyway and your dream lover is already near you now, in the spirit, You simple haven't been able to "see" him yet. He is near though.

    10. Your hopes and fears - Ace of Wands - this ties back to that situation Ace of pentacles we saw earlier. This Ace of Wands says you are ready to see something start in love yesterday! This is a extremely strong energy of manifestation. The intensity of a love desire you are projecting has a lot of angels stirred up on your behalf. Keep it up. When you get up every morning I want you to shout (well, maybe not shout, we don't want the police showing up at your door), affirm strongly, "THANK YOU HEAVEN FOR MY LOVER!" And that is it. Keep that spirit of thanksgiving in your heart at all times for this person before they show up. And... see them already with you now. When you go to the grocery store, see him walking right beside you, and you can ask him "hey, which kind of tea should we get today? And listen for his response. You should hear him in your heart. That is how love works. You want the Spiritual manifestation first, and then the physical soon follows.

    Your only fear in this situation is that the present situation is going to go on forever. It's not. How do we know? Because you have two aces and the Devil ... love has no choice except to show up for you very soon! Believe it, and you shall experience it. Experience it NOW spiritually, and you shall have it shortly PHYSICALLY. I am telling you, something is coming for you around the corner.

    11. Outcome - The Queen of Pentacles - This Queen is loyal to a fault, and this indicates that this love coming in will be someone you can really trust and enjoy a faithful union with. This also ties back to you as an Earth sign, and this is really YOU in this position, confident and very, very happy. You look like you are in love, and you are saying, "YES YES YES! At last, the Universe has not forgotten me!" Absolutely. The Universe has you perfectly positioned for a wonderful love soon to enter. EVERYTHING is going according to plan in your life. I know, it doesn't feel like it sometimes, and you are crying out and wondering, is anything going to change? Oh it will sooner than you expected. Be open to some twists and turns soon that will bring some new people across your path... and keep an eye out for Mr. Swords... he is at hand. No need for a sandwich board.

    Doree, I see something very nice coming for you soon, keep your faith strong, stay in thanksgiving for your companion who will be so perfect for this Virgo Queen, trust your angels and Heaven, you are dearly loved. You ARE on the right path.

    love and light.

  • i really hope so, i'm tired of being lonley, thank you so much on your reading. can't wait to tell you feedback once it happens 😄

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