Love life?

  • could i have some help in how my love life is going? if theys anyone new or anyone i should say clear off, currently single

  • Hi hannahlea

    I'll take a shot and you can see what you think...

    We'll use a Celtic Cross to gain an overview of your love life...

    1. You right now - The Three of Swords - well, it would appear that your heart is broken over something, what happened? You are coming off a rough spot in love in some way... no worries things are about to improve let's see...

    2. Present situation - The Ten of Cups - well normally I would say you are already in a very nice love situation! However I know that is not the case. So I conclude that is your heart right now... like you are really, really, really wanting love in your life - and its pretty intense!

    3. Crossing - Three of Cups - wow! This is a nice card to show here - this tells me that there are very strong energies working together to bring this love you seek to pass. Already we have two very strong love cards showing in this spread, so something is building for you. It is strong. Don't start shopping for a bridal dress just yet though... let's see what else is going on.

    4. Your hopes and dreams in love - Six of Cups! No way! Wow hannahlea... okay I take it back... get down to the Brides store today! Kidding... sort of. To see that card here says you are so tuned into a really sweet love to come, you understand what a true companionship for you would be like, Very tender and accommodating, and equal in give and take. That is nice for you, because that is what you are attracting. Three Cups in a row. Cupid is drawing overtime pay with you!

    5. Difficulties in the past - the Magician - what happened? You thought it would be magic, and he split? Left you? Something occurred that started out magical, and didn't exactly stay that way. Whatever it was must be overt by now, right? Right?

    6. Last of the present - Five of Wands - A lot of banter, some scuffles, and you were crying I see. Some words you wish you could take back, and whatever it was you ran and did not look back. Good for you. You are protecting your heart.

    7. First of the Future - now we begin to gaze into the Crystal Ball to see what is coming.... The Tower. Are you sure that Magician thing is over? I almost sense that you are so torn over something you are really hoping, really hoping for something to replace that and soon. The Tower tells me that the dust hasn't settled completely yet. The good news is that whatever it was HAD to go away to prepare you for something much, much sweeter.. So let the tower go, good riddance. Watch out for falling bricks.

    8. Your future environment - The Page of Pentacles - this does look hopeful, I see something nice and innocent and well-grounded for a change coming into your life. Much more secure than that last situation, matter of fact you have had a string of them that weren't exactly stellar. This looks like you finally break the losing streak and this is very, very sweet and supportive for you.

    9. Outer influences - people around you and such... Seven of Wands - you are not exactly getting a lot of support from others in matters related to your love life. Does talking about it with someone close touch a nerve. Hey, they are not you, and can't know what you are feeling like you can. Your feelings are special, might be a good idea to spend more time pouring out your heart to heaven and your angels... and less expecting another to understand.

    10. Hope and fears - Nine of Pentacles - this is a card of wonderful home security, so this along with the Six of Cups tells me that more than anything you would LOVE to have that really stable and secure home life with this person, and you are willing to do just about anything to find it. Your fear is that the good ones are gone. Not true. You have someone coming perfect for you!

    11. And here they is... the Knight of Cups - this Knight should come galloping across your path very soon - how soon? I don't know. I would be expectant. Let that Tower finish falling and stay away from "The Magician" whoever that is. This Knight that is coming will be very good for you, and could be the start of that home life you would love to see happen. Children? Hey, it happens!

    HannahLea I hope that gives you something to ponder... you have a lot of love to give someone that is for sure. Take it easy though I have the sense that you are still at some kind of turning point. Relax, everything will happen in the Divine Right Timing.

    Love and light.

  • thank you that really helped me think over things x

  • AstraAngel, can you do the same for me & use a Celtic Cross to see about my love life? I'm not exactly single. It's complicated. My heart is taken by someone who's been in jail since Christmas and is supposed to get out in January.

    Please & thank you..

  • Hey PiscesGirl4life

    I wanted to give you a reading before i turn in, as your request jumped out at me. That has to be tough, being connected to someone who is in jail, and your situation sounds like another version of jail also.

    Let's see what we can see for you...

    1. Significator - The Hanged Man - This is your sense of life at the moment, how you feel on the inside. No surprise here, you are dealing with some difficult conditions, and it feels sometimes like you are powerless to change anything. I have good news. You are not as powerless as you think. The Hanged man has a unique way of seeing the hidden victories in every situation, and I am already sensing that you will see success with your love interest who is in jail.

    2. Present situation - The Chariot - this is a further amplification of the Hanged man in the sense that life feels like it is off doing it own thing while you are trying to find your lover by your side. Not fair! I can hear you saying. The Chariot also tells me that even though the powers you wrestle with seem so much stronger than you at times, the reality is that it is the Universe who is carrying you now, and you can trust that everything will work out nicely.

    3. Crossing - Seven of Swords - a matter of tact and sneakiness. This seems to me to indicate that you should be willing to let the halls of justice run their course both in your love's situation and yours. For some reason I see some real parallels between your love interest and you. The advice here is to keep trusting, time will work in your favor here. I also see the possibility for an early release, someone is running away happy in this card, so there is some aspect of your situation that will turn into a surprise in your favor. Keep your faith strong for good turns to come.

    4. Your fondest hopes and dreams - The Knight of Wands - This must be your love interest for sure. I see that your heart is really, really drawn to this person, and you are willing to go to any length to help this person. Very committed and strong love here. Your Knight feels very strongly for you too, and even though there are walls and maybe bars separating the two of you right now, those are only physical limits that are easily removed. Your real connection is a spiritual one with this individual and you are actually together right now. In the spirit energies of Heaven. THis person feels you very close, and you feel them very close. That is the proof of how strong the bond is between you and this Knight.

    5. Difficulties of the past - Nine of Cups - A love situation that went belly up is what I am getting. It was nice though at the first, and very dependable. Or so you thought. Must have been heartbreaking to see that not work out. Is there a connection between this and your Love interest. Tears, a lot of tears. The good news I am getting is to believe that all of this is working together for a very nice story for your life, believe it or not. Let's continue...

    6. Last of the present - something you are just now leaving behind. The Eight of Wands - woosh! Something happened fast recently that caught you by surprise and you hardly had time to get a handle on it. Things have been happening like this in your life for a while now. A sense of motion and movement out of the corner of your eye, catching you by surprise and you are wondering, "is life ever going to calm down for a while so I can simply love and live?" The resounding answer I am hearing from heaven is yes, yes, yes! Hang in there... this was all preparation for something very beautiful coming your way.

    7. First of the future - something coming up next for you - A message is what I am getting. Are you writing back and forth with your love interest? Real letters not email? That is very important, this person needs to be handling what you have touched, this is very important to bring the two of you to a successful conclusion in this matter. Letters back and forth... I have a design for a reusable envelope you can make at home, I am an artist so I like to make things out of paper. Anyway, this page is a nice energy coming up, very innocent and willing to go out on a limb for love. I see that is you.

    8. Future environment - Queen of Pentacles - whatever is going on here will end with you (at last!) in a very lovely and comfortable situations. Patience has done her time, and worked her magic and you are enjoying the fruits of your fortitude. A sweet home setting, and peace like a river. You both deserve that for sure.

    9. Outer influences - The Five of Cups - there are people around you that are not exactly helping. you need to protect yourself from any negativity, "you should not, why are you, this is not... " that kind of dialog is not helping you. You are better off alone than listening to that. Also, rehashing what happened to land this person (and yourself) in your present situation is not going to help either. Keep a VERY positive outlook about this matter - see it in the absolute best possible outcome - and that is exactly what you shall experience. Keep going you are on the right path!

    10. Your hopes and fears - The Seven of Cups - choices in love is what I am getting. Somehow this whole situation is taking you to a place where you will be forced to make a decision. One way or the other. I see you making the right one though. (Hint: It is the choice where you hear your heart singing, not the choice that hears your head feeling safe) Go with your heart Piscesgirl, go with your heart, you will not be sorry.

    11. Outcome - Eight of Swords - The message here is that whatever the walls and bars that are enclosing the both of you they are NOT permanent. All is subject to change at any moment, and the truth of the Eight Swords is that we each have a lot more power to see liberation in our lives than we realize. I see this as a sign of encouragment to hang in there with this person, it will turn out well as long as you keep doing the little things you are doing.

    And another card to clarify this one... the Eight of Pentacles see you and this person free and somehow working on something that is fulfilling. Out and into work right away and this seems to be working for the relationship too. Out and working is the word for you. I would give thanks often to heaven throughout your day for a resolution to come and everything to work out nicely for you in this.

    I hope that helps. I do see how strongly you feel about this person and that kind of love can work miracle in setting anyone free - from anything. My blessings and prayers for this to all work out, let me know should you have any other concerns.

    Love and light.

  • AstraAngel, could you please do a reading for me about my future?

  • AstraAngel, could you please do a reading for me too?

    I am a pisces.

    Thank you

  • Hi peace4everyone

    Absolutely, thank you for asking! I'll use a celtic cross again, that seems to work so well...

    1. Significator - this is yourself, how you are feeling about you - Ace of Cups - This is a very positive sign for how you are feeling, I have the sense that you really ready for something new in love to develop. Your heart has been in a "preparation" phase for such a long time and you ready to receive the seeds of love so that something beautiful can be born in your heart. Very nice.

    2. Your situation - Queen of Swords - Sees you very poised at this time in your life. You are waiting patiently, your eyes are ever on the horizon, looking, waiting. Your nature is very smart and cool, you are willing to wait for 'better' to cross your path, someone who shares your same outlook. I can already tell that love is very much on your mind.

    3. Crossing you - something that is helping or hindering and must be accepted - The Empress - the nurturing feminine spirit - something...I see this as a helpful energy for you, You have a very nurturing heart toward others. You have wondered why on so many occasions, "with all that I have to give, why am i still looking", well there is a time and a season for everything. And this... is your time.

    4. Your fondest hopes and dreams - The Page of Wands - a very innocent heart, always open to love in its simplest form. This tells me that relationships have tended to be complicated for you in the past, and you are like "why does it have to be complicated? Why can't it be simple and sweet?". Some part of you looked into the future and knew you would find this sweet and wonderful love. Whatever was "back there" was simply preparation for something much nicer for you. innocence is what I keep hearing for you... from your earliest years, life has worked best when it was as simple as possible.

    5. Difficulties of the past - the High Priestess - She is the mystery, and intuition that we all have. Something tells me that you have had some issues really trusting yourself in love. It could be that when things begin to get a little too complicated, your intuition shuts down, and you want to run. It has been preparation for you though, through some rough times you learned what you really like, what you really want in a relationship. This all points right back to the Ace of Cups that is you. The past? You were simply plowing the field, getting ready for something REAL. And that is coming for you now.

    6. Last of the present - something that recently happened - the Four of Wands - whew! exciting, thrilling! Something in your recent past was an amazing experience for you, and you are still in the energies of that. A door opened that you weren't expecting and you are like "wow, this is nice!" This energy continues and it must have caught you up and carried you to some very exciting moments lately.

    7. What is coming up for you very soon - The LOVERS! We just struck gold. You know all those pretty books on love and romance you once loved and then threw them all in a box in the closet because it was not working? Time to pull them out again. Oh and all the little Cupid figurines and heart shaped candy boxes too.. you are about to discover where your heart has been wanting to take you all this time. To the fields of love that YOU have been working on for so long.

    8. Your future environment - The Page of Pentacles - see? That Page desire in your heart, an innocent love, so pure and simple, is now at the door. This page tells me that you are stepping into something far more wonderful than anything you had ever dreamed possible. I see this situation as one where you are giving AND receiving that tender nurturing compassion and togetherness that you always knew was possible. What else do you have hidden in that closet of yours? Little angel statues? Yep. Those are coming too.

    9. Outer influences - From somewhere, or someone.. never give up on your dreams of the love and life that you cherished in your heart. The Star is the card of HOPE, and you have been willing to hope and do whatever it takes to find this right relationship. You are surrounded by a lot of positive energy and inspiration in your life, and it is really working for you. You have something else hidden back in that closet.. poems of love? Dust them off, you will be writing about love again.

    10. Your hope and (sometimes) fears - The Queen of Cups - Okay now we see what the Seed of the Ace of Cups becomes when she grows up. This Queen has waited for the real thing for a while, and she will be glad she did. You have never been willing to settle for second best in any area of your life, You see yourself as worthy of only the best that life can offer. Well, that attitude is now about pay off handsomely... nice job. These lessons you learned will keep producing a rich harvest in every area of your life. What works in love will work in every area of life, and you are starting to see how your high-spirited attitude really IS making a difference for you.

    The only possibility of "fear" in this position has more to do with patience. At times you have really wondered, "am I doing the right things? I thought something would have happened by now!" Hey, you were always doing the right thing.. and below the surface, deep inside you, there is secret place that has been growing all along. It is the way of anything in life. WIth patience and determination you are now seeing that your heart has produced the fruit you desired. Innocent and simple and sweet... and affectionate. Oh, and those little blue bird mobiles? Pull those out of the closet too.

    11. Outcome - Three of Wands. Bingo. You are standing free and strong, the wind blowing in your hair, your eyes are bright and clear, your heart has never felt stronger! At last the choices you have made all through your life have landed you in a most inviable position. This three takes that four of wands that occured recently - simplifies it - and now you are aware of what you were looking for all along! Your fondest hopes and dreams... that Page of Wands... the simplicity of love, and the passion to make the tough choices to lead you there sees you now enjoying the fruits, the offspring, of your labor.

    I saw so much amazing positive energy in your reading, you are very loved, and you have a lot of beautiful things happening in your life right now. You are only beginning to be aware of the majesty of what you have longed for... and now, it opens before you as you stand on the shoreline of you life, gazing out through tears of joy, you are home! You planted Wand seeds in that garden of love you have been laboring over. And you are going to have a bumper crop of something very magical in love.

    Blessings to you peace4everyone.

    Anyone who would choose a nickname like that deserves to have every possible happiness in life and love, and that is what i see for you. You are greatly favored in the eyes of Heaven.

  • Thank you so much for doing a reading for me. I really appreciate it!

  • I just have one last question, AstraAngel. Do you see me in the near future reunited with the one I love?

  • astrangel could i please have a love reading please im currently single and have a dilema with three different people x

  • AngelGirl, I replied on that other thread you started... blessings

  • AstraAngel, thank you so much for doing a reading for me.

    wrong for loving someone

    It is tough, being connected to someone who is in jail. And yes my situation is kind of like another version of jail also. There's more to my situation then just him being in jail. He's 26 years older than me. I turn 18 in February. Before he went to jail on Christmas last year, we went through a lot. A lot of people judged us and my parents put me through hell after they found out I was involved with him. They ended up putting a restraining order against him. Of course we couldn't stay away from each other, after all we were (/are) in love. So he ended up having warrants out for his arrest, which is one reason why he's in jail. I really hated my parents for doing what they did. I hated them for the way they dealt with the situation. I hated them for how they treated me because I loved him. I hated them for all of the bad untrue things they said to me about him (things such as him being a pedophile). They shattered my spirit. They don't realize how much pain and tears I went through. They thought they were doing what was best for me and protecting me from him but all they were doing was keeping me away from being truly happy. They took away my source of happiness. They didn't and maybe never will understand the love he and I share. When I look back at everything I've been through over loving him, I realize how strong of a person I really am.

    About the Knight of Wands - my fondest hopes and dreams, I am very happy about everything you said. Right on!

    About the Nine of Cups - difficulties of the past. I'm not so sure what or who you are talking about. I have a guess between two people, but I assume you are talking about my ex boyfriend, my first love, who did break my heart and whom I did cry a lot of tears over. Our relationship was nice at first and it was dependable, and it was heartbreaking how our relationship ended. I actually met my current love interest through my ex. So if you're talking about my ex I can see why you're asking about any connection between that and my love interest.

    About the first of the future - something coming up next for me, I am not writing back and forth with my love interest. Oh how I wish I was, because his letters would always make me happy. He used to write me letters, (which had to be sent to a mutual friend of mine and that mutual friend gave the letters to me because of the restraining order and my parents. My ex boyfriend who I just mentioned was actually the one who was receiving the letters and giving them to me) but I haven't gotten one from him since March, sadly. I don't know if that's because he couldn't write me anymore or because he didn't want to. I wrote him a couple of letters too. The last one I sent out to him was in April and I haven't heard from him since then. I've been wanting to write him again and send him out a letter. I think I will soon actually. I just hope it gets to him and he can write me back.

    About the five of cups - other influences, People have made me doubt him & the way I feel about him. They have also tried to change my mindset. Even though my mind has gone astray and I have questioned things, ultimately my heart has remained true to him, our love, & the faith I have in him and I. You're right I need to protect myself from the negativity. I am better off alone then listening to any of it.

    About the Seven of Cups - my hopes and fears, I'm so glad that you tell me to go with my heart, and that it is the right decision to do! Most people have told me or have wanted me to listen to my head instead of my heart regards to my love interest. Thank you! I will be sure when the time comes to make the right choice and follow my heart.

    Once again thank you so much AstraAngel! I really do appreciate it. It does help. & I'm glad you can see how strongly I feel about him. Thanks also for the blessings and prayers.

    Love and Light to you too.

  • PiscesGirlForLife

    My heart really goes out to you, I know you are so sincere in how you feel about him and it sounds extremely painful what you have had to deal with. I am sure though that your parents were really trying to do what they felt was best for you. Although I can tell that you are a lot more mature than your physical age suggests, your parents were only trying to do what they felt was best.

    In order to see a lovely resolution in your life with this situation, I would urge you to first, work on forgiving your parents for how they handled the situation. Try to see the situation from their point of view, or imagine yourself at their age with your own daughter of 17. You would want only what is best for your daughter, right? Parents have such a strong love for their children and only want what is best for them, and though the expression of that protective love may seem harsh to you, (restraining orders against your beloved), they felt they were doing the right thing for you. I am not saying they were right in doing what they did, I am simply saying that their heart was in the right place. So I really encourage you to forgive them and be as sweet as you can to them even though I know that is painful for you. When you feel you can do that, and try to see what happened as something that will ultimately work into a beautiful story for you, then you RELEASE heaven to really work on your behalf and bring about something nice for you in this matter.

    There are some I know who would tell you, forget him, move on. I am not one of those. I respect true love and when you feel love for someone (as you have), you feel love for someone, I don't care what your age is. I salute you for being willing to go through the pain you have gone through in the name of love. You represent the next generation of people who are moving away from our meaningless, empty, consuming lives without true and intimate love. You are the hope for our tomorrow PiscesGirl. I see you as a great warrior princess who was willing to do anything to protect that love that she felt. One day, in the future of our beautiful Earth, we will not see these pains anymore, when love springs up it will be respected, I don't care that one is 16 and the other is 61.

    Love is the binding force of the entire Universe. And the day we trivialize that love, and do not show it the justice and respect it deserves, is the day we as a people become lifeless shells of what was once a strong and pure and real love nature. Love must always come first.

    So, I have two little pieces of homework for you (in addition to your regular homework 🙂

    1. Work on forgiving your parents and try to understand matters from their point of view


    2. LOVE yourself and know that you are really, really trying to follow your heart and be protective of your feelings and this love you have for this man. Wrap your arms around YOU and whisper to yourself, I love ME. No matter what others have said, or how you were treated, YOU ARE A VERY LOVELY LADY and these experiences will all come together to make you the wise and beautiful woman you are meant to be.

    I also see you one day helping others who have been in similiar situations, so this could in fact all be a training ground in your life. I would say you are definitely on the front lines of love, and will one day be very gifted in your ability to minister to others.

    There is a beautiful passage in the bible that goes something like this, "Praise be to God and Jesus who comforts us in all of our trials, so that we can comfort those in trouble with the same comfort that we received." (2 Cor 1:3-4)

    You hang in there. Love your parents as best as you can. Keep following your heart however don't do anything that will get you (or your bf) in trouble with the law. Be patient, reach out the your angels, they love you and want the very best for you. And I see a wonderful day coming in your life where you will look back and see how all of this fit together into a beautiful story.

    Oh, and here is a card for you, this is from the Fairies Oracle deck which is really nice.

    "The Glanconer" card, which is all about clear sight and patience really. "If we are considering making a commitment to other people, we need to take our time and really get to know them much better."

    True love will always stand up to the test of time. I would be patient and let heaven work matters out for you in the best possible way.

    I will keep you in my prayers,

    I salute you.

    Keep the faith. Forgive even though it will be painful.

    I am sending you love from above and the peace of the Universe.

    Bless you, Pisces girl.

  • Thank you so much AstraAngel.

    You don't know how much all of this means to me.


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